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Chapter 12 - The Band, and a New Romance?

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 12 - The Band, and a New Romance?

Chapter 12 - The Band, and a New Romance?

Chapter 12, yeah.. Hmmm what to do what to do. Ten chapters ago I would have never imagined this story would get this interesting, but it has. I have a feeling that this chapter is going to take a few days to finish, cause Im not feeling it right now. Sarah will be angry, but she will just have to wait ^. ~

Two weeks after creating the band, it was time for their first band practice. Rod and Vince were setting up their equipment and making room in the center of the living room. They pushed the couch back and moved the coffee table into the other room. It was late on a Friday evening. Strangely, Kittys parents agreed to let her stay the night at their apartment. The boys waited patiently for her to arrive.

Half past eight Kitty knocked on the door. Vince answered and she blissfully trotted into the room and set up her guitar and amplifier along side their instruments. Vince sat on the floor next to Rod, First motive of business, write songs and tabs. I think one of us should write tabs, play it then the others follow along. Kitty was calm for once, That should work out best I suppose. We should put lyrics to it last. Rod agreed, Okay now, does anyone have anything we can start with? Kitty picked up her guitar and played a tune. Vince listened for a while then began to play along with her. Last Rod joined in with a perfect beat in the background. Suddenly they all stopped. Kitty shouted, Quick! Before we forget what we just played write it down! They did so.

This happened multiple times that night; they completed four full-length songs within four hours. Although, they never got around to writing lyrics for any of their songs. The clock neared one and they decided to call it quits for the night. Vince and Rod pulled out the couch into a bed. They relaxed and watched television. Kitty randomly sat up and examined the two boys she had been laying beside. You guys are so awesome! They looked up at her then at each other, smiled and returned their attention to the program they had been watching. Come on guys! Turn off the T.V. and lets all get to know each other better! Vince kept his eyes fixed on the T.V., I dont screw around with people I just met. Kitty gasped, That is not what I meant and you know it! How do I know thats not what you meant, I dont really know what youre like. Well then turn off the T.V. and you can get to know what Im really like. Rod turned off the television to get them to both shut up. Rod sat up and looked at them silently. Vince did the same, Okay now that she has our full attention, what would the pretty little kitty like to say? She glared at him, Very funny, I just thought that if we are going to make this band work, we should know everything about each other. No secrets! That way we wont have that awkward feeling when someone is being mysterious. She waved her fingers in the air as she said this. Vince looked a little disgusted, You want us to have girl talk like chicks? Thats so lame. AWWW Come on Guys! Rod yawed and leaned back. Kitty grabbed him by the shirt collar and put her face close to his, Am I boring you? Would you rather sleep than spend time with me? Is that it? You havent said much at all, all night! Do you hate me!? Rods eyes grew wide and confused. His voice was a bit timid, Are you bi-polar? Kitty released him and sat back down. She lowered her face and twiddled her thumbs together, Im sorry. I guess Im just a little hyper. I didnt mean to make you angry or scared or anything, honest. Rod and Vince stared at each other in confusion. Kitty began to cry. The boys panicked. Rod was first to comfort her. He got up on his knees and placed his hand on her shoulder. Its okay, we dont hate you! Really, I guess Im just nervous around new people. Thats why I havent been talking much. Why dont you just tell us more about yourself? Rod smiled at her. She looked up with her tear filled eyes then jumped on him, throwing her arms around him. He fell backwards and she landed on top of him. She squealed from excitement. Rods face turned bright red and he looked to Vince for help. Vince sat on the edge of the bed watching them with a smile on his face, Should I leave you two alone? Rod burst out, NO! Kitty laughed and got off him, Your so cute Rod!

Rod sat backed up, swallowed and took a deep breath. Okay lets try to be serious. Kitty calmed herself quickly, So how did you guys wind up becoming emancipated minors? A silence fell upon them. Vince decided to break it, I got lucky and got out of an orphanage because we were running out of beds and I had better grades than the guy that was older than me. Rod was the one that was going to take my place, but it didnt work out that way. I just so happened to find him and I guess you could say I kidnapped him, but I prefer saying I saved him from three years with the worst headmaster ever. Kitty looked to Rod, Why were you having to go to an orphanage? Rods words were quiet, My parents died in a car crash. I have no other living relatives that I know of. Kittys face saddened, Oh& She took him into a comforting embrace, Im so sorry, I didnt mean to bring it up. She pulled away and lifted his chin to look at her. A small smile appeared on her lips, Look at it this way, now you get to live here with an awesome guy like Vince. Your now in a band and can be independent and if youre interested, Ill give you all the love and attention youll ever need. She bit her lip with the last sentence. A light blush grew on her face as she sat back down. Vince smirked, Well now. She gets right to the point now doesnt she? Kitty giggled. Rod shook his head to get himself to focus. Now, heh heh Kitty? Why dont you share something about you? Oh sure! Ummmm I dont know! Oh! One time I got a piece of sushi stuck in my throat at a restaurant and my parents were all like Oh My Gosh! So anyway I was choking and gagging and some really nice guy came up to me and did the Heimlich maneuver and the sushi shot right across the room into my boyfriends eye and it ruined his contacts and contacts are expensive so he took us to court for money so he could buy new ones and to top it all off he got an eye infection. He wasnt a very good boyfriend needless to say, and I dumped his lame @$$. He didnt even help me when I was choking. Vince and Rod were stunned. What does that have to do with anything? Vince asked. I dont know. Rod raised an eyebrow at her, Okay...

The three of them had random conversations several times that night. They didnt speak of anything deep or emotional, just casual things such as music and clothes. Around the time the clock struck three they fell to sleep.

