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Chapter 9 - Am I a freak?

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 9 - Am I a freak?

Chapter 9 - Am I a freak?

Chapter 9&. You know what that means! .> The next chapter has 2 digits! YEP! Im warning you now this is a very heavy intense chapter. Now without further hesitation, the show will go on!

Rod finished tidying the kitchen and noticed how late it had gotten. Holy Cow! Its almost midnight, and I have to wake up early! Rod quickly brushed his teeth and changed into his pajamas. He slowly opened the bedroom door and peered in on his slumbering companion. From the window the moon shown, dimly lighting the room. Rod swallowed and entered, closing the door behind him. He neared the bed and looked down on the vampire. Innocently he lay, happy in his dream world. He looks so content and pleased in his sleep, Rod thought.

Rod made his way under the covers, trying his best not to waken Vince. He turned his back to the bat and faced the still cold room before him. Rod collected his thoughts and took a moment to pray. He then closed his eyes and his mind drifted, entering sleep.

Suddenly Rods eyes shot open as he felt an arm wrap around him. Vince?! Rod stuttered. Rod was pulled closer to him; Vince nuzzled the back of Rods neck then rested his cold nose upon it. Vince muttered a few non-understandable words, then stopped and fell back into the peaceful sleep he had been in. Rods face grew warm How am I going to get out of this!? Rod swallowed and attempted to lift Vinces arm and release himself from his grasp, but it was no use. He was trapped in Vinces arms. Rod began to breath deeper. He felt the older males lips kiss the back of his neck. Rod yelped and jumped off of the bed and onto the floor, waking Vince in the process. Vince sat up and rubbed his eyes Ace? He opened his eyes to see Rod blushing madly in a panic heap on the floor. Oh! Rod! I, I dont know what just happened, but I. What the HELL Man!? Rod was hysteric. Vinces eyes grew sad and pink shown in his face. He lowered his head, I didnt mean to& Im sorry. Rod suddenly felt guilty, Hey hey! Please dont be sad! Everything is fine! See! Rod smiled widely to show Vince he wasnt angry. Vince wiped his eyes with the back of his shelve. Rod crawled onto the bed and looked up at Vince, You ok? Vince stuttered, Yeah, I, I guess so. He stood, Im going to sleep on the couch, you can have the bed. No Vince its really ok, I& Vince walked out of the room but left the door open. Rod sighed and lay down. As he fell asleep he could hear a soft crying from the living room.

Rod rose from the bed as the first beam of sunlight shown through the window. He yawned and stretched then proceeded into the bathroom. Time for a nice shower, he said happily to himself. He undressed and entered the shower, closing the glass slide-door behind him. Not even five minutes later the bathroom door slammed open and Vince stormed in. Rod gasped and attempted to cover himself. Vince casually began to brush his teeth. He looked up into the mirror to see Rod panicking behind him. Whats your problem? Vince asked with a mouthful of toothpaste. He spat into the sink and rinsed. Rods face was bright red, Uhhh Vince& Oh yeah, I forgot, you are an only child. Im used to sharing a room and bathroom with three other guys so this is normal for me. This is actually saving us time, so youre just going to have to get used to sharing the bathroom at the same time. Just pretend like Im not here. Rod tried to keep his back turned to Vince as much as possible. Vince continued to do all his morning routines, straighten hair, style hair, deodorant, and body spray.

Eleven oclock was nearing. Hurry up sunshine or youll be late for church! Vince shouted sarcastically from the kitchen where he was mixing a cup of coffee and blood for himself. He drank it down and grabbed the truck keys. Rod came trotting out of the bedroom, dressed nicely in a collared button-up shirt with a sweater-vest and slacks. While Vince sported jeans and a light pink hoodie.

