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Chapter 1 - Meeting Shadow

Sonic is prince to his mother's kingdom and He is highly respected among his people. Shadow is one of Sonic's many worker slaves. Shadow hates slavery more than anything in the world. Coming from two completly different lifestyles, how will they react whe

Chapter 1 - Meeting Shadow

Chapter 1 - Meeting Shadow

Sonic stood on the balcony of his room and looked down below. Several slaves were working in the fields picking corn. The young prince leaned on the railing and squinted at the slaves. All of them were men. The women and children never worked outdoors. They worked barebacked in the sun. Sonic sighed and made his way to his mothers chamber.

Other than slaves and servants, his mother was the only other one that lived in the castle with Sonic. His mother was a queen; he was the next heir to the thrown. They owned over a hundred slaves in all. There was a building next to the castle that housed them all. Guards watched over them, to make sure no one tried to escape. Sonic never paid much mind to the slaves; they had just always been there. Mother? Sonic stepped into her room, where she was being fanned be two slaves. Yes, my son? I am going into town to shop for a new cape. Okay dear, take a few guards with you. There is a carriage out front. Yes mother. He kissed her forehead and left.

Upon entering the town many people stopped and gazed at the horse-drawn carriage that was carrying their prince. Many of them bowed their heads as he passed them. He waved kindly at them. Sonic spent the day shopping, most of what he bought was clothing items, he was never one to waste money, despite the fact he was the richest teenager in the kingdom. One of the guards purchased a small loaf of bread and gestured it Sonic, Here sir, you have not eaten today. Sonic took it with a smile, Thank you. He began to take a bite, but he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He turned to look; it was two children, a small girl and her younger brother. They were peeking from behind a wall. He smiled and approached them. They hid quickly from fear they had done something wrong. Its ok children, Sonic bent down to the little girls level of height. She gulped, as he looked her in the eye. Here, Sonic offered the bread to the child, who took it with a wide smile. Thank you, mister! She jumped and threw her arms around him. Sonics guards were startled and moved in, Sonic waved his hand to let them know it was okay. He hugged the girl back then stood, Now you two get a move on and share that with your family. The children laughed with glee and ran off down the ally.

When Sonic arrived home he ate a bountiful meal with his mother and went off to his room. He sat at his desk and read from philosophy books. The clock struck one and Sonic was beginning to feel hungry. He made his way to the kitchen and searched through the leftovers from dinner. Unsatisfied with what he found, he decided to just get a glass of water. He turned the knob and filled his glass. He turned the faucet off and looked up. A flash went past the window that startled Sonic. He went through the backdoor to inspect what it was.

He walked around the side of the building; no one was out there except for a few guards. Sonic avoided the guards so he would not be questioned. All the slaves were asleep. He caught site of the figure, it was sneaking through the field of corn. Sonic crept up, trying not to catch its attention. The creature he was following stopped and kneeled down. Sonic could see its dark figure in the moonlight. He tried to move closer to get a better look, in doing so he stepped on a branch causing it to break and the creature to stand and quickly look at Sonic. Piercing Ruby eyes gazed at Sonic. The figure seemed to be holding something in its arms. It took a few steps back, ready to run. Sonic swallowed and knew he needed to speak quickly, Its ok! Im not a guard! I just want to talk. What are you doing out here? Sonic stepped closer till the person he was talking to came into light. He was a black hedgehog with magnificent crimson streaks in his hair. There was a patch of soft white fur on his chest. What is your name? The figure spoke, You are the prince. Uhh, Yeah! I guess I am. He bowed slightly, and then stood back into an upright position. My name is Shadow, I am nothing but a lowlife slave. Sonic blinked, Okay& thats a start, what are you doing out here? Shadow looked down into the palm of his right hand. He lifted it to Sonic to reveal a baby rabbit. It was wounded, I found it earlier today whilst I was working in the fields. I bandaged it and left it here. I am out here now, because I was bringing it scraps from my meal earlier this evening. It is still young and cant live on its own. Sonic smiled, Its very cute, and that is very kind of you. Shadow seemed shocked at the princes response. He half expected to be beaten. Sonic gestured with his hand, There is a stream that way, lets go over there and talk. They walked in silence. Shadow clutched the helpless animal to his warm chest.

