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Chapter 11 - The Surprise

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 11 - The Surprise

Chapter 11 - The Surprise
Sylas was sitting behind the church pillars again, his long legs straight out and his feet hanging off the edge. His skin was absorbing the warmth of the sun and darkening into a tan. Auroras thoughts repeated in his head; I dont want him here, what if hes a psycho? I need to get him out. Soon. Now.
Hey, man! Someone said from down on the ground, Dude! Howd you get up there? Thats, like, fifty feet! Sylas leaned forward and saw a young guy looking up at him, the boy was sixteen, maybe more but definitely a young teenager.
Theres a staircase inside that lets out on the roof, Sylas said, it wasnt a lie. But he didnt use the stairs, he just jumped. The kid ran inside and Sylas heard him racing up the stairs, he leaned back against the stone. The kid came and looked over the edge, after a moment of amazement he came and sat beside Sylas.
Whatre you doin up here, dude? The kid asked.
I live up here, He said, And my name isnt dude.
Wow, really? You live up here? Thats totally sweet! Sorry man, whats your name? The kid spoke quickly, and fidgeted with his pants.
Sylas, He said, he already knew the kids name was Steve and that his nickname was Twitch, but he asked anyway. Whats yours?
Ah, man. Thats an awesome name, Sylas. Its so science fiction and shoot. Im Steve, He held his hand out to Sylas, he shook Steves hand. But you can just call me Twitch. Ya know, Im just a little. Twitchy. Sometimes, I dont take any of the medicine that Im supposed to. He smiled, still shaking Sylas hand.
Well, Twitch, its nice to meet you. Sylas said, Twitchs memories where interesting. He didnt have any friends because of his ADHD and he lived with his mom in a small townhouse with a dog and three ferrets. He was also very, very, gay.
Yeah, you too dude. I mean Sylas. He released Sylas hand and went back to fidgeting, So why do you live up here? It must get scary at night, I mean. I hear this parks haunted or something. Used to be a graveyard but the city turned it into a park without moving the bodies or somethin, thats so creepy.
I havent seen any ghosts, Sylas said, but what Twitch said was true; the park did use to be a graveyard and thats why there was a church.
How about Zombies, Twitch put his arms out and pretended to be a Zombie.
Nope, none of those either, Sylas laughed, Just me, Im creepy enough.
Aw, man. Your not that scary, He patted Sylas on the knee, Youre cute, like a puppy. Youve just got a little bite n growl in ya, grrr! He licked Sylas on the cheek playfully; Sylas wasnt quite sure what to think of it.
Twitch smiled widely when Sylas didnt seem grossed out. Dude, I wonder if this guys queer too! He kinda seems like a closet case. Sylas leaned his leg against Twitchs to figure out what a closet case was supposed to be.
He soon found out it was someone gay who wouldnt admit it or wasnt sure, he just found out about his human emotions so he thought anything was possible at this point.
Hey, can I ask you something? Twitch asked, Sylas looked at him and nodded. I was wondering if you wanted to come stay with me and my mom for a bit. It gets really cold at night, so ya know? I dont want you to get sick or something. Thatd be really sucky.
Would your mother let me stay? He asked, Twitch nodded and stood.
Yeah, sure man! He headed for the stairs, My moms going to love you! Sylas got to his feet and followed Twitch down the stairs.

