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Chapter 10 - School & Work

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 10 - School & Work

Chapter 10 - School & Work

Chapter 10&. Two digits& wow& its a-flippin-mazing. Things are really starting to pick up in this story if I do say so myself, but I bet youre thinking Just go ahead and have them frack already! WELL&.. not yet, sorry. ^. ~

Chapter 10 is rated: PG-13 (for language and sexual content (not really bad))

Vince sipped his blood and coffee as he waited for Rod. Rod blissfully walked into the kitchen. He was dressed nicely, as usual. Cant you dress like a normal kid? Rod was puzzled, Ive always dressed like this. No wonder Im your only friend. They paused in thought. Rod, do you want friends like me? What do you mean? I mean freak friends like me, with the black and the make-up and the cutting and what not. Well sure, your cool Alright then we still have fifteen minutes before we have to leave for the bus so we have got to move fast.

Five minutes later Rod was dressed in a deep purple fishnet long-sleeved shirt. Over top of that, was a black T-shirt that had purple spider webs across the front. You can keep the pants, theyre black so they blend. Vince took out a collar with chains around it that looked like lace. This is my gift to you. Never lose it. He strapped it around Rods neck then stood back to look at him. You look so cute! Rod blushed and went into the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. He smiled widely, Wow! This is so cool! He threw his arms around Vinces waist, Thank you so much! Vince tried not to smile and act un-phased. He hugged him back a little, Okay thats enough. Get off me! There is one last finishing touch. Whats that? Well let me ask you, are you man enough to ware eye-liner?

The gothic duo walked side-by-side to the bus stop. Great we get to rot in hell for seven hours, lucky us. Are you kidding school is fun! Vince looked at him as if he were an alien, If you keep up that attitude only gothic-nerds are gonna like you, good luck trying to find some of them. Honestly Rod, this year is going to suck. For all the other kids, school started over a month ago, which means they all already have their own little groups of friends. We will be lucky if we can make any friends. Actually I dont give a shoot they can all go frack themselves. Rod was still enthusiastic At least we will have each other! Vince took a long drag on his cigarette, Well I dont know about you, but I havent had sex in over 5 days and its driving me crazy. Hopefully I can find a dog or two. Rod was annoyed, You sick-o.

At the bus stop, none of the other kids talked to them. On the bus none of the other kids talked to them. All during the school day, people only talked to them when they had to. After sixth period Vince decided to take a smoke break. He casually walked around the side of the school to a narrow ally. There were a few other kids there, talking amongst themselves.

One person approached him. She was a cat. Her long purple hair had bangs that faded into pink at the tips. Striking light blue eyes stared Vince down. She had on a long dark purple skirt with a matching long-sleeved top. A cigarette rested lightly between her lips. She stared at him for a long time, making him feel awkward. Finally she took the cigarette out of her mouth and said something; Youre that new guy that was with that black cat this morning, right? Yeah, what of it. You guys are cool, there arent many people with my sense of style around here. Whats your name? Whats it to you? Im just curious. And& I want to get to know that guy that was with you. Vince sighed, My name is Vince, his is Rod. Well then my name is Kitty! Nice to meet you Vince! There was a disturbing cheerfulness in the tone of her voice. Im in ninth grade, fourteen years old. What about you? And Rod? Im in the eleventh grade, sixteen years old. Rod is in tenth grade, fifteen years old. And what are you a stalker? No, like I said before, Im just curious. Gosh Vince are you always so tense? Lighten up! She threw her arms in the air and twirled around. What a nutcase, Vince thought. Soooo did you guys just move here? Yeah. Okay. What kind of music do you like? Rock, mostly emo rock, what else is worth listening to? She clapped, Thats true! Suddenly the bell rang for seventh period. I should get going, I can skip too many classes! Bye Vince I hope we can talk again soon! She then took of running. Vince watched her until she disappeared around the corner of the ally, What a psychopathic freak.

At the end of the day, Vince waited patiently by the side of the building for Rod to arrive. Rod walked up to Vince slowly with his head lowered. Whats wrong with you? Vince was concerned, but tried to act cool about it. Rod didnt answer. You dont have to talk if you dont want to. I think were just gonna walk home ok?

The walk home was silent and depressing. Rod stared at the ground the whole way. When they arrived home he locked himself in the bathroom. Vince did his homework quietly; he didnt want to intrude on Rods personal space. When he is ready to talk about it, he will. Vince thought. A few minutes passed, then Rod came to join Vince at the table. He promptly began working on math homework. Vince shifted his eyes to look at Rod. He saw bandages on his face and assumed he had gotten in a fight, and had apparently but sadly, lost. Vince remained calm, Be sure to put peroxide on it or it may get infected. I know.

