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Chapter 3 - Home

Sonic is prince to his mother's kingdom and He is highly respected among his people. Shadow is one of Sonic's many worker slaves. Shadow hates slavery more than anything in the world. Coming from two completly different lifestyles, how will they react whe

Chapter 3 - Home

Chapter 3 - Home
This chapter was long awaited I know. I literlly haven't worked on this story in a year and a half. Hopefully my writing skills have improved since then (I believe they have) There was a high demand for me to continue this one, leave me comments and maybe I'll write more =D Just show me I'm putting my time into this for a reason! Thank you to all my dedicated readers, if it weren't for you, none of this would even be here. Thanks for all the support!

Chapter 3

Shadow found his way to the dining room. Sonic’s mother headed the table, Sonic sat beside her. She looked a little surprised as Sonic waved the dark hedgehog over. She spoke, “Please take a seat young man.” Shadow sat across from Sonic, to the left of the queen. “Now boy, might I ask your name?” Shadow spoke softly, but clearly. “My name is Shadow.” “Well my name is Queen Alana. It is my pleasure to meet you, Shadow. Alright then boys, let us say grace.” The three of then joined hands as. Sonic’s mother spoke, “Thank you lord for our health and for providing us with such wealth and happiness. Also, we thank you for bringing Shadow here with us this evening and for this meal we are about to consume. Amen.” Shadow and Sonic followed and stated together, “Amen.”
The meal began, Shadow thought. “This is what they consider a small meal? This is three nights worth of food that the slaves receive. They truly live like kings.” Sonic was optimistic as usual, “Mother, we saw a showing of the classic Romeo and Juliette today.” She smiled, “It’s been quite a while since they played that in the theaters. I suppose it created such a stir; they decided to bring it back. It is truly a beautiful play.” Sonic nodded, “I agree, lots of action scenes too. What did you think of it Shadow?” Shadow paused for a moment. He was a bit afraid to speak freely in front of the queen. He uttered a few words, “It was… nice.” The Queen replied, “You don’t get out all that often, do you Shadow?” He gulped as he pulled down his sleeve. A cut was starting to bleed through the bandage on his arm. It was deep; from a lashing that had occurred early that morning. The bleeding was bad; it was beginning to show through his clothing. “Umm no, actually; It’s really rare for me to get the chance to go anywhere or do anything.” She showed pity, “Oh I’m sorry, we’ll so long as you and the prince make good friends, I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of the kingdom.” Shadow nodded nervously as he sipped from his glass. Sonic belched loudly and laughed. His mother scolded him, “Sonic, that is not how a young prince should act. You need to learn better manners. I made a point to put you through classes to learn to be proper when you were just a boy. Don’t tell me you have forgotten everything you learned.” Sonic stood and kissed his mother on the forehead, “Chill out Mom. It’s not like we’re at some fancy ball or anything, it’s just us. Don’t be so uptight.” “Sonic, we have a guest tonight.” Sonic laughed in reply and pulled Shadow’s chair out for him to stand. “I’m sure he doesn’t mind Mom. Now, we’ll be going up to my room for the rest of the evening. Dinner was great, thanks.” She smiled, “You boys behave yourself.” Shadow felt the need to make a comment to her as they were leaving, “Thank you for having me this evening, your highness.” She waved him off, “Think nothing of it, it was my pleasure. It’s so nice seeing my son making friends.” Shadow then hurried off after Sonic who was trotting up the stairs.
“The Queen doesn’t know I’m a slave…. Does she?” Sonic smirked at Shadow’s remark, “I didn’t feel I really had to put in that detail. She doesn’t have to know.” Shadow was irritated, “But she will find out… you know she will.” “Yes, but hopefully, at that point… she’ll love you too much to care.” Shadow stopped in the hallway, “You intend on keeping me here?” Sonic stopped as well and looked back at him, “Well, maybe… but you make it sound so much worse when you say it.” “I’m not a pet.” “I’m not saying you are.” “You can’t keep a person as a pet.” “What do you call slaves then? Isn’t being a pet better than being a slave? And I don’t think of you as a pet by the way.” Shadow’s face grew angry, “You can’t keep me here… I’ll escape.” Sonic rolled his eyes, “Can you just relax? We’re just having fun for the evening. You act like I’m holding you hostage.” “You are.” “I, being a slave… Am like a hostage. I have to do whatever you say.” Sonic was beginning to grow irritated as well, “Well do you want me to treat you as a slave? I’ve been treating you as a FRIEND all day! Not once have I forced manual labor on you, I’ve only been offering you the finer things in life…” Shadow’s eyes were bright and deadly, “I want my freedom.” Sonic shook his head, “Look, I’m only a prince. I cannot grant you freedom, that’s the Queen’s job in this household. I know this is all weird for you and stuff… but can we just not fight or try to worry about anything? Can we just have fun?” Shadow looked away from him, “I know not the meaning of that word… fun.”
