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Chapter 35 - School

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 35 - School

Chapter 35 - School
Sylas and Twitch were walking down the street bundled up tight against the winter wind, Twitch had his face tucked into his jacket collar and was shivering.
I appreciate you walking me to school, He said through clenched teeth, Ive been having a lot of bully problems lately.
Its no problem at all; I want to keep you safe. Sylas wrapped an arm around Twitchs shoulders and hugged him briefly.
After the incident with those jerks Im surprised my mom is even letting me out of the house, Twitch rolled his eyes to the clouds and Sylas grinned.
She actually wants me to follow you around, He said and Twitch looked at him with a wide eyed look.
Like, as in follow me in and out of my classes? Or hide in the shadows? His voice had risen a bit.
Follow you in and out of classes, shadow you. The story is that Im your new older brother who was adopted, Im supposed to be looking at the school as an option. Sylas shrugged and Twitch looked him up and down with a raised brow.
Dude, you dont look like a high school student. More like a college graduate or something, theyll think youre the FBI or CIA. He shrugged with his palms turned up.
At least I look intimidating, Sylas flexed and winked, Would you want to beat up my little brother?
N-no... Twitch looked like he was about to start drooling, I definitely wouldnt want to& do that.
Good, Sylas ruffled his hair and he snapped out of his trance. They stopped and waited for a safe time to cross the street and go into the school parking lot, Sylas examined the school. It was red brick and had two floors, it covered about three football fields of space, and it was overflowing with students.
Hey, um, Twitch turned to face Sylas, Dont let any girls steal you away, okay?
Alright, They smiled at each other and power walked across the street. As soon as they were in the parking lot people stopped and turned to look at Sylas, some of them looked intimidated, others looked territorial. Twitch was looking down at his shoes, suddenly a strange new and quiet Twitch. Sylas held his head high and stared down people who didnt look away.
A few guys leaning against the school sized up Sylas, one of them glared at him and Sylas glared back. This one boy had a lot of nerve and refused to look away, Sylas threw in a psychotic grin and the boy looked away. The group started talking and looking over their shoulders, Sylas didnt need his mind reading to know what they were discussing.
ID please, An elderly man said in a bored voice, his name was written on a plastic ID hanging out of his pocket, Russ Milro.
Here, Twitch flashed his picture and the man nodded, motioning for Twitch to go through the doors. Then he looked at Sylas and his eyes widened.
You arent a student here, He said and motioned for a guard.
Im new, Sylas said, transforming from menacing to kind and peaceful. The man nodded and pointed at the office.
Go see Shirley and tell her you need an ID, Sylas nodded at him with a smile and walked over to the office with twitch hot on his heals.
Sylas, Twitch tapped him on the shoulder when they got into the office, I dont want to leave your side; people are going to ambush me about you if I do.
I understand, besides, Im supposed to be with you at all times. Sylas smiled at him.
Oh, you must be& Shirley started as she turned in a chair; she trailed off when she saw Sylas. Her eyes were locked onto his crotch but after a hard swallow her eyes made it up to his face, The new kid.
Yes, Sylas held out his hand for her to shake it, she shook her head and stood to walk around the desk.
Oh no no, we dont do handshakes here! We hug! She said and wrapped her arms around Sylas; Sylas looked over at Twitch with a raised eyebrow. He nodded and his thoughts told Sylas that Shirley really was just a friendly lady.
Okay, Sylas hugged her back briefly, That guy said I needed an ID.
Oh yes, we have it right here for you. She picked a plastic square off her desk and handed it too him, Sylas Johnson. He felt a grin try to play his lips.
Thank you, Sylas said and a loud bell rang through the building.
We need to get to class, Twitch grabbed Sylas by the elbow and towed him into the halls. They ran smack into the guy from outside and he fell to the ground cussing.
Oh, jeez, man. Im so sorry; I really didnt mean to do that. Twitch said as he tried to help the guy up.
Get the frack off me you queer! The guy said and sprang to his feet; his face was flushed red from anger. Sylas straightened to his full height and tilted his chin up to look threatening. Whos this, your gay sex slave? Twitch opened his mouth to correct him.
Im his older brother, Sylas cut him off, And if you call my little brother names again Ill kick your @$$ straight through that wall. Sylas said in a quiet but fierce voice while he motioned to a brick wall. The guy narrowed his eyes at him.
Do you know who I fracking am? He threatened as he took a step toward Sylas.
I honestly dont care, Sylas smiled, All I need to know is youre name is Victim to me. He pushed the boy away and he fell onto his rear. Sylas walked around him and walked with Twitch to their first class.


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