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Chapter 10 - Secret Admirer

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 10 - Secret Admirer

Chapter 10 - Secret Admirer
What the hell did you do to Jeffrey? She asked, after closing and locking the door.
I didnt do anything to him, I was after a demon and he ran through the glass. Sylas said.
God, She placed her hand on her forehead and let out a sigh, I woke up to the noise, when I got down there Jeffrey was terrified. I saw the door and called the police. Than I came back up here to get dressed and found your note, I used the whistle so I could ask you what happened and possibly commit murder. Why cant the police find your record?
Im not human; to most humans I dont exist. Sylas sat down on the couch; Aurora cautiously walked over to the couch and sat far away from him on the opposite side. She didnt know if he was safe to be near anymore.
I dont think I can keep you here with the police looking for you. She said but she really just wanted him out. His facial expression changed and it hit her that he probably just heard her thoughts. He looked down at his hands, his eyes looked hurt. She reached her hand out to him but he vanished before her eyes.
Sylas? She whispered into the dark room, no response came back. Rayne crawled out between her legs and hoped up to her lap. Aurora placed her hand on the soft fur and a tear fell onto her hand, followed by another. She slide down the side of the couch and layed on her side, soft sobs escaping along with tears. She brought her knees up to her chest and hugged her legs to her body. Aurora let the sobs shake lose as she feel into a deep sleep.

Aurora slowly sat up a few hours later, she felt dazed and dizzy. The phone was ringing loudly, making her head hurt. She walked into the kitchen and picked it up.
Hello? She said sleepily.
Aurora, It was her boss Michael, Why arent you here, its noon, you were supposed to be at work this morning.
I slept in, She yawned, Im going to have to take today off; Im feeling really under the weather. It wasnt a lie, she felt dizzy and nauseous, plus a headache was splitting her head open down the middle.
Alright, you sound sick. I can handle the store today, He said, the store sounded quiet in the background. I heard about a shooting at your apartment last night, you and everyone else okay?
Yeah were fine, She leaned against the counter for support, her head was spinning. They didnt catch the person though.
Thats too bad, I hope they get him. There was a voice in the background, I got to go help a costumer. Get better. He hung up and the line went dead. She put the phone back in its cradle and went to the bathroom. She opened the cabinet and took out some Tylenol for her head. She swallowed two and went to her room, she took of her shoes and layed on top of the covers.
Sylas image filled her head as soon as her eyes were closed. She reached into her pocket and found the whistle; she held it close and drifted back to sleep, to exhausted for tears.
She began to dream about him, he was lying next to her in her bed. They were cuddling close and talking softly. She tilted her head up to smile at something he said, he returned her smile. She leaned in and kissed his lips softly for a moment. When she pulled back and smiled shyly he tilted her chin up and kissed her deeply.
Before she knew it their clothes were sprawled out on the floor in random piles. They were lying side by side gazing into each others eyes; he pulled her to him and she layed on his chest. She sighed happily, breathing in his sweet scent, he smelled like the forest and fresh spring wind. He kissed the top of her head and rubbed her back gently with his hand, she caressed the smooth skin on his chest. A knock at her door woke her.
Aurora sat up and looked at the empty place on her bed where Sylas had been in her dream. The knock came again at the door; she looked at the clock, she had slept nearly twelve hours. She picked the whistle up off her pillow.
Ill be right there! She yelled, grabbing new clothes and pulling them on, shoving the whistle into her pocket. She walked to the door and unlocked it; she opened the door expecting Sylas. Instead there was a single red rose on the ground with a card attached. From: Your secret admirer.

Thats pretty, Valeria said, she was waiting for the elevator.
Did you see who left this here? Aurora asked.
No, She said, walking into the elevator. She had a brochure for Feed My Starving Children tucked under her arm. Aurora looked both ways down the halls, nobody. She closed the door and went into the kitchen; she placed the rose on the table and started making coffee.
She sat at the table and examined the rose, it was freshly cut and damp. The card was attached by a golden ribbon tied around the stem. She pulled it lose and something fell out of the center of the roses petals. It was a diamond ring with eight small diamonds and one big diamond with sapphires on both sides.
She covered her mouth with her hand and gasped, the diamonds looked real. She picked it up and walked over to the window; she pressed the ring to the glass and dragged it over the glass. The diamonds left a large scratch in the window.
Only real diamonds cut glass, She whispered and looked at the ring. It sparkled in the sunlight brightly, reflecting onto the walls and ceiling like a disco ball.


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