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My short weight gain fanfic from DeviantArt chapters on Amy Rose which willy partilly involve Sonic from the sonic x series
Shadow returns home from a G.U.N. mission to find his lover cheating on him with another hedgehog. The hedgehog is resistant to the bat, but shadow's wrath unleashed... untill he hears the hedgehog confess his (hidden) feelings
Tails finally realizes he has a secret no one should find out. or at least should. How well can he hide the secret? or will it spill out? Update I changed it to where this is a version of the games. So they have no sh!t who Cosmo is
Shadow watches as two children grow into teenagers, something blossoming between them. (And no, it is NOT Tails/Cream)
I''m pacing the floors
pulling my hair out
almost screaming....
My friend ran in "what?!!!" she yelled
I looked at her straight in the eye, i stopped pacing
and stopped pulling my hair out......
ShadMaria. Of course.
When Maria comes back as a hedgehog, things go downhill for some...
TDI with a twist
This story is very...dramaish? Chapter 3 is going to be funny.
One chapter story.
Please work with me, I have not completed the game yet.
I noticed the lack of Silver and Blaze- so I made my own! Special thanks to RavetheHedgehog!
Knuckles tries to tell Rouge something..but an old friend drops by...will he/she ruin everything? Warning: There are songs in this.
After Shadow's been gone for a year, he comes back- with a shocking secret that has never been told!
Just read. Why does everything need a stupid description?
Amy was Sonic's lover.He even admitted it.She met him when he saved her.Its a love story to all SonAmy fans.It also has Taiream Shadouge Silaze and many if you dont like any of these couples then please leave ok? Hope u enjoy
just let me know if you want ur OC's in this story. Some OC's are not mine.
When Tails is kidnapped who is to save him other than...Amy? But will Amy's heroics cost her and Sonic's life?
This is about lov and death ___
Sonic and Amy lovers
Flame me all you want, I don't care, this story is from my heart and that's all that matters to me.
Rouge is attacked by the remaining members of a gang called Crab. She goes to Knuckles to heal but she is attacked before she can heal fully. Now Knuckles has to save her from a chocolatly death! What? KnuxRouge (Includes the original oneshot)
From kidnapping,to romance,to ...time travel?! Click on the story title to read our very first Sonamy story.
This is about Shadow the Hedgehogs' rage and loneliness and the fact he misses Maria....