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Chapter 21 - Tickletickletickle!!

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 21 - Tickletickletickle!!

Chapter 21 - Tickletickletickle!!
Sylas had been awake for some time just listening to distant sounds, now he was listening to Twitchs thoughts. For a big dangerous bounty hunter he sure does look cute when hes asleep. Sylas cracked a smile, Twitch mentally cursed himself.
Damn it, He mumbled, How long have you been awake? He nudged Sylas playfully.
A while, He opened his eyes and looked at Twitch who was curled up beside him, staring into his eyes with a bright happy smile.
Didnt think vampires even could sleep, He said, Then again, I also didnt think they liked hot chocolate or ice cream. Or that they snore. Sylas laughed at this, he didnt know that he snored.
I snore? He raised an eyebrow at Twitch.
Yup, like a fog horn! He said, imitating the sound of a fog horn. Sylas gave him an evil grin, Uh-oh, I dont like that look.
I know from your mind how ticklish you are. Sylas said, Twitch tried to get out of reach but Sylas grabbed him with one arm and tickled his belly.
Ah, damn it! No! Stop it! He screeched between giggles, he was pointlessly kicking his legs at Sylas and thrashing. His mom appeared at the door with a worried expression, it quickly smoothed over when she saw the scene.
Boys, She shook her head with a light laugh, Dont kill each other.
Mom, Twitch gasped, Help me! Ah! His mom walked over to the side of the bed and watched for a moment, and then she joined Sylas. Twitch screamed bloody murder in between fits of laughter.
His mom stopped when the phone rang downstairs, she went to get it. Sylas stopped tickling Twitch and Twitch layed there trying to catch his breath. He looked over his shoulder at Sylas with a glare.
You, He paused, You butt. Sylas let out a bark of laughter.
A butt, He continued laughing, Is that all youve got?
No, Twitch pouted, You... You misleading super sexy bisexual vampire! Sylas cocked his head to the side.
I guess thats a bit better, He said, he knew what bisexual meant.
Hey, are you going to look for that girl today? Twitch asked as he stood and stretched.
Yes, Sylas said.
We should probably change your bandages first, Twitch said, Let me take a look. Sylas knew the wound was already healed. He pulled off his shirt and Twitch peeled off the medical tape carefully, when he removed the gauze his mouth dropped.
Whoa, He ran his hand over the smooth skin, Its gone. He looked up at Sylas.
I heal fast, Sylas shrugged.
I guess so, Twitch said, still running his hand over Sylas chest. Twitchs mom walked in and saw the bandages in Twitchs hand.
Oh, I see you had the same idea. Let me just take a& She trailed off when she saw Sylas chest completely healed. How..?
Its a long story, mom. Twitch said; his mom gave him a worried look. What is Sylas?

I have time, She said and sat down on the bed, Explain.
Theres an easier way for me to show you, Sylas said and placed his palm on her forehead, her eyes went blank as she watched Sylas memories. When shed seen what she needed to Sylas pulled his hand away slightly worried about how shed react.
Oh my, She put her finger tips to her lips, I cant believe it.
Finally, Sylas sighed, Someone with a normal reaction.
Mom, Twitch put his hand on her knee, Are you okay?
Steve, She looked at him, How long have you known about this? Twitch shrugged.
He did the same thing to me last night after he saved me. He explained.
I saw the news this morning, She shook her head, Two teens dead in an apartment and four more missing. Sylas, was that you? She asked.
I only disposed of the four that attacked your son, He said, I dont know anything about the other two, who were they?
A girl named Leah and her boyfriend Jeremy. She said; Sylas stiffened.
Leah and Jeremy, He repeated, Are you positive?
Yes, did you know them? Her eyebrows arched up in worry.
Yes, and this means that Aurora could be a demon already. He said.
Oh, dude, are you sure? Twitch asked.
Yes, Jeremy was her ex who cheated on her with her best friend and then they chose each other over her. She had good reason to go after them. Sylas stood, I have to go check the locations, Ill try to be back soon. He was out of the house before anyone of them could protest.


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