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[SubaruxSeishirou, AU of vol. 16] Kakyou discloses some vital information concerning Seishirou, which will alter the events at Rainbow Bridge. Can a yumemi truly alter the rules of the game of fate...or is it just illusion?
(one-shot, fluffy) It is the end of the year, and Kamui goes out for a walk in the snow. When he meets up with Fuuma, he discovers that the Dark Kamui has a gift to give to the world...(not my best, but I like it)
Compelled by Kind Aston and Allen Schezar after the Destiny War, Dilandau writes a bitingly sarcastic and witty description of the Vione. Humor. PG. One-shot.
A nine-year old Dilandau is pushed beyond the threshold of despair when the madoushi destroy the only light in his life. (one-shot)