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A story I'm writing following the life of Sabrina Lore Evans. Young 16 year old moving in with her uncle and his family  to go to a richer, i mean better school. ((Ratings will change as the story goes on ))
New story?
Kyrie takes a tour in the old castle outside of the town where she's staying for her vacation. Little does she know her tour guide isn't some woman dressed up as Kyriean, but is actually the old ruler.
This is to do with a story I am working on.
a vampire and a human finding love for the first time.
The sisters nine. Nine sister who''ve stuck together through everything. Kaika, the eldest sister, is the leader of the group. These sisters aren''t ordinary, they have a secret that no one else knows, except for those they bring into their world.
This story is about vampires AND warewolfs AND both. they call them lycans(i think).hunters are supposed to kill lycans because theyre not supposed to exist. now theyre safe in another kingdom.
-shurgs- cant think right now
This is about a human teenage girl called Onyix and a vampire boy Gabriel.
This is a story about a werewolf that imprints on a vampire and the two quickly fall in love despite the different tempertures and the bad smells
Never been one for superstitions, Cassandra is surprised when she starts to get goosebumps walking home one evening.
This is about a girl named, Max. She and her little brother live in Colorado. A beautiful state with wonderful sights. But, when they wonder near a huge abyss, their lives change forever.
I gasped for air. What am I doing here? I couldn’t remember anything. All I knew was that I was in serious pain and I could see the blood that had stained my clothes. That’s when I heard his smooth velvety voice. “Are you okay?”
Whatever. I thought I'd end up like this anyway. At least that's what I tried to convince myself...
the lyrics are (c) coldplay but i thought it would be cool to add them. so like theyre from coldplay awesome songs they write the best. oh yeah the description right ok well ull just have to read it.
This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)
The story of Jake, who is oblivious to his families dark and mysterious past...

Just a snipet of the first chapter of Vampire Charm, hope you like it and let me know if you want me to post more :)
Hope you like it and please comment xx
a vampiric story tells the 'fairytales' of the vampire world.
trust me there will be another i just figured i would leave all my readers hanging
A story I am working on.. Some details are crpited from my life but most of it is fiction.. so enjoy. ^^
Starting College had seemed like both a good step forward into Independence and a sad glance back at home.Each step was another opportunity that did nothing but help build Lynn a future in this world.How could a single night completely change all of that?
....random vampiric poem??
I'm not one for believing in silly things such as vampires and werewolves. I don't know why the new kid tries to make me. I just want to dance.
Vampire 7th Period is about a girl who's name is Tracy Lowlaw. Tracy has just moved to a new town during the middle of January and has to go to a new school. Her life is completely normal until she visits her class, 7th period.
A love found that truely was meant to be. No one can ever seperate the couple, for true love has its bonds.