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Chapter 5 - Goodbye Old Friends, Hello New Life

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 5 - Goodbye Old Friends, Hello New Life

Chapter 5 - Goodbye Old Friends, Hello New Life

OMG Chapter 5! I can't believe you people are still reading! I love you all with a passion! I wish I could just freak each and every one of you… ok maybe that would be a bit much, I wouldn't go that far… but you get my point. UGG My gum tastes like plastic… hmmm… don't ask……

Chapter 5 is Rated: PG for lang. and sexual scenes

Vince was driving the car back the way they had come from. Rod was riding silently in the passenger's seat. “I need to pick up my stuff, then we will get yours.” Vince said, with no emotion “While we are there, I'll get your papers, you can so whatever you want with them.” Rod seemed puzzled “What happens when the cops start looking for me?” “I was thinking about that, I thought we could just lay low for a while. But we are both going to have to enroll in school, so I was thinking maybe if I get all this paperwork done soon, I could become your legal guardian. I'll be 16, but I'll be able to do things 18-year-olds can. When your 18, you can adopt so, wouldn't that work?” Rod's mind was boggled “I've known you for maybe an hour and a half… and you want to adopt me?” “Well, what else are we supposed to do? Hide from the cops? Make them think you were murdered or committed suicide or something like that? If we chose to follow through with one of those, you can never leave the house and you have to drop out of school.” Rod's eyes grew wide “I guess we'll try what you first said” “Yeah, see I know what the hell I'm talking about, now all you have to do is stay quite and not let anyone see you until I get custody.” Rod replied with a simple, “Ok.”

They past Rod's house and continued onward. Minutes passed and Rod wanted dearly to strike up a conversation. “Hey Vince?” “What?” he said coldly. “Umm I was just thinking, maybe we should get to know each other a little more, well since we are going to be living together and all I just think….” Vince cut him off “Are you afraid I'm just some psycho?” “No No! Its not that I just….” Vince cut him off again “You want me to tell you about myself? I have nothing to tell, what you see is all I am, not much more.” “That's not what I meant,” Rod protested. Vince was silent. Rod sighed deeply “never mind.” The black cat stared out the window. It ate at his mind that he had no idea who Vince really was. Rod gathered the facts in his head. Vince was a White bat with light brown on the tips of his ears and bangs. He had lots of piercing and smoked. He lived and an orphanage and offered Rod to come live with him in a new apartment. Rod thought deeper, but that was all. Was he really on his way to live with someone he barely knew? Or, was this all just some weird dream?

Just then Vince slammed on the breaks. Rod felt his heart stop. His body jerked forward, if it hadn't been for the seatbelt he would have gone through the windshield. Eyes wide, Rod slowly turned his gaze to Vince. “Are you crazy?!” Vince kept his eyes forward “You would have rather me run this red light, with that cop sitting next to us?” Rod looked out the window on the left side. Sure enough, there as plain as day was a car marked with the `sheriff' symbol on the side. “Didn't you see that earlier?” Rod asked, still a little shook-up. Vince pushed Rod against the seat as hard as he could with his left hand, never taking his eyes off the road. “Be careful, they may be looking for you.” Rod took the hint and sunk in his chair, trying to hide. Rod felt his heart begin to beat again and under his breath he muttered, “Well, this certainly isn't a dream.” Vince's left ear twitched slightly at this comment. “You heard me?” Rod asked in a whisper. “With ears like these, I can hear the blood running through your veins” Rods eyes grew wide “You didn't have to put it like that…” “What the hell did you want me to say? I can hear the fairies buzzing through the air?” “I don't know, your comment was just, morbid.” “But it wasn't a lie”

Vince released his grip on Rod. “Its gone” Rod sat back up in his seat and stretched his back. “We are almost there, while I'm inside I need you to stay down.” “Ok” Rod agreed without hesitation. Rod gazed at the three-story building they were approaching. It was made of brick and reminded him of a hospital. There was a playground in the back and the entire area was fenced in with a chain wire fence. The shudders of the windows were tattered and torn. A few windows were broken. Almost all the lights were off; just a few on the top floor were on. Vince parked the car and got out. Rod watched him walk up the sidewalk and into the front door. Remembering he had to hide, Rod once again sunk into the chair. It was then that he realized how tired he was. It was almost midnight. In the truck alone, it was quite. Rod felt alone and cold. He closed his eyes and fell into a soft sleep.

