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Chapter 1 - Past

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 1 - Past

Chapter 1 - Past
Sylas pulled up his sleeve to check the time; almost 10:00 pm. He squatted in a predators stance completely still behind the tall pillars surrounding the church balcony. Where is she, I could have sworn she took this way home. He thought to himself. A few weeks earlier a girl who walked the church path at night had caught his rather curious eye, now he watched her and listened in on her thoughts as she walked by.
Her name was Aurora; she was very beautiful; more beautiful than even Aphrodite. Even on the darkest nights her skin glowed with a light that Sylas couldnt resist, he held his breath and tensed his muscles to keep from hurting the innocent girl. Over the centuries he had never come across temptation such as this one, it made him curious as why this one human called out to him.
Sylas had been created by the Greek gods as a guardian; he had begun as a massive red dragon but soon discovered the ability to change into any creature he desired, except a mortal. The gods slowly vanished over time and a new age had begun where he was no longer needed as a guardian.
He searched the world for his new purpose; all the other Greek creatures had also vanished. Sylas had no idea what had become of his creators but he knew he was meant to do something for the new world being born.
He watched as new creatures crawled from the sea and floated down from the heavens; all of different shapes, sizes and colors. Some walked upright and others swam the large waters; Sylas chose the sky along with many other new creatures.
There was no book he hadnt memorized or a language he did not speak, in the centuries that lead up to this Sylas had taken the form of many. Now as he watched and waited he found himself trapped in the body of a new and strange beast, something the humans feared but did not believe in.
He had the form of a human but the instincts of a predator; eyes that pierced through darkness and hearing that picked up a strand of grass breaking miles away. He had extended canines in his mouth that oozed deadly venom and hands with hidden claws. He could travel at extreme speeds and not leave prints in sand or snow; he was able to jump soundlessly through the air for long distances.
There was a great craving that tore him to pieces if he resisted, a blood lust that he had to quench often. Ice blue eyes that glowed blood red in the darkness or when that hunger was strong and demanding.
A vampire.


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