Mom, Im home! Twitch yelled when he got into the house, the dog from his memory ran and greeted them with slobbery kisses.
Hello, new friend! The dog said excitedly to Sylas, the dogs name was Rex.
Rex, stay down! Twitchs mother said as she walked in to hug her son, she paused when she saw Sylas. Hello, She looked at Twitch with raised eyebrows.
Mom, this is my new friend. He motioned to Sylas, His names Sylas and he needs a place to stay. Hes been living in that church in the park, ya know. That haunted one that used to be a graveyard.
Its a pleasure to meet you maam, Sylas held out his hand, after examining his hand she took it and shook it.
Steve, can I talk to you in the kitchen a moment. She asked, Twitch nodded and motioned to the living room.
Make yourself at home, man. He walked into the kitchen with his mom. Sylas sat down on the floor and Rex came over and rested his head on his lap.
Steven Alexander Johnson, you brought home a hobo? His mom yelled in a whisper, unaware that Sylas could hear everything.
Mom, hes not a hobo, hes got to be loaded. Did you see his clothes? They looked, like, uber expensive. Twitch said.
How do you know hes not an ax murderer or a lunatic? His mom argued.
Mom, come on, I mean. Hes super nice; he doesnt judge me or anything like that. Cant you just be happy I got a friend? I think he might become my boyfriend if Im right about him being a closet case. Sylas lifted his brows at the word boyfriend; Aurora had used the same word, it meant significant other more than just a simple male gendered friend.
Steve, His mom sighed, How well do you know this guy?
We talked for, like, an hour and hes awesome. Come on mom, we cant kick him out. Its going to get cold out, what if he gets sick or something? Twitch pleaded; his mom was quiet for a moment.
Alright, She said, Just for tonight though, any funny business and Im reporting him to the police.
Thank you, Twitch clapped his hands happily, Thank you, thank you, thank you! He ran back into the living room. She said you can stay tonight! Isnt that awesome!? He screamed happily.
Yeah, thats great, Sylas stood, Can I do anything to repay you? Twitchs eyes lit up, his mom walked in and sat down.
Just keep it clean, okay? She said rubbing her temples.
Alright, Sylas nodded, If you need anything at the store I can run and get it if you want. He said to her, her thoughts were scrambled because she needed to get groceries.
Oh, that would be so generous, She said reaching into her purse, Would you please? Ive been so busy lately and I dont know when Ill be able to.
Its the least I could do, He walked to the door with Twitch following, Ill pay for it, dont worry. He left before she could protest.
Aw, man, Twitch said, You dont have to pay for it, you really dont.
I want to, Sylas smiled at Twitch, leaving the poor kid breathless.
Did you ever have braces? He asked.
No, why do you ask? Sylas raised a brow.
Your teeth are, like, perfection. Im totally jealous of you, I mean seriously. I wish I looked as good as you. He looked down at the ground, biting his lip. Sylas looked at the boy beside him; his brown hair was long and wavy, his eyes were different shades of brown with a hint of orange and he was average height, around 59. His skin was pail and clear with a few freckles. His mouth was small but his lips were thick and pink, with a lip ring on the right bottom lip.
You look very nice too me, Sylas said, Twitch looked up and smiled, his teeth werent perfect but they werent horrible. They were just a little crowded in some places but very white and clean.
Oh, wow. You really mean that? He asked, when he spoke Sylas noticed a silver tongue ring.
Of course, I have no reason to lie to you. He said, Twitch moved closer to Sylas and wrapped his arm around his and held onto his hand. He stopped walking and pulled Sylas to a stop with him, he wrapped his arms around Sylas tightly and began to sob.
Thank you, Twitch whimpered into his chest, Ive never had anyone say that to me before, thank you. His voice cracked, Youre my first friend and I couldnt have asked for a better one. His sobs took over and he just held onto Sylas and wept.
Youre welcome, Sylas said, suddenly a human instinct took over and he wrapped his arms around the young boy in a tight embrace. Youre my first friend as well. He thought about Aurora for a moment; she didnt seem like a friend.
Really, Twitch looked up at him with tears in his eyes and on his cheeks, Why would anyone not be youre friend? Youre so nice and cute too, perfect package.
I dont get out much, He said, he put his sleeve over his thumb and wiped the tears off of Twitchs cheeks and got the remaining few that escaped. The few people I do see are usually afraid of me.
You are very intimidating, Twitch said, smiling widely. Your, like, six feet tall and really buff. I mean, come on, look at this. He squeezed Sylas upper arm, Youre like a rock! What do you use to work out, hippos and elephants?
I go to the gym a lot, Sylas lied.
More like the zoo to lift the cages, man seriously. Twitch said; they were still standing in the street holding onto each other. Twitch bit his lip nervously and Sylas heard his thoughts; I want to kiss him.

Nope, Ive never been to the zoo. He said, he released Twitch but he had no intentions of letting go of Sylas.
Um, Twitch murmured, I was wondering, well, if maybe. I dont know never mind, well. Um, do you& He looked back up at Sylas, still tumbling over words. Another human emotion took over and Sylas leaned down, Twitch met Sylas half way and they kissed each other in the street.


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