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Chapter 13 - Confused

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 13 - Confused

Chapter 13 - Confused
Sylas pulled away from Twitch more than slightly confused, Twitch was grinning ear to ear.
Wow, Twitch sighed happily, Youve got perfect teeth, muscles, looks and kissing skills! I mean, wow that was totally amazing, Im having trouble catching my breath. Twitch grabbed his hand and started pulling him down the street toward the store.
Ive never kissed anyone before, Sylas murmured, he was trying to figure out what was going on.
Oh man, seriously? Twitch said, That means your, like, totally a virgin than doesnt it? Dude, this is so sweet!
Yes, Sylas said quietly, Im definitely a virgin.
Hey dude, whats up? You seem a little down? Twitch wrapped his arms around Sylas waist.
Its just, Sylas sighed, Until a few days ago I didnt have any of these emotions, for anybody. Suddenly Im feeling emotions like love and jealousy.
Ah, wait, Twitch stopped walking, For anybody? Does that mean youre involved with someone else?
Well, Sylas looked at Twitch, he was pouting. A few days ago I saved this girl from a dangerous guy, I went home with her and-
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up. You went home with her? Dude, gross. Twitch let go of him and backed away. Sylas read his thoughts to see why he reacted so strangely.
Oh, no, He said, I just slept on her couch for the night. Twitch still was over reacting.
So you woe people than use them for your own selfish needs? You tricked that girl and me into giving you a place to stay? Twitch threw his hands up in the air and tried to think of something more to say.
No, I didnt trick anybody. Sylas put his hand on Twitchs shoulder, another human thing, but Twitch shrugged it off. I really do like you, but-
Oh god, no. Here comes the rejection, you know what? Just go back to the church you live in and freeze to death. Twitch turned on his heels and started marching home. Sylas grabbed his shoulders and turned him to face him, he held him firmly in place.
Listen to me, please, He said; shaking Twitch gently, Im not what you think I am; Im not a con-artist or a jerk. Im not even sure what I am. But I am your friend, and Im still finding things out about myself.
You make it seem like youve been living in a cave for years, Twitch said quietly, Were you in jail or something? An insane asylum maybe?
No, Sylas closed his eyes and sighed sadly, My job was so demanding that I never found time for myself or anyone else. If I got to close to someone theyd get hurt.
Oh really, Twitch said, What do you do for a living than, huh?
Im a bounty hunter. It wasnt a lie.
Hmm, either youre a very good liar or youre telling the truth. Twitch pulled out of Sylas grasp and started walking home, he didnt turn back. Sylas listened to his thoughts desperately. shoot man, I gotta think things over. A bounty hunter seems logical considering how buff he is. Ill go talk to him tomorrow, after I do some research on this guy.
Sylas sighed, slightly relieved. But he decided to leave the kid be for now, he vanished from the neighborhood in the blink of an eye. He listened as Twitchs thoughts faded; He didnt give me a last name, shoot. How am I supposed to find him? Whoa, whered he go? He was just standing right there.

Sylas climbed the church wall up to the top, leaped off the side and landed inside the bell tower. For the first time in hours he wondered if Aurora would ever accept him. If she would want to see him again, he exhaled slowly. Watching as the mist from his mouth swirled and vanished.
He climbed to the top of the tower and sat on the edge, he could see everything from there, including Auroras apartment. The sky was filled with flashing lights; he looked more carefully and noticed the fire trucks in the parking lot. He examined the building and sniffed the air, no fire.
Sylas focused his mind on Aurora, trying to hear her thoughts. They were muffled by something; she was inside a solid room, meant to withstand great force and impact. Probably an elevator, he waited for her to get out but minutes passed and she hadnt moved.
He stood and the lavender lens came over his eyes, he immediately saw her backed against a wall and a colder figure had her cornered. Her twisting aura was red and purple. The other figure was black in color and solid. Sylas had only seen heat signatures come off of creatures from his time.
He was on his feet and running toward her, why didnt she use the whistle? Her thoughts started to become clearer, but it was like a bad cell phone signal while driving through a tunnel. Get away& Help&Its... Back&Kill me&Evil&

Sylas made it to the parking lot; he walked toward the apartment at a human pace.
Hey, sir, A fireman cut Sylas off, You cant go in there. We have men in there trying to get the elevator open, theres a young lady trapped inside. We dont know how much oxygen she has left.
I can get it open. Sylas stepped around the fireman and ran into the lobby, there were several people trying to pry the doors open. He turned and ran up the stairs to the next floor; he paused and tried to sense which floor Aurora was closest to. She was in between three and four.
Sylas ran up to the fourth floor and skidded to a stop, no fireman werent hear yet; they had no idea where she was. He ran to the door and listened briefly. He could only slightly hear a voice, Auroras voice. She was screaming.


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