After church Rod waited happily on a bench near the parking lot, waiting for Vince to arrive and pick him up. Twenty minutes passed before the light-blue pick-up truck rolled up to the black cat. Rod blissfully got in and they drove off. Any luck with the job hunt? Yeah actually, and Im sorry it took so long, I had to fill out some forms. Its ok. Rod noticed Vince was in a perkier mood than usual. Soooo where are you working? Dont laugh, McDonalds. Its hard for a 16 year old with no real job experience to get a good paying job, but hey well have food to eat and a roof over our heads. Rod smiled at him. So, how was your church experience? It was good, the preacher is really nice, he welcomed me to the church himself. Thats nice Im glad you had fun. Rod was starting to feel uncomfortable, Vince are you feeling alright? Im fine why do you ask? Well this is the nicest youve been to me since we met. Yeah, I was just thinking. You kind of remind me of this kid I used to live with. He was always in a happy-go-lucky mood and had an innocent personality. Like you in a way. Thats nice, what was his name? Oh, his name was Matthew. A gray wolf, green eyes, really good kid.

They pulled up in front of a grocery store. We need food if you havent noticed, Vince joked. Rod grabbed a cart and they began filling it with all kinds of things from waffles to oranges. In the corner of the dairy section were gallon jugs of blood. Here is a little info about vampire bats for you my boy. Sheep blood is the best stuff you can buy, and it tastes the best, but! It is like $10 a gallon, which sucks @$$. So I always get stuck buying this shoot, He plopped a jug of dark red blood into the cart. Cow blood, cheapest stuff you can buy, only $4 a gallon, tastes like shoot, but blood is necessary for the growing vampire. Pigs blood is also available but it is really high in fat and sodium and its not all that much better tasting than cow blood. Rod seemed surprised Thats actually pretty interesting. Really wow, most people dont give a shoot. The average adult vampire bat needs 2 cups of blood a day. Isnt that wonderful? Rod smiled thats just great. You know, Ive never lived with or been friends with a cat before, enlighten me. Umm well, cats like fish and milk. I guess. Sushi is good. There really isnt much to cats. Vince was actually interested, Do cats really purr when you scratch them under the chin? Rod blushed, Ill never tell! Then I guess Ill just have to find out for myself! Vince scratched Rod under the chin and he began to purr almost instantly. His tail waged slowly and peacefully as he drew himself closer to Vince and cuddled to his chest. Vince stopped and Rod quickly jumped away from him. Now arent you just so fluffy and adorable? Rod noticed that people around them were starting to stare and whisper among themselves. Uhh Vince lets move on to the bathroom and beauty section. Good I need razors. You shave? Yep

When they reached the bathroom and beauty section Vince began to browse the womens razors. Wait a minute, I thought you shaved your face! Are you kidding me, do I really look like the kind of guy that would have facial hair? Im so glad I dont have chest hair either, thats just nasty. I shave my legs and my pits. Body hair is gross. Rod was stunned Oh yeah, and I lost my eyeliner, go pick out me some, I ware jet black. Are you kidding me!? Im not going to do that, girls ware make-up! Not boys! And the boys that do ware make up are homos! I ware make-up and Im a boy. Dose that make me a homo? Vince seemed irritated. Rod didnt know how to answer; he didnt mean to offend him. Thats not what I meant, your really cool and Just stop, you can wait here, Ill save you the embarrassment. Rod felt a drop in the pit of his stomach as he watched Vince walk off. I really didnt mean to offend him, he whispered to himself and looked down at his shoes.

On the way home Rod still felt the need to apologize, I really didnt mean what I said Vince, I Its okay, I know your not used to living with a freak. Youre not a freak! Youre different and thats what makes you so cool. Vince was surprised You think Im cool? Rods mood brightened at the cheerful tone in Vinces voice. Yeah your totally awesome! Vince smiled Well its good to know you dont hate me. Of coarse not, I dont hate you, you havent done anything wrong. Oh, I thought, Vince saddened Never mind. Lets try to stay in a happy mood. Yeah. Rod agreed. A silence fell over them and Rod stared out the window. Hey Vince? Whats up? Last night& When you woke up& who is Ace? Vinces smile turned to a frown and he lit up a cigarette. No one, dont ask, he snapped. Rod felt a chill go up his spine, Sorry.