Vince walked down the front hallway and was greeted by the orphanage owner. He liked the kids to refer to him as `Headmaster'. Vince stared at him with empty eyes as he began to complain. “Just who do you think you are? Just strolling in here after midnight, you damn well know what time curfew is!” “I'm just here to pick up some stuff,” Vince protested “I don't care, hurry up and don't wake anyone else up!” “Yes Headmaster.” Vince said sarcastically as he flew up the first flight of stairs.

Upon reaching the third floor, Vince opened the door to his room to find his old roommates still awake. The lights were off, but they were using flashlights. As the door opened all three of them shined their lights on Vince. Vince winced at the light and covered his eyes. “Its just me guys, chill out” The lights backed off of him as Vince flipped on the light switch. “I knew you'd be back,” a gray wolf about two years younger than Vince stated with enthusiasm. “Yeah but not for long, sorry Matthew,” Vince said sympathetically. Vince always tried to be nice to Matthew, since he was the youngest of the four of them. Not to mention Matthew had been abandoned and started living in the orphanage when he was just a baby. Matthew always seemed to look up to Vince. A black bat around the age of 17 stood up from his bed. “I can't believe you get to leave and I don't.” “You'll be out of here next year Ace, quit complaining,” Vince shot back. Ace lit up a cigarette and took a brown bag, with a bottle of beer in it, out from under his bed. As he drank the other boy spoke up, “Your killing yourself” “Shut-up Landon!” Ace snapped angrily. Landon was 15 he was the quite one. He always looked out for the other three boys and tried to keep them out of trouble. He was a brown mongoose that wore glasses. Despite his good looks, he had very low self-esteem. He leaned against the wall and brought his legs to his chest. He wrapped his arms around his legs and rested his chin on his knees. He sighed and watched Vince. There were no smiles among them. “I can't believe your leaving!,” Matthew pouted. Vince rummaged through the closet and said nothing. Ace was angry “That's it? One week, we are closer than brothers and the next you just leave? After everything us four have been through together? You make me sick!” Vince stopped, stood up and shot him a cold stare. Landon spoke in Vince's defense, “Come on Ace, we are all going to leave sooner or later, besides,” he shifted his attention to Vince “You'll keep in touch with us, right?” Vince smiled warmly, “Of course I will.” A big smile spread across Matthew's face. Ace snorted and plopped back down on his bed. Vince tossed his packed suitcase onto his bed. He then pulled a cased bass out of the closet along with an amplifier. He strapped the bass to his back and picked up the amp by its handle. “Well, I guess I need to be going.” “No!” Matthew stood up on his bed and outstretched his arms for a hug. Standing up on the bed made Matthew the same height as Vince. Vince smiled and embraced him. “I'll miss you, be sure to call us often, okay?” “I promise.” Matthew quickly planted a kiss on Vince's cheek and released him. Ace was lying on his side, turned facing the wall, “I hope that new kid doesn't turn out to be a douche bag.” Vince looked around “Hey, can you guys keep a secret?” All three of them faced him with curious looks on their faces. “That new kid… won't be showing up here at all, don't tell anyone or I'll get my @$$ thrown in jail.” “What the frack are you talking about?!” Ace demanded. Vince shushed him “I found the kid sitting on the sidewalk after I picked up my truck, I picked him up and I'm gonna take him to Maryland with me.” Landon's eyes grew wide; “You mean he is outside, in your truck, right now?” “Yeah” Vince said. “His parents died, and you all know how bad it is here, besides, I'd probably get lonely living alone. I would take you guys with me, but that would be way to obvious, headmaster would know.” “We understand, don't worry,” Landon agreed. “We'll keep our mouths shut, don't worry about it.” Ace assured him. “Thanks guys, well I guess I'll see you later.” “We'll miss you Vince” Landon stated sadly. “Yeah, I'll miss that tight @$$,” Ace said with a smile. Vince laughed. He picked up his bags and bid them all farewell then walked out the bedroom door and shut it behind him.

