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Chapter 2 - An Outting

Sonic is prince to his mother's kingdom and He is highly respected among his people. Shadow is one of Sonic's many worker slaves. Shadow hates slavery more than anything in the world. Coming from two completly different lifestyles, how will they react whe

Chapter 2 - An Outting

Chapter 2 - An Outting
Sonic and Shadow road through the town silently. Shadow stared motionless out the window. He barely moved to breathe. Sonic faced forward but shifted his eyes to watch Shadow. He struggled for conversation, So& have you ever ridden in a carriage before? Shadows voice was deep, No. Sonic smiled, Good! Then this is a new experience for you! Shadow said nothing. Sonics sudden happiness faded away when he saw Shadow wasnt even slightly phased. The darker hedgehog continued to frown and gaze out the window. What are you thinking about? Sonic asked quickly, not thinking before he spoke. Shadow looked at him, then back out the window. Prince Sonic? Sonics eyes brightened as Shadow took part in the conversation, Yes, Shadow? Why did you bring me here with you? I am nothing but a slave and to top it off I almost, He looked towards the coachman then back to Sonic, lowering his voice. I almost killed you, yet, you want to spend time with me? Is this some kind of joke? Are you planning to gain my trust then kill me in some horrible manner? Shadow narrowed his eyes, but Sonic remained as happy and kind as ever. I dont know what your talking about Shadow. He smiled, I have no intentions of harming you what-so-ever. I just thought we could be friends is all. Friends?! Why would you want to make friends with someone like me? Well because youre nice! Me, nice? Yeah. What planet are you from? Earth. That was a rhetorical question. Sonic tilted his head slightly and continued to smile. He seemed oblivious to Shadows anger. Shadow sighed, deciding that the azure hedgehog wasnt worth wasting energy on. Sooooo, Shadow? Have you ever been to the theater before? No. Really? Today is full of new experiences for you isnt it? We are going to see a showing of Romeo and Juliet! Its a fantastic romance with plenty of action and death. Many theater-goers say it is a theatrical movement in history! Shadow looked at him blankly, obviously unimpressed. All theater is, is a bunch of people prancing around, usually in song, pretending to be someone their not. Well, yes, but sometimes its nice to escape your own life and view the drama of anothers. Shadow said nothing. Sonic chimed in once more, After the play were going out for lunch and tea. Shadow shifted his eyes to look at Sonic in confusion. Shadow had never experienced luxuries of even the common man. Sonic just smiled at him, and then turned his attention out the window.
Shadow and the prince walked out of the theater side by side, escorted by four guards. So did you enjoy it? Shadow kept his eyes fixed on the ground ahead of him, It was okay, not the greatest thing in the world, though. It was a good experience for you though and dont try to tell me you hated it, I saw the expressions on your face as you were watching! I was trying not to fall asleep. Sonic laughed, He he! You liar. Anyway, its food time and Im starving!
At the restaurant the gazes of the other customers stared at the odd duo of hedgehogs, Is that the prince? A woman whispered. Yeah, but who is that scary guy with him? Her companion answered her. Meanwhile Shadow stared into the cup of tea that sat before him. Sonic drank and ate the food he had purchased. He looked at Shadow strangely, Whats wrong with you? Its tea, drink it, its not like its going to kill you and eat something there is plenty. Shadow felt a cold stare coming from the guards around him and did as he was told. He sipped slowly from his cup then sat it down and pickled up a breadstick. He took a small bite and chewed slowly. Sonic winked, Now isnt that better? Shadow growled under his breath and shot Sonic a piercing glance. However, Sonic continued to smile as if Shadow was being extremely kind. He waved his hand to gesture their waitress over to them, Bring me a bottle of your finest wine, if you would. She nodded, Yes sir, your highness, and trotted off to the wine cellar. Arent you underage? Well, one of the many advantages and privileges of being a prince is that you basically get to do just about anything and everything you want without anyone saying otherwise. Shadow swallowed a mouthful of tea; Spoiled brat Upon saying this one of the guards brought his sword to Shadows throat. Shadow didnt move. He stared Sonic in the eyes as if to ask what he should do next. Sonic brushed it off as if it were nothing, Calm down, Charles, let him have his freedom of speech. I think people should be allowed to speak their mind. The guard grunted as he went back to his original position.
The waitress returned with the wine and two delicate glasses. Here you are my prince. She opened the bottle and poured red wine into their glasses. Not too much, I dont want to be wasted in front of my mother, plus it is still early in the day. The same goes for him, he nodded his head towards Shadow, I dont think it would be polite to take home a drunk to see my mother. She filled them half way and closed the bottle, leaving it on the table; beside it she placed the bill. Sonic drank his quickly and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Shadow finished shortly after Sonic and placed his glass on the table, next to his teacup. Strange as it seemed, Shadow had better table manners than the prince himself.