Vince finished his homework and quickly changed his clothes. Rod was confused, What are you doing? I have work remember? Oh yeah! Rod bid him goodbye and watched him leave. While he was alone Rod completed his homework carefully and finished a book that he didnt need to have read for three more weeks. Its always nice to get ahead!

When Vince arrived home, he found Rod sleeping face down in a book on the couch. Vince shouted angrily and punched at the wall. Rod woke up startled, but attempted to calm the furious bat down. Vince! Calm down its ok! What happened?! Vince sighed deeply and breathed in calming himself. Lets just say& I need to start job hunting again. Already? What happened?! I dont want to talk about it.

~Flashback at McDonalds~

A rather large man was ordering food from Vinces register. Whats good here?! Vince was already annoyed by the mans screaming children that were bickering in the background, Well sir, personally I hate it all. Hey you cant talk to me like th..! His children had knocked over a table and gotten into the ketchup dispenser. They were completely covered in ketchup, and preceded to stomp in it and throw it at one another. One of the children slipped and landed on the leg of the table they had knocked, it snapped in half. Vince groaned, Your going to have to pay for that sir. The man was enraged, First youre a rude little asshole, now your trying to tell me I am going to have to pay for something that was clearly not my fault!? What is wrong with you, you fracking punk?! Vince gritted his teeth, Sir it is your fault, you should have been watching your children. And if you wouldnt mind please keep your language clean, there are young children here, other than yours. Ill say shoot and frack as much as I fracking want to you little dog! I want to speak with your damned manager!

When the manager appeared the man explained what had happened. I was trying to decide what to order so I asked this young mans opinion on what was good. He replied quite rudely and basically told me everything was terrible. He started using very foul language and it startled my little girl. Therefore she stepped back and accidentally knocked over the table, which caused a chain reaction where the ketchup dispenser fell over onto the table and snapped the leg in half. My little girl slipped on ketchup and desperately grabbed onto her brothers arm to keep herself up, only to drag him down with her in the process. The manager looked at Vince, Well Vince what do you have to say about all this? Vinces mouth was open in disbelief, That was bull-shoot! He wasnt watching his kids! The manager was outraged How dare you use that type of language in my restaurant and how dare you lie to me! But Im not lying! Vince Im sorry, but here the customer is always right, Im going to have to let you go. And your paycheck for today should just about cover the damages.

Moments later Vince found himself outside the restaurant, with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Dammit. Now how am I going to pay the bills. We hardly have any money to eat.

~Back to reality~

Vince threw himself onto the couch. Rod was concerned, Itll all be ok, and maybe you should try a job that doesnt involve working with people directly. Vince looked at Rod with tears in his eyes, Im a failure. I cant do anything. Rod instinctively threw his arms around Vince and held him tight. Youre not a failure! Dont talk like that, things like this happen! Vince embraced him back and whispered, Your so much alike, but so different, it drives me crazy. What? Vince pulled back, Nothing! Its nothing just shut up and leave me alone. He crossed his arms and turned away from Rod. They were silent for quite some time, then Rod spoke up softly You know, if you need someone to talk to, Ill listen, really I will. I wont judge you, I promise. I just, I just want you to be happy. Vinces eyes widened and he quickly stood up, his voice was cracking as if he were about to burst into tears, I need to be alone. He dashed of to the bedroom, once again leaving Rod alone and confused. Rod bit his lip as thoughts of the white vampire filled his head, I really just want him to be happy. Happy with, me. Rod gasped to himself, What am I thinking!? He shook his head and breathed in deeply. He raised his hands to his face to cup his cheeks. As he held his face, for some odd reason he noticed he was warm, Am I blushing!? Why! No! Stop! Stop! Uggggh! I need to just, just stop!

His eyes shifted to the door where Vince was most likely crying on the other side. Rod quietly and softly tiptoed over and pressed his ear to the door. He could faintly hear the soft sobbing of the older male. Rods hand slowly slid down and gripped the handle of the door. He turned it ever so slowly, surprised that it was actually unlocked. He pushed the door open then silently slipped inside and stood over Vince. Rod attempted to speak, but no words would come out. So he lay next to the saddened creature and looked at the back of his head. Vince turned, his lonely watered eyes met burning concerned ones. A small smile crossed Rods face as he brushed a lock of wavy hair from the face of the being that lay before him. They stared into each others eyes deeply; reading the others emotions. Vince closed his eyes slowly leaned in a pressed his soft lips to Rods.

HAHA! Cliffhanger! Take that! WOOO? Now will Rod accept it? Or will he push Vince away. Is the story finally getting good? I think so! Yeah. Im so good. I know XD


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SomekindofFreak on July 11, 2006, 9:47:58 AM

SomekindofFreak on
SomekindofFreakAiieee! The suspense!!! XD I really loved this chapter! ^^ Like Rod's sounds cool! and i want to kill that man that got Vince fired! Rawr! luv it luv it luv it! ^^ keep it up!