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Chapter 23 - Lurking in the Dark

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 23 - Lurking in the Dark

Chapter 23 - Lurking in the Dark
Sylas was circling the lakeside house in Milaca; he had been outside for almost an hour waiting for somebody or something to leave. There were lights on inside and he could hear shuffling, but no thoughts. He didnt know the full power of the demon he was hunting, but he guessed that the demon had a mind block on Aurora so Sylas couldnt track her thoughts.
He was ducked down in the trees that surrounded the house on three sides, trying to see inside the windows. A few of them were open but he couldnt see anybody inside. Hed need to try and see from the side that looked out at the lake.
Sylas silently made his way to the lakes shore and quietly slid into the freezing water. He knelt down so the only his eyes and the top of his head stuck out of the water. He moved smoothly and slowly to keep from making ripples in the water, he tapped his toes on the lakebed to make sure he wouldnt slip. When he was in front of the house he peaked up and looked into the windows.
He saw the hooded figure from before standing and nodding to what someone else was saying. The figure was still covered completely with the hood, goggles and scarf but this time Sylas sensed something familiar about him. He brought his nose above the water and sniffed the air; he could smell Auroras scent. But it was very faint, like she had only been there once.
Suddenly the hooded figure headed toward the door and came outside; Sylas ducked down in the water but looked up through the surface. The man walked to the waters edge and looked around, he knew Sylas was there. In his head he heard, come out, come out where ever you are!
Sylas heard a strange noise in the water and turned to see what it could possibly be, he saw movement. There was something in the water with him, before he could run for it a large tentacle grabbed him around the torso and lifted him out of the water. His arms were pinned to his sides. The hooded figure crossed his arms and chuckled.
Sylas, He said, We keep running into each other.
Where is she? Sylas demanded, the tentacle constricted and he felt suction cups with sharp edges slice his skin.
Dont worry about Aurora; shes perfectly safe where I have her. He sounded smug.
Let her go! Sylas growled and the man laughed.
She has the choice whether or not to stay, He chuckled, And she wants to stay with me.
If you touch her Ill- Sylas was cut off, the tentacle constricted further and cut deeper into Sylas flesh. He bit into his tongue to keep from giving the beast the satisfaction of hearing him cry out.
Youll what, The figure walked closer, Kill me? Sylas, Sylas...
I will, I promise you that if you touch her Ill kill you. He said; the man scoffed.
Youre too late, He said and turned to leave, She kissed me and tried to make love to me. In a matter of days she will be forever mine. He chuckled.
Liar, Sylas said, he was trembling from rage.
I am many things, Sylas. But I liar I am not, He turned to face Sylas again, Go back to your boyfriend, and leave her to me, a real man.
I love her, Sylas said, I will do everything in my power to keep her from you.
Sylas, The man shook his head, You probably dont even know half of your powers. You could kill me right here, right now if you knew your full potential.
And I suppose you do know; you seem well informed. Sylas said.
Ha, I know everything about you. He laughed.
How do you know, what makes you think you know everything about me? Sylas was starting to feel stronger the angrier he got.
Silly Sylas, He said, I know everything about you because I was there when you were created. I know youre full potential because you were made stronger, but obviously not smarter. Centuries have passed and you still havent found me, your biggest challenge yet.
And I hear youre the best demon tracker alive, with all the deadliest abilities. Yet youve gotten yourself trapped in that form and you cant even penetrate my defenses. Tsk tsk, I was looking forward to seeing how far youve come.
Who are you? Sylas asked.
Sylas, The man leaned his head forward and the scarf fell to the ground along with the goggles, he leaned back and the hood fell. Im youre brother, Damon.


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