They reached the stream and sat on a large rock. The moonlight shined brightly in reflectance off the water. Shadow placed the sleeping rabbit beside the rock. So, how long have you been a slave here? Only thirteen days. I was recruited from a prison. You were in jail? For what? Shadow quickly pinned Sonic too the ground and put a knife to this throat. Murder. Sonic was wide-eyed and panted in fear. Shadows evil smile reflected off the blade. Your guards are the dirtiest frackers Ive ever met. Do you know what they do to your precious slaves? Sonic shook his head slightly. Shadow pressed the knife against his skin. Did you know, your slaves get beaten daily? Hell is probably better than this place. Sonic stuttered, I.. I Dont Speak! Right now, I hold your life in my hands, if I press down, you die, if I let go, you live. Do you want to live or die? I.. I want to live. Why? What is so great in your life that you need to live for? Sonic gulped. Answer me! I, Im going to become king. I will be a good ruler and if you let me live, I promise to do something about the guards and I wont say anything about this incident to anyone but if you kill me, you will be found out and hung in front of the entire kingdom. Shadow I mean you no harm, I& Im a nice guy. Shadows maniacal smile disappeared. He got off Sonic and put the knife away. Sonic sighed with relief and walked towards Shadow, who was now sitting on the rock, looking into the stream. Sonics eyes scanned Shadows body. He was badly beaten all over his back. Many of his wounds were deep. There was caked up blood on his hands and on some scars on his back. Even his legs looked beaten. Sonic took a seat next to the dark hedgehog. Shadow, I promise to make sure they stop. Humph, Shadow looked down towards the sleeping bunny. Ill take care of her too, if you want. Shadow looked into Sonics emerald eyes. Youll take care of her? Sonic smiled, Yep! I know it would be hard for you to keep a pet. With the whole slave thing and all. Yeah well, I wont be your slave long. What? I cant stand it here, I think Id rather die. Im breaking out of it kills me. Shadow, dont leave. Ill do something to make it easier on you. Why do you care if youre missing one slave? You have tons! Sonic paused, I dont know& Yeah whatever, Shadow stood, I need to get back before they notice Im missing. You take care of Rina. You named it? Yes Shadow walked off into the darkness. Sonic cradled the sleeping baby rabbit in his arms. Rina cuddled close to his chest. Sonic shuddered at the cold breeze. Come on Rina. Time to get home.

Sonics mother was waiting for him as he walked through the door, Where have you been? I was so worried. Sonic showed her the small rabbit he was holding, Aww, its so adorable! She pet it softy and it yawned. Aww, how precious. Her name is Rina. Sonic handed her to his mother with a warm smile. This is just like when you were a child, always brining home small animals but you have never brought home one this cute before. I think Ill let you keep this one. I think raising something would be good for you anyway. His mother called in one of the guards and instructed him to go purchase supplies for a baby rabbit. Mother? Yes, Sonic? Did you know the guards beat the slaves? Only when the slaves misbehave. Someone has to keep them in order. No mom, they beat them all the time. Not just when they act up. Really? I believe you, my Son. I will speak with the guards about this first thing in the morning but now, we both need to get some sleep. Can I keep Rina for the night? Sonics mother smiled. Sure Mom! Sonic smiled, Have a goodnight.

Sonic lay in his bed and thought of the happenings that had occurred not so long ago. Why didnt I run away? I should tell someone about Shadow almost murdering me& but I dont want to. Why not? What makes him so special? Hmmm. Life is too complicated. Sonic then rolled over and fell into a deep slumber.

The next day the queen spoke with her guards and informed them to not use physical abuse on the slaves unless it was absolutely necessary. Hopefully, they would listen. Sonic strolled alongside the field and watched the workers. The heat outside was unbearable. Sonic walked until he found Shadow. Sonic leaned against the castle wall and watched him from afar. Shadow worked fast, he quickly pulled back his hand and put it in his mouth. One of the guards approached him and spoke to him. Sonic was too far away to make out what they were saying. The guard gave Shadow a piece of cloth, which he used to wrap his hand. He must have gotten hur. Sonic thought. Shadow then continued working. Sonic approached him hesitantly. Hey Shadow! Shadow looked up quickly. What do you want? You want to go somewhere, maybe the theater? What are you talking about? I want you to come with me& and go somewhere. Fine, you are my master, I am your slave I do whatever you want me too. Shadow was only being so agreeable because many guards were watching him. First, we need to get you cleaned up! Sonic grabbed Shadows wrist and pulled him towards the castle.

