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Chapter 7 - Old Fart

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 7 - Old Fart

Chapter 7 - Old Fart
Sylas had never seen Aurora in the sun before; the light hit her wavy red hair and lit up blonde and brown highlights. The blonde sparkled in the sun while the brown shined brightly and looked smooth to the touch. Her skin sparkled like thousands of tiny crystals reflecting in the sun and soaked in color, making her skin creamy. Her lips were pink with a hint of brown; the soft texture was obvious even without touch. But her eyes were absolutely breath taking; they were several shades of green with hints of light blue streaking through. Sylas looked away and shifted uncomfortably as his human body parts began to have a mind of their own.
Id almost completely forgotten about Jeremy, She said suddenly, breaking the silence. Im guessing you know the story there. Her eyes lifted to his.
Yeah, He nodded, I cant see why anyone would choose another over you.
Well... Sylas read her thoughts before she spoke them.
Oh. He grinded his teeth for a moment to contain his frustration, Thats a stupid reason to leave.
It is a stupid fantasy; nobody waits until their married anymore. She looked to the ground, a light blush making its way into her cheeks. Are you a..?
Yes. Sylas answered truthfully. He wasnt mortal so he never even thought about sex with another, but suddenly he was curious. Humans seemed to be almost addicted to the act of love making. Than the question popped into his head; could he reproduce?
Have you ever been in love? Her eyebrows lifted slightly.
Im not sure, Sylas thought for a moment, I dont know what love feels like.
Maybe I can show you with my memories, She said while taking his hand, a warm sensation flowed through him when she touched him. A memory came then, of a first kiss. He felt her heart flutter wildly at the excitement from the simple touch. Her lips became warm and her mind started swimming; she had no thoughts but one, a wish for the kiss to last forever. He pulled his hand from hers; a strange feeling was taking over him.
It was almost like he was angry at her, but he didnt know why. The memory of her kissing someone else frustrated him; he tried to make the image go away but it lingered there more, taunting him.
What do you feel, She asked.
Angry. He murmured; she smiled widely at this.
Youre jealous. She giggled softly.
Jealous, He knew that one, What does that have to do with love?
When you love someone you dont want them to be near anybody else, so you get jealous when they do. She smiled; her thoughts suddenly caught his attention. Could he really love me? I wonder what hed do if I tried to kiss him? I shouldnt& It might upset him.

Sylas considered the idea of Aurora kissing him; he didnt think that it would upset him at all. Why would it? After all a kiss was obviously something you did if youre in love. Did this mean she loved him?
Were here, She turned to walk into a small parking lot, I should probably warn you. My neighbors are a bit paranoid about strangers. She opened a door and stepped into a small room with another door inside.
Gmornin, Said a middle aged man behind a desk, Whos this here, Aura? He asked, peaking over his thick glasses to take in the appearance of Sylas.
Oh! Jeffrey, She smiled and waved to the man, This is Sylas. Hes a friend of mine. The man named Jeffrey didnt seem to approve.
Whered ya find this one? He looks like one o them thugs ya see downtown with their pants aroun their ankles. He said with a glare.
Oh no, Sylas is a real gentlemen. He defended me from someone dangerous when I was walking home from work.
I told ya nothin good came from walkin home in that kind of neighborhood.
I know, She shrugged; Sylas didnt have to read her thoughts to know shed heard it all before. Can you open the door? I left my key in the apartment again.
Sure, He said and pushed a button, the door clicked and unlocked. You gonna be able to get in with no key?
Yeah, In her head she was saying, Sylas is the key.
Have a nice day Aura, He smiled at her than looked over at Sylas with a frown, Any funny business an itll be the fuzz youll be answerin to bud. Sylas smiled and Aurora rolled her eyes as she opened the door and walked through, she paused to look back when Sylas didnt follow. Sylas leaned on the desk with his elbows and got up close to Jeffrey.
Im not somebody to mess with but I am no way a bad person. He said in a menacing voice that would frighten the toughest of them all, Id worry less about me and more about what really matters. Sylas smiled, winked then walked through the door after Aurora. She had a small smile on her face but Jeffrey was still sitting at his desk speechless.


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