Upon closing the door, he was tackled by 4 girls around the same age as him and his friends were. “Oh my God! I had to see it to believe it, you're really leaving Vince?!” one of them shouted “Shhhh be quite ladies, you'll wake everyone up!” he hushed them” “Vince noooo! You can't go” “Ohhh we'll miss you soooo much!” Three of them hugged him tightly as one of them backed away with tears in her eyes. It was Roxanne, Vince's ex-girlfriend. She was a magenta hedgehog with long wavy hair. They dated for almost five years and broke up only a few months ago. They had gone through and done everything together. Through the good times and the bad. They never truly loved each other, but they were as close as they could get. Vince looked at her sorrowfully. The other three girls retreated. They took the hint and knew their friend needed some time alone to talk to him “Take care of yourself Vince! We will miss you.” And with that they went back into their bedroom down the hall. Vince dropped his luggage and embraced her tightly. Tears were streaming down her face but she tried to hold them back. “Its ok, you can cry.” Vince comforted her. She cried into his chest and held him with all her strength. “I can't believe you really won't be here anymore.” Vince was silent. She looked up at him, wiping the tears off her face. “I promise to keep in touch with you alright?” He forced a small smile to his lips. She nodded and breathed deeply trying to calm herself. “I'll never forget you” she managed to whisper. “I won't forget you either” She smirked “Heh, of course you won't forget the girl that stole your virginity.” “No, it's the other way around! I stole yours,” He protested. She played “I believe you are mistaken” “Ok, ok, we stole each others” He closed “Yeah I guess you're right” She laughed, “Neither of us knew what the hell we were doing.” He joined her laughter and kissed her on the forehead. “Well I really need to get going, it's late.” “Yeah, I know, its just so hard to see you go.” She sighed. Vince said goodbye and she watched him as he walked down the stairs and out the front door.

Vince walked to the truck and peered into the window. There he saw Rod slumped into the seat, arms folded across his chest, fur ruffled, fast asleep. Vince violently dropped his suitcase into the back of the truck, which made a loud thumping sound. Vince watched in amusement as the black cat's eyes shot open and practically jumped out of his seat. Vince smirked when Rod's attention turned to him. Rod sighed in relief when he realized it was just Vince. “Don't do that!” he whined, rubbing his eyes. Vince gently placed the rest of his belongings in the bed of the truck. Rod could hear him through the window, “You sit tight, I need to go back and get your papers.” Rod watched him walk up to the building, and then slumped back into the seat.

Vince trotted to the side of the building. He looked around and took flight. He soared up to the third floor and knocked on the window of his roommates. The blinds were quickly pulled back and the window was opened by Ace, who seemed angered. “Shouldn't you have gotten them before you walked out the first time? Did you plan on waking me up? Or was it that you actually just forgot?!” Vince seemed confused “I haven't asked for anything yet…” Landon and Matthew were cuddling on Landon's bed. Matthew jumped up, walked over to his bed, lifted the pillow and pulled out a brown envelope. “Here”, he said as he handed the packet to Vince. Vince was extremely puzzled “But how, I, you, what?!” Landon stood and stretched “Its his birth papers and stuff, you need them right? We picked them up and looked them over today, we wanted to know what to expect when the kid got here.” Vince seemed pleased “You guys saved me a lot of trouble.” “Take care of little Rodney” Landon said sarcastically. Ace laughed, “Heh, with that kid not here, it just means more food for the rest of us….. But one less person for orgies.” “I'm sorry guys” Vince blushed and scratched the back of his head. “Now go on get your @$$ out of here, it's late.” Ace grumbled. “Guys…... You can all stay as bi as you want… but try to cut down or I fear… I fear you may all turn completely gay!” Ace slammed the window “I love you guys, take care!” Vince shouted then flew back down to the truck.

Rod was awake this time. Vince got in and began to drive. “Next stop, your house.” He tossed the packet he had been given to Rod. Rod opened it and examined its contents. Nothing too interesting… birth papers and official things. Vince lit up a cigarette and drove, starting at the road before him. Rod looked at him for the longest time, then turned back to the side window.

There ya go guys, chapter 5 is complete, yep… The ending of this chapter is so weak, but I guess I'm not focused cause Sarah is here and all… plus I'm hyper hmm chapter 6 will probably be short. This chapter is like 8 pages long X_X.


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SomekindofFreak on April 17, 2006, 11:06:46 AM

SomekindofFreak on
SomekindofFreakWaaiii! I love Vince's group of friends! Theyre all so cute! And the description of Rod sleeping is so adorable! I could just picture him with his ruffled fur! Cant wait for more! *hugs*