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The Beauty Pop gang is in for a surprise when they hear the prom is quickly approaching!
Emma is the biggest fan when it comes to hair. braiding, curling, and something she''s determined to learn, cutting. So what''ll happen when Emma tries to get lessons from the schools beloved club of boys with fantastic grooming skills, Scissors Project?
Roxas and Sora are your average 10th grade best friends. But when they join a new high school, how much will their lives change?
My first KH fic!! =D
Sakura is new to school, but she''s already found herself a great a group of friends and the oppurtunity to sing in the beloved boy band consisting of the school rebels.
I just deleted 'It's All About THe Music' on accident ='[ and i didnt plan on retypeing it. so this is just wat the band would have sang and which parts go to whom.
Sasuke wakes up on the first day of High School to a nightmare of his best friend. So was this some pathetic dream, or a memory of his friend's Summer Vacation?

Mostly SasuSaku-mostly, not entirely
this is a high school story.anyway,it's starts as Sakura going to a different school than her best friends.Sakura thinks this will be a suckish school,but guess WHO she comes across in this new school.usual naruto pairings.Please read and reply!^^
just a random story i thought up in tennis class-i thought it might be kinda cool and i love fruits basket so...i have only read a few books so this sorta started on the 4th volume and the the story is the same as the book has been so far.
This is a story about an owl named Sora and the adventure hidden in his life's story!WARNING: a little sad.
I was just reading a series called Ultra Maniac and i got an inspiration to make this. I play as one of the characters, Ichia(Yes,the name was based off of Ichigo)which is my name on my Nintendo DS. Enjoy!
Well, BrokenMoonScar let me borrow her Anima books 1-3 and I LOVED the book so much that i wanted to make a Anima book with different characters and BrokenMoonScar said i should put it under this category so.....TA-DA!