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Chapter 11 - Rejection and Acceptance

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 11 - Rejection and Acceptance

Chapter 11 - Rejection and Acceptance

Chapter eleven! 11! Double pocky sticks! Lol yes, pocky yummm. This will be a very yummerful chapter!

Chapter 11 is rated: PG ( I cant think of what for, but I know its not G )

Rods eyes shot open wide. Without thinking, Rod leaned into Vince and returned the kiss then smoothly broke apart. His red fire-like eyes stared into Vinces. Rod was shocked; no words could express the intense emotion he was filled with. Vince smiled widely and pulled Rod closer to him. By now the cats face had grown red. Vince held Rod as close to him as possible. Rods head lay softly in the perfect spot on Vinces shoulder. Vince kissed the top of Rods head and breathed softly into his ear. Rod moved his hand to Vinces chest and gripped his shirt tightly. He wanted this moment to last forever. Vince broke the silence, Rod? Rod was hesitant, Yes? Why did you let me kiss you? Rod blushed and didnt answer. Ive only known you for a few days and to top it off, Im a freak. You let me steal your first kiss. And I dont understand why. You didnt steal it. I gave it to you and even though it has only been a couple of days, I feel like Ive known you forever. You are the only one who ever even acted like they cared about me, other than my parents. Vince sighed, Youre the only one I have to care for, or to care for me&. Anymore& Rod noticed the sadder tone in his voice. He sat up and looked down on the chubby bat with waved hair. He looks absolutely adorable. Wait. What am I thinking? He just kissed me! I just kissed him! We kissed! Oh My Gosh! This is big and Ive been acting all calm about it. Ok breathe, Rod, breathe. Does this mean he actually really cares about me? UGGG! I dont know! Ok, I just need to calm down and talk. Rod swallowed, Vince remember, if you ever need to talk about anything, Ill be more than glad to listen. Vince yawned cutely, Thanks, maybe one day I will. Vince rolled onto his side and closed his eyes. Goodnight Rod. Sweet Dreams. Rod smiled, Yeah, you too. Goodnight. Rod lay next to him and curled up into a ball. He twitched his nose and replayed his first kiss over and over in his mind until he finally drifted to sleep.

When Rod woke he was alone. He found Vince in the kitchen drinking his blood-coffee and smoking a cigarette, as usual. Vince was already dressed and ready for school. Rod poured himself a glass of orange juice and closed the fridge. Vince spoke, About last night, it never happened, got it? Rod just looked at him in question. Vince had no expression on his face, I dont want a relationship like that with you. Rod bit his lip and turned away from him.

Weeks passed. Rod and Vince didnt talk often and there always seemed to be an awkward feeling between them. Rod hadnt smiled since his first kiss. Vince slept on the couch every night. Vince had somehow gotten a job serving drinks at a bar from ten p.m. to two a.m. on weeknights. Neither of them had made any friends at school. Vince hadnt seen Kitty since the first time they met. Vince struggled to maintain his grades at least a C average. Vince had never been good in school but lately his grades had been worse than ever. Rod however was extremely slipping in school. He always seemed to be distracted and no longer made straight As. He even got a D in math on his progress report. The only thing that kept Rod from just giving up completely was going to church every Sunday.

Rod woke as the first ray of sunlight beamed on him from the window. It was Saturday. He raised an eyebrow as he stepped into the living room to find Vince lying on his stomach on the floor. Vince looked up at him. Rod was a bit annoyed, You never came home last night. Vince seemed drained. It got really hectic at the bar. I wound up working for an extra hour. Then you should have been home around three fifteen. Vince looked at him angrily, What are you my mother? Whatever Rod stepped over him and went into the kitchen. Vince managed to drag himself into the dining room and pull himself up into a chair. He laid his head on the table. Rod began pulling pans out of cabinets, How do you want your eggs? Vince raised his head, Youre actually going to cook for me? Rod placed a glass of blood in front of him, If you promise youll never stay out that late without calling me again. I was worried ya know and a little pissed. Vince smirked, I see, ok fine Ill never make you worry like that again. Man youre like my wife. Heh, and I like my eggs scrambled.

Rod went to make breakfast but listened to Vince as he spoke. I was thinking, now that we have gotten everything settled and our lives seem pretty stable I want to start a band. A band? Yeah, drums, bass, a few guitars, vocals, you know, the works. And how are you going to get that to work? Well I was hoping you could play drums, I play bass then we just need to find someone to sing and someone to play guitar. We write some songs and have band practice. Maybe well go places. Rod laughed slightly as he put two plates of food on the table and sat down. I think youre living in a dream world. Vince took a bite of toast, I think you should try and be positive and confident. Will you play? Rod thought for a moment, Sure. It sounds like fun. Ive always wanted to be in a band. Thats what I wanted to hear.

