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Chapter 33 - Destroyer of Trees

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 33 - Destroyer of Trees

Chapter 33 - Destroyer of Trees
Sylas had sprinted toward Aurora when he heard her scream but hed run flat into Damon who blocked his path, a snarl ripped through Damon and his fist made contact with Sylas chest. He went soaring through the air and crashed through a tree. Once the shock from Damons hit wore off he got back up and searched the yard for Damon, he was nowhere in sight.
Damn it! Sylas smashed his fist against the remaining trunk on the tree, it splintered his hand. Karen came running around the house and stopped in shock at the scene before her. The yard was littered with wood splinters and the tree had fallen.
Oh my goodness, Sylas what happened? She came rushing over; Twitch was standing against the house in shock.
Damon, He growled, He was here. Karen put a hand over her mouth.
Sylas, what did he do to you? She asked with worry creasing her brow.
I heard Aurora scream so I ran to help but he blocked my path and hit me into the tree, Sylas explained and walked over to Twitch with a limp, I told you to stay inside. Twitch looked at him with eyes like an owls.
I, I thought there would be a better chance of him not hurting you if I was there. He mumbled.
He doesnt take mercy on humans, Sylas wrapped an arm around Twitch and pulled him into the house.
Are you hurt, your limping. Twitch was gazing down at Sylas leg.
Ill be fine tomorrow, I just sprained my knee. Sylas was pretty sure that was it besides a badly bruised butt.
Youre so fracking lucky thats all, you should have heard when that guy hit you. It sounded like thunder! Twitch said, Hey, what does your chest look like? Sylas lifted his shirt.
Ouch, He mumbled; there was a large black and blue bruise forming and a burn. Damon had used a fire attack on him somehow without burning his shirt.
Dude, it looks like someone shot you with a firework! Twitch lifted his hand to stroke the bruise but decided not to touch the mark.
It doesnt hurt all that much, Sylas said and poked the wound; it stung a little but not as much as he expected. Karen walked in and her jaw dropped open when she saw his chest.
Sylas, youre worse than Steve with these injuries! She threw her hands in the air, Ill go get you some ice.
Its not as bad as it looks, it doesnt even hurt that bad. Sylas poked it again to show her.
Itll hurt once the shock of impact wears off; trust me its just the adrenaline overpowering the pain right now. She said as she walked out of the room, Twitch rolled his eyes and plopped down on his bed.
So that was your brother, He shook his head, Hes a hottie too! Its not fair! Sylas wasnt expecting that reaction, he burst out laughing. Twitch laughed with him and asked him what was so funny. Sylas couldnt even get the air in to tell him.
Okay, Sylas, Karen said as she came in, Every time I come in you two are doing something else, here Sylas. Put this on youre chest for twenty minutes on and off. She handed it to him when he calmed down a little.
Alright, He took a deep breath then started laughing again, Karen smiled and walked out.
Dude, what the hell is so funny? Twitch was still laughing as well.
Of course only you would find my brother sexy in his worst mood, Sylas sat down beside Twitch, Twitch was smiling.
I like the fierce macho attitude he has, he knows you could easily kick his @$$ but he still holds an image. Twitch drifted off into La La land and Sylas blocked out his mind to avoid his erotic fantasies. But some images slipped through.
Oh, gross! Sylas shook his head and tried to think happy thoughts. Thoughts about him and Aurora together instead of Twitch and his brother, he shuddered. He sighed and realized that he couldnt wait to see Aurora again.
Hey, sorry, Im a teenager! I have needs! Twitch threw his hands in the air, Maybe if I wasnt a virgin it wouldnt be so bad.
Dont even think about it, Sylas glared at Twitch.


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