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Chapter 1 - Morning

Roxas and Sora are your average 10th grade best friends. But when they join a new high school, how much will their lives change?
My first KH fic!! =D

Chapter 1 - Morning

Chapter 1 - Morning
My first KH fic, so be nice!! =D


Roxas and Sora were like most other 16 year old guys. Sora was fun, loud, and punk. Roxas was quiet on occasions, but similar to Sora. The two had been great friends throughout their lives. They always stuck together. Now both of them were going to a new school, known as Heartbeat High School. They would be starting a short ways into the school year, about a month. Sora didn't care about going to a new school much since it was so easy for him to make new friends, but Roxas knew it would be difficult to find anyone to hang out with besides Sora.

Roxas woke up one bright morning, one the first day at their new school. He groaned as he realised the clock said 6:30, and he could sleep for 15 more minutes. "God, It's gonna be a rough day." Since he always had a hard time getting back to sleep, he decided to get out of bed and get ready for school early.

Roxas took a quick shower and turned on his radio before starting to mess with his crazy golden blonde hair. The song 'Headstrong' by Trapt was playing, which was one of his favorite songs. He had always been a huge fan of music, but who hasn't? Roxas loved singing along with the songs, but he never thought his voice was that great.

He gelled his hair a bit and messed with it more before going downstairs to the kitchen. Nobody was in there of course, since his foster mom worked most of the day. Yeah, he had lost his parents when he was young, at the age of 4. They had gotten in car accident. But Roxas didn't like thinking about that.

Quickly he started boiling water for soup on the stove, then he rushed back up the stairs, since he was starting to run behind a bit. He went in his room and started searching for clothes that would best for his first day. He finally decided on a pair of black jeans and a checkered fitted t-shirt with black under-armor.

After making sure he looked okay, he ran back to the kitchen to add ramen noodles to the water. As it boiled, Roxas quickly checked to make sure he had everything he would be needing for the school day before relaxing on the couch in his living room. Just because he didn't have parents doesn't mean his foster mom had no money. She had a lot of money and a pretty large house, and Roxas got to enjoy it all. But she wasn't very nice. She was having some probems with her boyfriend currently so Roxas learned to give her space. She was actually his third foster mom.

The soup was finally done and he enjoyed it quickly before grabbing his book bag. As he was about to leave, the door bell rang. 'Perfect timing.' Roxas thought before opening the door. Out side it was his best friend, Sora. Sora had golden brown hair that was longer than Roxas's. He was wearing blue jeans and a red t-shirt with a black jacket.

"Hey," Sora smiled. "You ready for school?"

Roxas sighed. "I'll never be ready for this school, but sure."

Sora frowned as Roxas walked past him. "Come on, dude." Sora said, quickly trying to catch up with Roxas.

"I've heard that the school has a really bad reputation, cause people are always getting in fights and doing grafity and stuff. So it should be a lot of fun for us." Sora grinned.

"We'll see how the first day goes." said Roxas.

AN: ya first chapter kinda sucks and I'm tired right now so... blah please read and reply. =]


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