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Chapter 17 - The First Time

Rod isn't exactly the 'cool' kid in school. Hes the kind of guy that always listens to Mommy and Daddy. But after the accident, will he stay that way? Then Rod is kidnaped and lead to a new life, is it for the best? Or is his future destined to go up in f

Chapter 17 - The First Time

Chapter 17 - The First Time
Chapter 17. Wow man, 17 chapters thats a lot! Alright alright, I must finish this chapter soon so I can make my contest!

Rod sat in the confessional booth at the church as Vince waited outside in the truck. Vince had spent the entire morning at church with Rod and it was time to leave, but Rod needed to get some advice and Vince didnt want to tell him no. Vince wanted today to be a good day, so he didnt even complain once during church.
Rod took a deep breath, he felt nervous, and he had never actually had anything big to say in the confessional booth. The priest comforted him and let him know he would keep everything secret. Now son, what have you to confess? Well, Im more so looking for advice. Yes, go on. Okay, well I think I might have feelings for my friend. But I dont know if I should, or if I should let them know. Awww, youre falling in love. Oh sweet, what is her name? Thats just the thing& What are you talking about? Shes not a she, shes a he. You mean to tell me you believe you are falling in love with a boy?! Why that is against God! The priest then got out of his side of the booth and flung Rods side open. He grabbed Rod by the collar of his shirt, Dont you ever come back here with that demonic thought! Love is for a man and a woman! The others in the church stared with concern as Rods eyes began to fill with tears. Rod wrestled his way away from the priests grasp and he ran out of the building. He was chased by a few church members that had realized what they were talking about. Rod quickly got in the truck, Drive! He shouted at Vince, who did so quickly. In the confusion Vince almost hit a few people that chased after Rod, ROD! What the hell is going on!? At this point Rod had his head down and was sobbing softly. Vince managed to get through the crowed of people without harming anyone. He drove back to the apartment, deciding that it was best to wait to ask when he would actually be able to comfort Rod.
Rod lay on the bed and cried into his pillow. Vince sat down beside him and waited for him to collect himself enough to speak. When Rods crying seemed to become calmer, Vince attempted to find out what was going on. He placed his hand on Rods back and lay beside him. Tell me what happened. Rod turned to face him, his eyes were still swollen with tears, I cant tell you, he muttered. Why not? I wont make fun of you, I promise. Thats not why I cant tell you! I& I dont want to destroy our friendship. Vince stared at him with a concerned face, Whatever it is, I promise I wont think any less of you. Rod shifted his gaze away from Vinces eyes. Vince continued to comfort him, Its alright really, Ill understand. He then pulled Rod closer, much as he had done the night before. Rod snuggled his face into Vinces chest. Vince lifted Rods chin with his hand to make him look at him. Rod cleared his throat; he knew Vince would force an answer out of him. Well, I was talking to the priest about how I have been feeling lately. And? And I dont know what to think of it& I feel&. I dont know. Yes you do. Tell me. Well& I was talking to him, and it was basically about you, but I didnt use your name. Rod began to tear up again, Vince held him tighter. What did you say about me? Vince asked him in a whisper, he brought himself to eye level with Rod. I dont know& over the last few months Ive been thinking and I& I think I have feelings for you that Im not sure if I should have or not. Vince looked at him seriously, Basically, the priest was upset that you had feelings for a guy? Rod shifted his eyes away from Vince. Dont worry about it Rod, the exact same thing has happened to me a few years back. Rods attention shot back to Vinces eyes as he said this. Vince quickly pressed his soft lips to Rods and parted them. Vince was calm and collected, while Rod was tense. Rod was in shock and kept his eyes wide open. Vince pushed his tongue into Rods warm mouth and kissed him deeply with incredible skill. Vince was persistent, after a while Rod began to ease up and kiss back to the best of his ability. Vince parted and smiled; he wanted to see Rods reaction to the whole thing. Rod was stunned, he was blushing madly and his heart was beating faster by the second. Seeing that Rod wasnt upset, Vince pressed their lips together again. While Rod was focused on the kiss, Vince slowly shifted his hands to Rods waist and tugged at his belt. Rod gasped a bit, but didnt push Vince away as he started to undo his pants. Vince shifted his body on top of Rods and stopped to stare him in the eyes. At this point, Rods pants where at his knees and Vince had unzipped his own. Rods innocent, nave stare was anxious and willing. Vince smiled and realized Rod was afraid, but wanted this even more so than he did. Vince proceeded to unbutton Rods shirt and take off his own. He wriggled Rod out of his pants. The only thing left to do, was take off the boxers and go. He touched his forehead to Rods and looked at him questioningly. Rod was panting because his heart was beating so fast, he swallowed and took a deep breath. He nodded his head slightly and shut his eyes tightly. Vince removed what was left of their clothing and bent Rods legs back. Rod bit his lip and muffled a scream as he felt Vince enter him.