Upon entering Sonic spoke so several maids. I want you to give him a bath and new clothes. Make sure he is comfortable. He leaned into one of the maids and whispered, If you find any weapons on him, get rid of them and make sure the queen does not find out. Yes, Sir! They all said together. Shadow was completely confused as they whisked him away. He looked back at Sonic who smiled widely and waved.

First things first! Take your clothes off and get in the bath tub! The maid pointed at a huge wooden tub filled with warm water. Shadow tilted his head slightly. I said get in the tub! Several maids began tugging at his clothes. Hey Hey Hey! I dont just get naked in front of lots of people! By the time Shadow finished his sentence he was already nude and being pushed in the tub. The water splashed as he landed head first into it. Several maids began scrubbing him, Shadow winced in pain, as they scrubbed hard on his wounds. Caked up blood and dirt darkened the water. Shadow bit his bottom lip as one of the cuts on his back re-opened and began to bleed. Oh dear, you poor thing! Bring the bandages! The maids were kind to Shadow, despite the fact they were so demanding. Hun, when was the last time you were properly bathed? It must be horrible for you field workers. You are very lucky that the prince has taken a fancy to you. Shadow thought, Taken a fancy? Oh Yes. Do you think he brings every hard worked slave into the castle? Another maid commented, Oh heavens no! Shadow was still a bit confused with the whole situation happening around him, Why would he help me? I dont understand it either, sweetie. Especially since you are new here, you havent even endured much. A few maids in the background squealed with excitement, Maybe the prince has a thing for this dark hedgehog! Shadow didnt understand what they meant, A thing? They giggled and playfully pushed one another. The maid that was washing Shadows hair spoke, They mean, maybe Prince Sonic likes you as more than a friend. The maid beside her pushed her, Prince Sonic is to marry a woman and have children that will grow up and continue to rule over this land! Yes, but they can adopt! Shadow blushed at this conversation and sunk into the water. OOOO! HES BLUSHING! The others giggled blissfully. They pulled him out of the water and rinsed him. Shadow attempted to cover himself with his hands. Chill out boy, Ive cleaned many men before you, it isnt as if Ive never seen one before. As have the rest of these giggling morons.

Three maids took Shadows measurements so they could make him clothes. Wow, you match the prince perfectly! That makes everything easy, we can just use some of Prince Sonics patterns. They ran off to begin their task as Shadow was dried. They worked with amazing speed, within minutes they came in with a complete outfit for Shadow. The three maids took turns speaking Underwear. Undershirt. Put them on, then we will reveal your new outfit! Shadow did as he was told. Here it is! They held up a tan cotton blazer with a long-sleeved white shirt to go under it. The bottoms of the sleeves were puffy and buttoned at his wrists. The black slacks were dressy as well. The third maid held up a nice pair of brown dress shoes, Prince Sonic never wore these. We figured you could have them. They smiled and helped Shadow dress. The maid that had washed Shadow spoke up, now dont you look spiffy? Prince Sonic is waiting for you downstairs near the front entrance. A carriage is waiting for you two. Have fun! The maids giggled and bid Shadow goodbye as he left the room.

He descended the stairs, inspecting his surroundings, there was an elegant chandler hanging from the ceiling, the stairs spiraled downward. He looked up. There were many floors to this castle. The atmosphere was very nice, pleasing to the eye. Shadow took the final step and walked around the corner, Sonic was waiting for him by the door as the maid had said. Sonic was also dressed nicely. You ready? Shadow nodded slightly and the two of them walked out and into their carriage.

This made it to eight pages&. Woo. If you like this story, Ill continue it. So leave a comment please. Comments make me happy inside! XD


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kenchan on March 9, 2007, 8:31:11 AM

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kenchanAwww it's soo sweet.  Please write more. I know you won't get to it too quickly cause of the other stories.

espiofangirl1 on August 22, 2006, 11:54:50 AM

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espiofangirl1I love this! Yeah, do another chap.

espiofangirl1 on September 9, 2006, 4:19:42 PM

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ShadowsGirl101 on August 5, 2006, 12:45:11 PM

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