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Chapter 6 - The Coffee Shop

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 6 - The Coffee Shop

Chapter 6 - The Coffee Shop
Are there more creatures like you? Aurora sipped her coffee, burning her lips and tongue. Sylas was stroking the rim of his Styrofoam coffee cup, gazing into the dark liquid. His thick black lashes cast a shadow over his cheek bones, making him look godlike.
Ive searched, His eyes switched from the coffee to her, So far I havent found any. I sometimes sense an odd presence but cant pinpoint it. So dont travel alone anymore. He pulled a small sky blue object out of his pocket and handed it to Aurora.
Whats this? She examined it closely, it had two holes carved into it and small darker blue designs twisting and turning over the surface that glittered when they hit the light.
A Sylas-Whistle He smiled, Ill hear it if you blow into it, no matter where I am. He turned the whistle so that one of the holes, where the designs seemed to flow out, was facing Aurora.
Its beautiful, whats it made out of?
An ancient stone, its very rare. I havent seen anymore of it since my creators left.
Your creators? Aurora looked at him; she noticed he was leaning across the table; his face was just a foot from hers.
Yes, are you familiar with Greek Mythology? Sylas took his eyes away from the whistle to look into hers. His eyes were a striking shade of ice blue with slivers of a darker shade, just like the whistle.
Like Zeus and Olympus? She couldnt take her eyes from his.
Yes. The gods created me as a guardian.
There was a time that you mortals dont know about. His expression changed to a dark anger.
What happened? Aurora reached for his other hand, he pulled it away slightly.
There were several banished demons in between Hades and the mortal realm. They formed a leader and he lead an attack against the gods, all living creatures that stood in their way were transformed into demons and joined the rising army.
In defense the gods created me along with my brother Damon. We fought together in the war but the more we fought the demons the more Damon wanted to become one. The gods suspected him and banished him; he joined the demon army and became the leaders right hand man. Damon soon realized his potential and killed the leader, making him the boss. He paused and Aurora took her chance to seize his hand in hers.
What else, did you win? She stroked his cool skin with her thumb.
After years of fighting I slimmed down the number of demons remaining, soon all that was left were a few loyal warriors and Damon. I hunted him to the ends of the earth until I found him. With the help of the gods we imprisoned him within an underwater volcano that hadnt been active in decades.
Unfortunately I lost the location of this volcano when a chain of explosions around the world killed off a large number of creatures. The explosion caused the earths plates to shift and form like today, I suspect Damon is somewhere deep beneath Russia.
How do you know he didnt escape during the chain explosions?
The volcano wasnt active, it was also underwater. He most likely wouldve been killed by the blast or drowned if it did erupt. Sylas looked down at Auroras hand in his.
Your kind can be killed that easily? She asked.
Yes, he was young at the time; I found that my age contributes to how powerful I am. He brought his eyes back to Auroras; she bit her lip.
How old are you? Her eyes were wide with curiosity.
Its hard to say. He smiled, his lips only slightly opening to show his teeth. How many more questions do you have?
Just a few, He raised a brow, How similar to humans are you?
I look human, thats about it. His smile faded.
Do you have emotions? She leaned in closer for privacy; people were starting to come into the coffee shop. The clock on the wall said it was four in the morning. Sylas seemed to search her eyes briefly; his icy blues hypnotized her more.
Im starting to. He said, quietly enough that only Aurora would hear.
What do you feel right now? She whispered, he closed his eyes for a moment to think.
Im not sure what to call it, he opened his eyes again, But I like it. Its warm.
I think I know what you mean. Theres a way to figure out for sure what it is.
What do I have to do? Sylas asked. Aurora searched his eyes, he saved her life but she still wasnt sure if she trusted him. He could be out for a quick fix, she thought to herself. So far he seemed to be telling the truth, even if the truth sounded like complete fiction. He was either a hot delusional jerk, or a Greek guardian who swiped her off her feet.
First, I have one more question. She tried to think of something only a Greek nerd would now about, some way to trick him.
Alright, It looked like he was holding back a smile. Aurora had an idea; she would make up a bogus story and see if he could see her lie.
When Hercules fell in love with-
He never fell in love with her, she was his mother. He gave Aurora a crooked smile, her jaw dropped.
Howd you know what I was going to say? She asked in total awe. He chuckled lightly.
I can read your thoughts. He said, Physical contact makes it so that I can read every thought you ever had, every memory of yours included. Even the ones long forgotten.
So you know where I left my house key?
You dropped it on your way out this morning; its on the carpet inside your apartment. He said.
Crap. That means Im locked out. Aurora mentally punched herself.
Dont worry; I can pick the lock telepathically. He took a sip of his coffee for the first time.
How, and can you have human food? She asked; he covered his mouth with the back of his hand to keep from laughing.
Im not exactly sure how the lock thing works but yes I can have people food. He chuckled when Aurora blushed; she distracted herself by looking out the window.
Oh look, the suns coming up. Arent you supposed to avoid the sun?
I can be in the sun, I just prefer to sleep when the suns up. He said, finishing his coffee. We should be leaving anyway, your friend Jeremy will be coming this way in a few moments.


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