That day at school Vince skipped some classes and talked to quite a few ninth graders. He approached a group of normal looking girls, Do any of you know a girl named Kitty? Shes a cat and has long purple hair. The girls looked him up and down. One of them spoke up, I have her in my science class next period. Perfect! Could you please tell her to meet me in the ally behind the cafeteria after school? The girl seemed hesitant. Ummm my name is Vince and I just need to talk to her. Okay, Ill let her know. Vince thanked her and ran off.

After school Vince smoked a cigarette and waited for Kitty. He had told Rod to go home without him. Kitty walked up to him casually. She smiled, I never thought you would actually want to talk to me! Vince couldnt help but smile back at her cheery attitude, I wanted to ask you a few questions. Well go ahead, Im not getting any younger! Well first of all, do you play an instrument? Well in school I play the viola and I sing in chorus. But Ive been playing guitar out of school for a few years now. Good, can I hear you play sometime soon? Sure! I can play for you today if you want! My dad picks me up from school, you can come home with me and I can get my guitar and we can go back to your place. Or I could just let you hear me at my house if you hate me or something. Vince laughed at her, I dont hate you and well see what happens when we get to your house.

Kittys father looked at Vince in disgust but took him home along with his daughter anyway. Upon arriving to Kittys house, Vince could tell she had a lot of money. Three stories, seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, a den and three-door garage. Kitty led him to her room, it was fuzzy and pink. Strangely her closet consisted of dark clothing. Vince expected her wardrobe to consist of preppy miniskirts and halter-tops. Kitty plugged in her guitar, Okay this is something I wrote myself, so dont laugh. She played amazingly. When she finished Vince was pleased, That was beautiful. She smiled widely and jumped up and down, You really liked it? No one has ever really cared that I play guitar! Vince smirked, So I was wondering, do you wanna join my band? She was shocked, Really? You mean a real band that plays together and gets gigs? Um, yeah. Ive been waiting for this moment my whole life! Ill take that as a yes. You want to come over to my apartment and meet my drummer? Your drummer? Yeah, Rod. Wait you mean that black cat with the red eyes you were with on the first day of school? That would be him. Oh My Gosh! This is so Perfect! Yes Yes! Take me home with you! She was obviously overjoyed. We can sneak out with one of my Dads cars. Its too far to walk.

Vince unlocked the door and Kitty bolted in. Vince shouted, Rod we have company, if youre naked put some clothes on! Rod appeared in the doorway of their bedroom. Kitty immediately ran up to him and threw her arms around him, Youre so adorable! Rod was shocked and looked at Vince as if to say, What the hell!? Rod, Id like you to meet out new guitarist and singer. Kitty released Rod and turned to Vince, Im going to sing too? Well you did say you sang in school. She nodded Ok, well now I want to hear you guys play! I want to hear something you wrote, no crap you copied from some famous band, too!

Rod and Vince took turns playing for her. You guys are so fricking good! Im stunned! Vince and Rod glanced at each other with smiles on their faces. Kitty stretched out on the couch. You guys live here alone? Vince answered her Yep. Wow, I cant wait till I can move out. My parents give me everything I want, but I want to be able to make it on my own and just get away, be independent. Rod commented, Heh, no you dont. Trust me. Its not as easy as it looks. She thought, Hmm, maybe youre right. She looked at the clock, Oh my Gosh, its getting late and I have a ton of homework to get done! Here. She wrote her cell phone number on a slip of paper and handed it to Rod, You guys call me soon so we can practice and hang out and stuff! Bye! She looked back at them as she walked out. They waved her goodbye.

The boys stood in silence taking in all that had just happened. Vince jammed his elbow into Rods side. Soooooo, do you like her? Rod blushed What?! I dont know what youre talking about, she is just a girl, and she is just our guitarist. Thats all! You like her! I do not! Dude, youre totally blushing! Rod covered his face with his hands and turned away, I am not! Vince laughed at him then breathed in deeply, You know she likes you, right? Rod plopped on the couch and answered stubbornly, She does not. Vince sat beside him and started play fighting with him, She does too! Rod fought back with a light punch, I dont know what youre talking about. Vince kicked Rod off of the couch; She has a thing for you man. Rod looked up at him, Whatever.

What a cute ending! Yep. Well its almost four in the morning and my dad will be waking up for work soon X_X I need to hurry up and go to bed! So bye for now!


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SomekindofFreak on July 14, 2006, 1:05:27 PM

SomekindofFreak on
SomekindofFreakheh! double pocky sticks! cleverrr! No Rod! you dont like Kitty! you like Vince! VINCE! DAMN YOUUU! ...Im done. ^^;