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Chapter 1 - Reunion

This for my shorts, one chapter or a couple of paragraphed pieces of writing that help explain or introduce my charries.

Chapter 1 - Reunion

Chapter 1 - Reunion

Smoke surrounded the two hedgehog's Sonic and his little brother Tonic, Sonic stood dead centre with the machine that had caused all the damage. He looked right up at the cockpit and there was Dr. Eggman laughing away to himself, he growled and looked back at Tonic who had clung onto him. "Don't worry lil bro i won't let old Egghead hurt you." He said to his brother patting his head. Soon only the sound of the fire around them could be heard. "That's strange, why isn't the Dr's machine running?" Sonic asked himself. "Maybe it ran out off fuel?" Tonic replied hoping it was true. "Something fishy is going on." Sonic growled. The machine started to wobble until it fell on its side, Eggman scurried out from it and ran off as fast as his weight would let him. "How did that happen?" Tonic asked confused trying to look for an answer but with all the smoke it was hard to see. The machine caught fire before their eyes causing more smoke, heat and fire. Sonic picked up his little brother "Come on lil bro, lets get you outta here" Sonic said. "Wait Sonic look!" Tonic replied pointing to a figure in the smoke. Sonic focused on the figure at it got closer, the figure was taller than them and was female.

The smoke cleared to reveal a female hedgehog who was the same colour as Tonic, her fur had a silky smooth look to it and shone in the fire, Emerald green eyes that glisened in the light of the fire. She had a couple of bangs completely covering her left eye and her spines went down to about her waist. She had a peach coloured muzzle, inner ears, arms and patch on her belly. She wore red lipstick and eye shadow, a red chinese dress with golden yellow rims, the dress stopped just above the knees and was long sleaved, carve high boots. Tonic's eyes widened as the female hedgehog came closer "MUM!" He sheirked jumping down from Sonic. Sonic looked at the female, he reconized everything about her. "M...mother..." he took a step forward as the female opened her arms up for Tonic. "Mum is that really you?" Young Tonic asked. "Of course it is my little solider" she replied picking him up and looking over at Sonic. He was trying to be a big boy and not cry but he could help but utter a few tears "Mummy" he cried and ran over to her and hugged her tight. "Oh my boys!" She hugged them tight "We thought you were dead." Tonic cried crying into her. "Oh Tonic, my little Tonic!" She kissed the top of his head and put her free arm around Sonic. "Sonic, young men don't cry!" She laughed rubbing his head. "In this case, they're aloud" He sniffled "What i don't understand is....i..we...went to your and dads, we saw you get buried." He explained. Tonic lifted his head, "It's a long story my sons." She replied hugging them both. "So why don't i take you back to my little home and i can tell you it over a nice cup of hot coco, hows that sound?" She asked. "Hot Coco? Just like before Dad died" Tonic perked up. Sonic nodded "Yeah, sure Mum!" he replied rubbing his eyes.

Sometimes, even a the hero needs his Mummy!

Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman © Sega/Sonic Team
Tonic and Selina © ME!!!


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