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Chapter 22 - Demon in the Window

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 22 - Demon in the Window

Chapter 22 - Demon in the Window
Aurora had one hand tangled in Damons hair and the other around his waist, she didnt know how long theyd kissed but she hoped it would never end. The feeling the kiss gave her made her feel invincible. And a few other things.
His right hand was rested on her hip and the other was pulling her against him at her lower back. His lips tasted like cinnamon and Aurora couldnt get enough of it, he smelled like spring flowers and every time she breathed it made her want him more. Every so often one of his fangs would tickle her lower lip and send shivers parading up and down her spine.
A warm feeling coming from his touch made her nipples stand up and her clothes feel like a bother. Nobody shed ever kissed made her feel this way, and before she could get her hand to the button of his jeans he pulled away with a smug smile.
Easy kitten, He purred, Dont want to do it all at once. He kissed her delicately and was gone. Aurora sighed and slumped back into the couch. She licked her lips and tasted the cinnamon, it made her tongue tingle. Her stomach growled loudly and ruined the moment.
She forced herself off the couch and stumbled, she caught herself on the arm of the couch. She was light headed from the kiss. Once she took some deep breathes and could trust her feet she went into the kitchen. The clock on the wall said it was seven thirty PM.
Opening the fridge she decided she wanted the strawberries, she spotted them and pulled them out. They were already clean and the stems were cut off. She leaned against the counter and started popping them into her mouth, she was very hungry. They were the best strawberries shed ever had.
About twenty strawberries later she couldnt eat another bite; she put the remaining strawberries back in the fridge and thought about what to do until it was late enough for sleep. She walked around the house for a bit and found a second bathroom with an indoor hot tub for a bathtub. I guess he thinks bigger is better.

She moved on from the bathroom and took a peak out a large window in the living room; she sat down on the ledge and watched the field. It truly was beautiful, and Damon had returned it to summer outside. Suddenly something black ran across the field and Aurora shrieked.
She jumped back from the window with all her hair on end, she wanted to run and hide but she couldnt take her eyes away. She could hear her heart pounding and her pulse racing. She clutched the back of the leather couch and watched, waiting for something to jump out and scare her.
The black figure ran across the other way, closer this time. Auroras heart was in her throat. She held her breathe and felt her eyes burning as she stared wide eyed outside the window. It ran across again, except this time it was directly in front of the window.
She turned and jumped over the couch, she ran through the dining room and kitchen. She made her way to the bedroom and began searching for Damons whistle. She got down on her knees and checked under the bed, it wasnt in the room. She stood and ran back into the kitchen.
She searched the counters and floor. She opened the fridge to see if it fell in there somehow, not there. She started crawling and looking for the whistle under the fridge and counters. Still nothing; she ran into the dining room.
She searched the table and on the chairs without any luck. Once again she crawled on the floor searching for the whistle, not in the dining room. She stood and turned to look in the living room.
She saw it sitting there on the couch, but what she also noticed was the devilish red eyed creature with fangs standing outside the window. She froze in place and the creature opened its ugly mouth, slimy blood streaked saliva poured from its lips as it laughed. The ground was suddenly at eye level and the room went dark as Aurora fainted.


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