Rod lay on the bed; he was in pain. He was tightly wrapped in the blanket and was in the feeble position. Small groans escaped him. Vince was in his boxers, while Rod was still naked. Vince carried in a hot water bottle and some hot chocolate to Rod, Come on, it didnt hurt that bad, and we only did it three times. He set the cup on the nightstand and handed Rod the water bottle. How would you know!? Rod stated as he placed the water bottle to his stomach. Vince laughed, Seriously, it gets easier and doesnt hurt as much the more often you do it. Rods eyes were wide, a part of him wanted to ask how he knew that and the other half was afraid to know. Vince smiled and winked at him, Isnt that cute, I was your first time. Rod blushed and covered his face with the blanket. Vince got under the covers with him and pulled him close. Rod cuddled to him, Vince& what does all this mean to you? Vince thought, Well, what does it mean to you? I dont know& Yes you do& what all did you say to the priest again? I& I told him I thought I was falling in love& with& Rod didnt finish the sentence; he merely pressed his body closer to Vinces. Vince gasped slightly; he knew what Rod had said to the priest and why all those people were so angry. However&. Vince didnt want to break Rods heart.
The following day, Nick was late to band practice. It was his first day at school, maybe he got held up with stuff, Kitty said, trying to come up with a reasonable explanation. Whatever he is late, and he should be on time, Vince was pessimistic as usual. He could have at least called and told us he was going to be late, Rod sighed and stretched out on the couch. Suddenly there was a knock at the door; Kitty opened it to discover Nick standing there. Im sorry guys, I got caught up with stuff and things you know? Vince was irritated; You are almost forty-five minutes late. I know I know& but hey I wrote some new songs and tabs for everyone! He walked to the center of the living room and dumped out his backpack. He handed everyone the tabs he had written for them and some lyrics. Vince was surprised, This is actually& really good. Yeah its great! Shouted Kitty. Do you play other instruments, Nick? Rod asked. Well sorta, Im not really good at them cause I havent practiced but I know the tabs and stuff. Music is just about all I do in my spare time, so I taught myself that stuff. Kitty picked on him, You sure do say stuff a lot. He rolled his eyes. Vince read over the lyrics, This has got to be one of the most depressing, violent songs Ive ever read. Burn their flesh and slice their necks, take my knife, take my life geez Nick, whats wrong with you? Nick blushed, I dont know& maybe too much emo music and horror flicks? Kitty pushed Vince playfully, The public loves this kind of stuff, and it doesnt matter where he gets his inspiration, so long as he can keep writing like this! Kitty and Rod became focused on practicing their parts and left Vince and Nick to talk.
You know what, kid? I havent really gotten a chance to talk with you or anything. Nick smiled, Ask away& Alright first of all when is your birthday? Umm, February 16th, I just turned fourteen this year. I know Im so young, bleh. Ok, so you lived where before you came here? Umm, I never really stayed in one place too long. The longest I stayed somewhere was about six months, I believe. I had to take school online and such, Im glad my life has calmed down though. I was born in Florida, so I guess thats what Im gonna go with for where Im from. Why did youre family move so often? Business issues. What kind of business requires you to move all the time? Nick was silent, it was as if he was searching for an answer and couldnt think of one. Vince narrowed his eyes, picking up the feeling that Nick was guilty of something he wasnt telling them. At that moment Kitty broke her guitar string, frack! She shouted. Nick hurried to help her, happy to get away from such an awkward conversation.
Five weeks later, the band had already done several shows with Nick. It seemed as if the crowd got larger with each show. The four of them had become close friends and spent all their spare time together, in and out of school. They werent just band mates anymore; they were best friends. Vince still kept his suspicion of Nick, but learned to open up to him. It was hard to not like Nick. He was kind and loveable and was an extremely loyal friend. Nick never did anything to make anyone angry, except show up late from time to time. Nick always seemed depressed aside from the time he was with his friends. Even then he seemed troubled. Every Friday Vince, Kitty, Rod and Nick had a movie night, where they would spend the night over at Rod and Vinces apartment. This Friday, Nick was late, once again.
Should we be worried about him? Kitty asked. He is late a lot& its normal, Rod sighed. Vince was irritated; People who are late drive me crazy. Calm down you cranky old vampire! Kitty joked as she turned on the television. It was the news. How boring, the only thing that is ever on the news is who is dieing and what disaster is happening. Lets watch MTV Kitty said. Vince stopped her No, leave it here. He got closer to the television and attempted to listen very carefully. Kitty turned the volume up. Whats wrong Vince? Rod was concerned. Vince didnt answer. On the screen a car was being chased down the freeway. Four people were in it. The back window of the car was busted out and two people where hanging out the back of it with machine guns. Vinces eyes widened Wait a minute is that?!

OOOOOOO Cliffhanger! Isnt that wonderful? Do you want another chapter? Do you do you!? Do you!? HAHAHA


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