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Chapter 1 - I think I've loved You All Along

After Ending To The Flower Plot 

Chapter 1 - I think I've loved You All Along

Chapter 1 - I think I've loved You All Along
I think I've Loved You All Along 

The furlong Octopus Dug up his makeshift grave as he unburied 
himself and stood up on his four tenacle legs.

SpongeBob saw how badly burned the Octopus was he suggested he go see Sandy for some burn cream and bandages since Hospitals were very pricy. 

Squidward agreed and went on to The Treedome.

Squidward still a bit sad at today's misfortune basically dragged himself over taking a rocky path not caring about his now aching arms.
He knew he was in pain but did not really care.

How could he be fooled like that again and the last disguise fooled both him and many others, but it was so obvious to him now what a lame disguise Patrick had on.

The Robo Disguised Petunia AKA Plankton played with his emotions and maybe he was not destined for love. 

he sighed and put on his water Helmet.

He said to himself i better get this over with I don't want to miss an early bedtime and might stay there for a week or until I die whichever comes first. 

Sandy Opened the door after the water drained out, she saw how beat up Squidward was she felt sorry for Squidward and A Bit miffed At Karen, but really angry at Plankton. 

Since basically Karen is a robot and mainly follows orders when she has to, so she can forgive her friend. But Plankton who did he think he was.   

She saw how sad the octopus was and tried to cheer him up with a hug.

Squidward blushed a bit and how could he not see it before He did like Sandy true, he tried to hide his crush on her in the past.  

He even tried to fall in love with other fish sea creatures, and an octopus and two were not even real gals to his

"Squidward" she said "let's get you fixed up." 

he mustered up all his strength he had left besides the pain he felt he wanted to let her know how he felt he hugged

her back surprising her a bit.  

he spoke during the hug and said "I think I've loved you all along Sandy and it should not have taken me so long to say it

She said "I feel the Same way about you Squidward."

"You Do? i never thought it was possible for us to be together so i kept my feelings to myself."

"Same with me but being a scientist i should have tried to look for solutions or make one up myself. 
Now knowing how you feel now i am inspired to do the impossible."

Squidward was curious what Sandy could come up with but had a bit more hope now

She made up a mutual love serum for both of them and asked him to remove his helmet to take it.

He did as asked, he downed the drink and she drunk hers as well.

He blinked a bit taken aback a bit that he took in a breath of fresh air.

but as soon as he realized he could breathe in there the first thing he did smooch Sandy's lips.

she kissed him back and both of them went up to her bedroom for a romantic interlude. FIN


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