After carrying all the groceries into the apartment, Vince locked himself in the bathroom. Rod put all the food away by himself. He sighed deeply and stood outside of bathroom door. He knocked on the door, Vince Im really sorry I didnt mean to make you upset, honest! There was no answer Vince come on just talk to me. Rod tried the handle but of coarse it was locked. He shook the handle and surprisingly the door swung open. There, sitting on the back of the toilet seat was a shocked Vince. He was in his boxers, a razor blade in his right hand; both his arms and thighs were covered in streams blood. A pile of bloodied toilet paper was overflowing the trashcan. Rod quickly slammed the door and ran out to the balcony.

About ten minutes later Vince joined him. Rod tried not to make contact. They stood staring into the sunset for a long while. Rod I. He stopped unable to get the words to come out. Rod smiled slightly, Thats the first time youve said my name since we got here. Vince sat on the floor and put his head in his hands. Rod sat across from him. He knew Vince wanted to discuss sometime and he didnt want to rush him, so Rod was silent. Look, Im sorry you had to see that. The last few days, they have just been really tough on me. Mentally I mean. And that. Thats just how I get it out, ya know? Vince wiped tears from his eyes. He didnt want Rod to see him cry so he kept his eyes on ground. Your so dumb, Rod snapped, What if you messed up and cut a vein, what then? Who would die! I cant tell you how mean times Ive heard that one, listen Ive been cutting myself since I was thirteen. Im not gonna screw up. Rod stared at him in disgust. You need help, find yourself a hobby or something. Rod stood up and walked back inside to ease his mind with television. Vince stayed outside till the sun had disappeared completely.

When Vince finally went inside he found Rod huddled in a ball, sleeping peacefully on the couch. Vince smiled and leaned over to brush a lock of hair away from Rods nose. As he did so, a drop of blood dripped onto the younger males face. Vince drew his hand back in panic. He quickly examined the back of his forearm to discover it was completely soaked in blood. shoot! Vinces cry awoken Rod. Oh My God! Vinces eyes were wide and he quickly took off his shirt. Rod brought bandages to him, Hurry, you need to apply pressure to the wound or it wont stop bleeding! Rod I feel a little dizzy. Vince stumbled backwards and fell; the wall is the only thing that kept him in an up-right position. Try to keep your arm above your heart! I cant Vinces words were drained and he closed his eyes. Rod shook him You cant go to sleep damnit! Your not allowed to die on me! Rod had tears in his eyes. He kept Vinces arm on the table and bandaged it himself. He did all he could to keep Vince awake and talking. Vince can you hear me?! Youre going to be okay! Okay?! Vince would mutter back to him quietly, Okaaay.

The madness continued until Rod had bandaged Vince and cleaned up all the blood. He washed his hands and face and brought a cold wet washcloth to Vince. Are you feeling better? Vince was now lying on the couch with his arm resting on the back of it. Rod wiped a speck of blood of Vinces face. You only did that because you need me. You need someone to make money and pay bills and hide you. Vince was still weary from the whole incident. Thats not true! I did it because youre a good person. And I wasnt about to just let you die. Vince youve got to be kidding me. How can you say that Im a good person? Im a terrible person. No your not. You helped me and you didnt even know me, you the best& youre the only friend Ive ever had.

And this chapter comes to an end, isnt the ending so sweet? I know you just wanna eat them up! XP This chapter had some big emotional scenes. I like this one the best thus far, how bout you? And you know what, this chapter had more pages than my usual chapters. Yep this on has 7, the others typically have 6. You got extra! WOO!


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SomekindofFreak on June 25, 2006, 1:29:44 PM

SomekindofFreak on
SomekindofFreakYes! I want to eat them up! ^^ I liked this chapter a lot, it was very emotional, but cute! heh, I like the grocery store scene, and Rod purring! nya! so cute! they have such a cute bond...poor vince is troubled...luv the fic, i await the next update ^^