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Chapter 1 - Do You Want To Dance

An octopus gets his nerve up to ask a certain squirrel to a dance 

Chapter 1 - Do You Want To Dance

Chapter 1 - Do You Want To Dance
DO YOU Want To Dance

It was A Somewhat Normal Boring Day At The Krusty Krab or in Squidward's Case I wish I weren't here right now

When the Load speaker went off "Attention Krusty Krew in me Office On the Double" Now what Squidward pondered as if this day could get any worse or in his coworker's SpongeBob's case the best day ever every day.

"Aye you two look alive my daughter is throwing a surau as she calls it at the krusty krab and she wants all of youse to get dates to it and that's an order especially you Mr. squidward you have not had a date in ages SpongeBob already asked me pearl to it but she seems to have come down with a flue so he's exempted from it to take care of her".

"heheh I guess I won't boogie wooogie oggie till i can't boogie no more se ya squidward hope ya have fun "

"Wait a minute won't he get sick too?"

Remember Mr. Tentacles sponges get the suds"
"Oh how could I forget" oh yeh I was off that day he thought

"So what am I going to do and when is this dance?"

"tomorrow night"

"Are you nuts Mr. Krabs! how am i gonna get a date by then?!

"Not my problem MR Tentacles so get date for it or your fired!

He said "Fine I'll do it!" beats hanging out in a cardboard box Again! he thought the last part

His last date with The Octopus gal he had a crush on went great as in he tried to play music for her in the cab and he ended walking home

He knew that he had to make a date and who could he ask He sighed he knew who he wanted to ask who he had a crush on longer than anyone else Sandy Cheeks I

t all had started the first time he saw her out of that clunky space suit when they had made each other do their outside of the norms and such he was glad she saved them

but he could never get his mind of her in that Bikini ever since then he wanted to kiss her and such

He dreaded asking her and getting an answer of no I mean she was so pretty and he well was a grumpy octopus

SO eh wanted to ask her over the phone at least he could be rejected by a hang up or simple no and hang-up

He called her number but instead of a busy tone it said this mail box is full please try again later

"Dang" he said "guess I need to go to see her in person"

"Oh well I guess the only thing I can loose is my heart breaking not like i really use it that much anyway"

He walked the long walk over to the tree dome it seemed longer since he dreaded an answer of no

Sandy had heard about the dance from a flyer and hoped a certain someone would ask her i hope he asks me to it she thought he seems so moody all the time but on occasion he seems more nicer not often
but i have heard stories of how he stood up for my spongebuddy during a pizza run

and dressed up like Santa to make him feel better after making him feel bad to bein with but it was a start and i think under the gruff exterior he might not be all that bad he's kind of cute for an octopus she blushed at the thought

"Sandy it's Squidward I want to ask you a question"

Well I might as well let him in and hope his question is about the dance she prayed

"Okay squidward I'll drain the tunnel And i have a water helmet in there for ya"
He gulped and thought well here goes nothing as the water went down the drain

He was wondering what she'd be wearing and gulped as he found her in her bikini

"Hiiiiiiiiii Sannnnnnnndy" he seemed nervous but sandy tried to remain cool and clam she said "What's up Squidward?"

"oh not much just my job on the line as usual"

l She noticed his bit of annoyance but still he seemed to be lax as well

"You wanted to ask a question to me

am i correct to assume it's about the dance at the Krusty Krab Tomorrow night?"

Yes i would like to ask you but I'm sure you wouldn't want to go with a sourpuss like me I'll just go and resign and not waste your time

she Held his hand making him and her blush
"Squidward you won't know unless you try and i know you're not all to much sour all the time

I have heard stories of how you helped sponge bob when he was dealing with an ungrateful customer not to mention

you saved his life from an on going truck

"he told you about that? "

"yup I also heard about your Santa bit when I was in Texas"

he had been imagining back then if only she were there and he had her under the mistletoe.

but now his fantasies might actually happen and it scared him a bit. but he still hoped she would go with him
you wanted to redeem it seemed an those reasons and more I would love to go with you " l
his response in his head was I knew it I'll go to the unemployment like first thing tomorrow but when he realized she said yes he hugged her he apologized quickly

but she said "it's fine Squiddie I don't mind it " you should be more like that more often

"Yeh well I'll try it's not so hard when you find a girl who actually likes you despite my shortcomings"

"Aw squidward I'm sure if you find the right teachers you could improve your crafts You think so Sandy wow thanks for not berating me like most folks it's okay squidward i do think you played well on occasions but others not so much wonder why that is?

she was the reason he wanted to tell her but that would be to cheesy he thought

"Um I don't really know could just be flukes?"
Even so With Practice and if you put your mind into it you can accomplice anything

"I hope you're right sandy but until then I can't wait for the dance" he thought I wish she could wear a dress but he did not want her to drown

He wondered how this would work As he made his way in his suit and helmet to pick her up

and hoped she would be okay at the dance

the tunnel drained again and sandy opened it wearing a short red dress He lost it then all blushy and heart eyed

repeating Homina and his helmet burst with hot water spraying out she said "

whoa there squidward you seem to have sprung a leak" let's fix that so you don't run out of water

"I don't feel so good sandy"

he seemed to be faint and groggy when he awoke in her shower at least she let him keep his undershirt on he wondered what happened and he recalled Sandy had giving him the kiss of life

he blushed as he remembered his lips against hers if only for cpr reasons but it was heaven to him to recall that

His head had a cold wet towel on it and the water was cool he must have really overheated and hopefully they could still make the dance when he got a call from Krabs saying they should skip the dance since sandy called and told him what happened no need to get people sick but he was lucky that he still had a job since if he was not sick he would be out on his keister

he sighed a sigh of relief but he said when he found her I hope I did not ruin your evening I would have loved to shown you off Oh squidward you do know you're not wearing a helmet "Eeep I'll drown i mean air out wait a minute how am I breathing?" "And does this have anything to do with that dress you would have worn to the dance?"

"Yup I made a serum to do but it works both ways through lip contact"
he gulped a bit seeing her in her nightgown this was his chance hopefully he would not waste it and she didn't either she pulled him into a kiss into her bed and one thing lead to another and they shared a dance of another sort

Afterwards he said so how was I my lovely she replied fantastic my love machine

"Well hopefully we can make this part of our regular routine Squidward since we can breath each others elements"
"All thanks to you my lovely Squirrely girl" "And I do too my Octopus slash Loving machine"
"And ya know I won't work for nobody but you"

The couple embraced again and drifted off to sleep knowing there might be questions later on

The end


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