Rod slowly opened his eyes to see Vince standing over him with a smirk on his face. A lit cigarette rested between his lips that were curved into an evil smile. Rod blinked a few times in wonder then came to realize why Vince looked as he did. Kittys body was stretched over his and her face was cuddled softly to his left shoulder. As she lay on him, she purred softly. Rods eyes grew wide and a blush formed at his cheeks. They remained this way in silence for several moments till Vince began to quietly chuckle under his breath. Rod looked to him for help. The movement of Rods head woke Kitty. She sat up cutely and stretched her arms. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. What|? She asked, looking at the two boys before her. Vince then burst out with laughter as Rod tried to calm himself. What did I just miss? Her voice was cute and innocent. Vince scratched his head and ran his fingers through his messy wavy hair. Nothing, lets find something for breakfast. As Kitty rose to follow Vince to the kitchen Rod noticed that both of them were in their under ware. He looked down to discover that he too had sometime last night, taken his clothes off. His blush grew to a deep red. He brought his hands up to cover his face. He quickly pulled back, for he felt something wet. Upon examining his hands he discovered it was blood, he inspected his face further to find he had a nosebleed. Vince poked his head around the corner to look at Rod Are you bleeding? Rod covered his nose and Vince walked towards him. Yep, here Vince pulled out several tissues from a box on top of the T.V. Press these to your nose and keep your head back. Rod did as he was instructed, I feel so stupid. An evil smile appeared on Vinces face as he leaned in close to Rod. His voice lowered to a whisper, Too much blood rushing from on place to another? Rod bit his lip and tried his hardest to keep his voice hushed, Shut up! I havent been this embarrassed in my entire life! At least now I know you can get hard. I was starting to wonder since youre so innocent and such. Rods mouth dropped, I cant believe you just said that. You freak! Why were you wondering&. That!? Can you blame me? You never talk about girls or guys or whatever youre in to. You never so much as bring anything sexual into any conversation no matter what. For normal teenage guys, sex is just about all they think about!

Kitty called to them from the dining room, Are you guys ok in there? If your fracking around tell me and Ill come join in! Vince and Rod stopped their argument and stared each other in the eye. Vince began to walk away towards the dining room to Kitty. He took a seat across from her. She was eating cereal with blood instead of milk. Vince looked at her with question. She finished what she was chewing; I guess I should have mentioned it earlier. Im half vampire bat. My father is a cat and my mother is a bat. I know I dont look it; the only thing I got is the fangs. I get screwed out of wings and it sucks @$$. I want to fly! Vince sipped his coffee, Interesting. Rods nose stopped bleeding and he had just entered the room and heard her. Vince smiled, You mutt. She pouted. Im just picking gosh calm down and eat your damned cereal. She flicked a co-co pebble at him. Rod sat in silence as the two of them playfully bickered.

Kitty finished her cereal and began packing up her things. Her cheery attitude shown after she was fully awake. You guys are so much fun! Last night was awesome! We need to hang out and have practice more often. But I got stuff to do with family, so Im going to be busy for the rest of the weekend. I have tons of cousins. Uggg family reunions suck. She gave Vince a small hug, but squeezed Rod tightly. They hugged her back and bid her goodbye. We will see you on Monday, take care of yourself. Vince stated nicely. Bye guys! She winked at Rod and shut the door behind her.

That was great wasnt it guys? What a rush! (Literally for Rod, LMAO) yep and this concludes chapter 12. But I have a surprise for you! Its quiz time! Ok its simple, in your comment for this chapter, post the correct answers to these questions. This is just a fun quiz to see if you have been paying attention. If you can post all the correct answers then you get to give me a request! WEEEEEEEE ok here we goooooooo!

How old is Rod?

Kitty is a mix between what two types of animals?

Vince is currently working where?

How did Rods parents die?

What are the names of the three boys Vince shared a room with at the orphanage?

According to Vince, which tastes better; cow or sheep blood?

What color are Vinces eyes? (This is a hard one, be specific!)

Kitty plays what instrument?

What color of eyeliner does Vince ware?

What do you think of Kitty? (I just want to know your opinion)

Well thats it. Go for it! You may have to look back for some answers!


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kenchan on February 19, 2007, 6:05:44 AM

kenchan on
kenchanRod is 15
Kitty is a hybrid of cat and vampire bat(like catwoman and batman, or even Rod and Vince! ^^)
At a bar
They died in a car accident head on.
Ace, Mathew and... >.<(Landon)
sheep blood good
jet black!
BTW Love the story! U know the drill F/A

kenchan on February 19, 2007, 6:09:25 AM

kenchan on
kenchanIf I were a animal (vamp. bat) I would be like "she's the queen of my underworld!"

FallenAngel0792 on February 19, 2007, 6:51:22 AM

FallenAngel0792 on
FallenAngel0792Aww thats sweet that yuo are reading this story too... man I started on it March of last year... and it has like over a hundered pages now... wow lol

kenchan on February 19, 2007, 6:52:41 AM

kenchan on
kenchanof course I'm reading it. I love a lot of your work!^^

SomekindofFreak on July 17, 2006, 5:00:14 AM

SomekindofFreak on
SomekindofFreakawesome chapter! XD poor Rod...he's humiliated
ummm quiz....lets see...
Rod is 15 ( i had to look back for that one, but i knew he was either 15 or 16)
Kitty is a mix between a cat and a vampire bat
I dont know where Vince is currently working >.< i kno he got fired from mcdonalds...*thinks* oh! ehh...a bar or something...? he gets home late..i remember that...
Rod's parents died in a car crash/accident thing T-T
Ace, Matthew, and Landon (I almost wanted to say Logan haha XP)
Im pretty sure he said Sheep blood was better
ack...vince's eyes...tealish greenish blue? >.<
kitty plays guitar
black eyeliner? XD