Shadow gracefully sat on the bed while Sonic rummaged through his closet. He giggled as he did so; the dark hedgehog rolled his eyes at him. Sonic finally emerged from the dark closet, he kept his hands behind his back. With a smirk he asked, “When was the last time you got drunk?” Shadow raised an eyebrow, “Far too long…” “Well then…” Sonic revealed a large bottle of wine, “Care to party?” Shadow was a bit shocked, “Steal that from your mommy?” Sonic plopped on the bed next to him and popped the cork from the opening. “I stole it from the kitchen; if that counts. But then, is it really stealing when I live here as well?” “Technically yes, considering you are currently living off of your mother.” Sonic brought the bottle to his lips and drank. “Whatever.” He then handed it to Shadow who looked at it questioningly. Sonic smiled, “I’m not trying to drug you.” “Yeah, you’re just trying to get me drunk.” The two of them took turns passing the bottle back and forth until they spoke freely. Sonic’s speech was a bit slurred, “So… what’s it really like being a slave?” Shadow leaned back and put his hand on his forehead, “Horrible; lots of hard labor and beatings, its hell.” “Well duh… you told me that already.” Shadow finished the last of the wine. “Yeah but you’re just a goody-goody little dog that lives with his mommy and gets catered to twenty-four-seven. You’ve never had a rough life.” Sonic laid back, “Yeah well… I’ve still got lots of stress around here. There are lots of pressures that come with the whole ‘prince’ thing. I have to present myself all proper and shoot to people… and learn to be a good leader. And someday, the fate of this entire kingdom will rest in my hands. And what if I mess up? If something ever goes wrong, it’ll be all my fault.” Shadow rolled his head to look at his blue acquaintance, “We all mess up sometimes. Some of us mess up more often than others… at least you’ve done a pretty good job in life thus far. Hell… I’m about the same age as you, and look how much I’ve already fracked up my life. It’s all over for me… but it’s all just beginning for you. I’ll die young… and you’ll die old.” Sonic reached out his hand to touch Shadow’s face, Shadow jumped backwards quickly, causing him to fall to the floor. Sonic began to laugh, “What the bloody hell was that? I wasn’t going to hurt you! You’re crazy! It’s cold down there come back up here you crazy black, red, dog.” Shadow stood, “Who the frack are you calling a dog you little slut!?” Sonic argued back, “Who the hell are you calling a slut? You don’t know me!” “And you don’t own me!” Sonic smirked, “Well technically… I do.” Shadow put up his fists, “Want to fight about it?” Sonic began to laugh loudly, “Nooo you’re crazy! I make love, not war!” Shadow joined in laughter, “See, I told you that you were a slut!” Sonic pulled Shadow down onto the bed, “You’re just hating on me because everyone wants to sleep with a prince.” Shadow pushed him off, “Yeah right, what woman doesn’t want to be with a murderer?” Sonic paused for a moment and thought, “You know, that is pretty awesome… it’s like a dangerous thrill. So how many people have you been with, anyway?” Shadow attempted to count with his fingers, “Umm… one… seven… more than ten… a lot?” Sonic laughed, “And you call me a slut.” Shadow playfully punched Sonic in the shoulder, “You are a slut you little whore… how many people have you been with?” Sonic smirked and buried his face in the covers, “Less than fifteen, more than twelve. I’m not really sure. Somewhere around there, I was just really drunk at this party one night. And it’s all kind of a blur.” Shadow was amazed, “Really? You completely go against the ‘good boy, prince’ stereotype. How the hell do you get away with partying like that without having reporters all over your @$$ all the time? Don’t they like expose you for being a whore and getting messed up all the time?” Sonic got comfortable under the sheets, “Well they would, if they knew I went out and party… but I sneak out, no one knows. Wear a disguise and shoot, lie about who I am. I have to try and live somewhat of a normal life. You know?” Shadow then joined him under the sheets, “That’s amazing… that’s kind of what I have to do. Well it’s like what I had to do… back when I was running from the police and shoot. Before they caught me, threw me in jail and then brought me here. But it’s the craziest thing. When all of that was going on, I never imagined that I’d wind up getting drunk with the prince in his damn bedroom!” Sonic kicked him lightly, “Yeah well I wasn’t expecting to make friends with a slave!” Shadow paused, his voice fell flat, “Friends?” Sonic yawned, “Yeah… kind of, I guess.” Shadow eyes locked with Sonic’s. “I don’t make friends. I’ve never had a friend. I don’t need one.” Their gaze didn’t separate, “Yeah right, everyone needs friends. It would be a lonely life without them.” Shadow’s eyes glowed with a warm red fire, “You don’t have many friends… do you?” Sonic smiled, “To be honest, no… It’s always been hard for me to get close to anyone because of my status in society. Like… a prince is to be obeyed and respected… not to joke with and spend time with. It hasn’t been easy, growing up like that. But then, I guess it wasn’t easy for you either. Where did you grow up at?” Shadow’s voice harbored hatred, “I don’t open up to people like that… I don’t know what you’re plotting, or what you’re trying to get out of me. But whatever you’re trying to do… it’s not going to work.” Sonic looked confused, “What the hell are you talking about; I’m not trying to get anything out of you man… seriously.” Shadow accused him, “Then tell me, why? Why did you randomly choose me to go on an outing with you today? Why out of all those other slaves, did you choose me? After I threatened to kill you… how could you possibly want… to spend time with me? Are you insane?” Sonic’s tone fell more serious, “Well… I guess I am a little insane. And I do tend to make quick and rash decisions all the time. I never really plan things out… which is probably not a good thing, considering I’m going to be looking after so many people one day. But I really don’t know yet… there just seemed to be something about you. Something I just… want to know more about. And maybe, I’ll figure out what that something is…”


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kenchangreat chapter.  F/A