Sonic stood, leaving money for the bill and a rather large tip on the table. Shadow followed him as he walked back out to the carriage alongside the guards. The rest of the afternoon was spent site seeing. Shadow enjoyed it, although he pretended not to care. They arrived back at the castle late into the evening, as the sun was setting. As Sonic walked towards the front door Shadow began walking around to the back. Sonic stopped him, Where do you think youre going? Shadow turned around, Its sundown, and time for the slaves to head in for the night. Today you are not a slave, youre coming with me. He walked up to Shadow and took his hand in his. He pulled him along into the castle. He took Shadow up two flights of stairs and down a long hallway. He flung open a door; This is my room, and yours, for now at least. Make yourself at home! Get comfortable, relax, we arent having a big feast or anything tonight, itll just be you, me and my mother so there is no need to get all fancy. Speaking of which, you chill here for a while, take a nap or something I need to go talk with my mom. Sonic shut the door leaving Shadow alone in his incredibly large room. Shadow examined his surroundings. The princes room was huge. The walls of the room were light blue, and the floor was a light colored hardwood. It was fully decorated with fine paintings and rare plants, everything matched beautifully. There was a king sized bed, the sheets and comforter were clean and white. Shadow stood over it, not sure if he should touch them from fear of dirtying them. He quickly located an armchair next to a bookcase. The chair matched the color of the walls. Shadow sat and crossed his arms as he leaned back and to the side, closing his eyes.
Meanwhile Sonic hurried to his mothers quarters. He slipped into her room to find her seated on her bed reading from a book. She lifted her reading glasses as she took note of her sons entrance. Hello son, is something bothering you? No mother, I just need to speak with you. Take a seat, she patted the bed beside her. Sonic climbed onto her huge bed and bit his lip. He took a deep breath and started to speak, Well, I made a friend and we spent the day enjoying the arts and scenery of the kingdom. So tonight I invited him to stay here in the castle with us. I guess I just want your approval. You should have told me sooner so I could have had a meal prepared for him. I think its great that you made a friend, honey. She leaned over and kissed his forehead. Will he be sleeping in your room this evening? Sonic thought, I guess so. She smiled warmly, It will be just like one of those sleepovers you always wanted as a child. Sonic scratched the back of his head, Heh heh, I suppose so. And where is your friend right now? Oh, he is in my room taking a nap, I think I might join him actually. Today has been very long and tiring. Well, I will have a small dinner prepared and I look forward to meeting your friend later this evening. Ill have the guards retrieve you when it is ready. Ok, mother, with that he left her room.
Shadow was startled and rose from his light slumber as Sonic opened the door. Why are you in a chair? I promise there arent any bugs or dieses in my bed. Shadow rubbed his eye and cocked his ear to the side; Sonic couldnt help but smile at this action. He kicked off his shoes and climbed into bed, Come on, I know that chair isnt comfortable. Shadow walked over to the bed, took off his shoes and slid under the covers next to Sonic who yawned cutely, Nap time! Shadow continued to stare at him, long after his eyes were closed. He sighed, Why are you doing this? His voice trailed off into a mumble, Im nothing but a meaningless lowlife in society.
Shadow woke to find several maids around him. They were smiling giddily with clothes in their hands. They snatched Shadow from his bed and dressed him. Sonic walked out of the bathroom, fixing the collar of his shirt, Now dont you look spiffy? The maids were tugging and pulling at Shadow, trying to get his outfit perfect. Sonic laughed at Shadows facial expressions as they did so, Be in the dining room in about ten minutes okay? Haha! See you then. Sonic waved his hand and left the room. The maids squealed, EEEE Thats so cute! They spun Shadow around, So whats it like being with the prince? Shadow raised an eyebrow. Dont act like you dont know, cutie! The maids took turns talking, Hehe! The prince and the slave! What a romance story! Shadow blushed. Aww, Hes blushing! The maid grabbed his cheeks and touched her nose to his. One of the other maids pushed her out of the way, Dont pester him. Poor boy is probably so confused with all your giggling nonsense. This was the same maid that had bathed Shadow and washed his hair earlier that day. So tell us, what did you two go out and do all day?! Shadow swallowed and spoke softly, We, um, went to a play and site seeing. Aww. How sweet. What a nice little date. Shadow coughed as though he was choking on his own saliva. Da&Date?! Well yeah, I guess. Maybe, we just think its kind of odd that prince Sonic took you out just randomly. Yeah there had to be some sort of attraction. The maid finished grooming his hair and pushed him forward slightly, Alright now boy, dont be nervous and keep your word straight. Remember youre going to be eating dinner with the queen. You need to make a good impression. Also, dont worry about all the things these little idiots have been saying. As Shadow walked out the door he could hear all the other maids shouting at the fact they had been called idiots. He smirked at their stupidity and made his way down the stairs.

Wow its done. Sarah really wanted another chapter to this one, its cute I guess right? Ill be getting Internet back the day after tomorrow& it is currently like three thirty in the morning and Im tired. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. Leave comments and tell me how wonderful this story makes you feel and I will update faster. Really I will, when people like my stuff, its like inspiration to do more and like& it makes people feel happy.


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ShadowMoondancer92 on April 12, 2007, 12:14:35 PM

ShadowMoondancer92 on
ShadowMoondancer92update as soon as possible this story is so good i love it!!!

kenchan on March 20, 2007, 2:39:27 PM

kenchan on
kenchanit is an elegant yet old romance of drama from a Shakespeare era, rather wonderful >.^ (compliment)  

kenchan on March 9, 2007, 10:54:56 AM

kenchan on
kenchanAWW it gets better.  Aw I had a very good idea but i forgot >_< XP it happens hopefully I'll remember.  Hope there will be more to come.F/A 

espiofangirl1 on September 18, 2006, 11:03:41 AM

espiofangirl1 on
espiofangirl1AWWWWW!!! Update as soon as you can! I love this! I need more romance!