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Chapter 39 - Fairies?

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 39 - Fairies?

Chapter 39 - Fairies?
It was finally the end of the school day and Sylas was walking out with Twitch at his side, his mind wondered while he remembered the days events; the incident with the jerk and many girls who showed interest in him, and one guy. Hed shrugged them off just as he promised Twitch he would. Besides, his eyes were still set on only one girl, Aurora. Three days left until hed get to see her again.
Man, I dont think anyones going to forget you! I mean, jeez. Youre like a celebrity already after one day; people are starting to talk to me too. Like, ten people wanted to come over today and hang out with us. Not just you either, this guy who was totally hot came up to me and asked if he could come over today. He said he wanted to get to know me! Twitch fanned himself, and faked a swoon.
Is anybody actually coming over today? Sylas asked.
Yeah, I invited two guys over, Twitch was glowing with joy, Were all going to play video games. I think theyre gay too so this should be interesting, four gay guys all together.
Just dont go losing your virginity on me, Sylas warned, Who are the guys?
Its Chet and Joe from Chemistry, He licked his lips, Did you get a look at Chets butt? Sylas mentally gagged himself.
No sorry, havent been starring at many butts lately. He said and Twitch laughed, they darted across the street and Twitch grabbed onto Sylas shirt.
Were going to meet up with them right here, He said and gave Sylas a look, Hey, what do you think about my butt?
Its lovely. Sylas said and Twitch giggled, he shoved Sylas playfully.
Youre just being nice to me, He said and frowned, I bet you really hate my butt.
Your butt is fine, Sylas said and pinched Twitch; he yelped and swatted his hand away.
Hey, He grumbled and grabbed a handful of Sylas, Two can play this game! Sylas jumped away and held his hands up to grab Twitch if necessary, Twitch came at him and Sylas grabbed his wrists and held him at arms length. Twitch was stronger than he appeared.
Wow, Twitch said with a smile, Youre really strong, no wonder Justin went down like lead. Sylas released him.
I hit him harder then I intended to, Sylas said, I wanted him to have a bit more brain cells then what I left him with. He shrugged and noticed two guys walking up behind Twitch, they smiled when he caught their eye.
Hey guys, One of them said; he was wearing all black except for a jean jacket and his brown hair was cut short. He had an eyebrow piercing and green eyes.
Joe, Chet, Twitch waved and motioned to Sylas, This is my brother Sylas.
Hey dude, The other guy said; he was wearing something similar except his pants and jacket were black denim, his hair was longer and pitch black but the family resemblance to the other boy was still there. His eyes were also green but darker, he had the same eyebrow piercing but he had the lip ring to match.
Sylas, They said in unison and smiled.
Um, I always get you two mixed up, which one is which? Twitch asked.
Im Joe, Said the boy in all black.
Im Chet, He said and held out his hand to Sylas, Sylas looked at it and noticed something. Both of the boys had their thoughts blocked from him.
I dont like being touched, Sylas took a step away and Chet frowned, Sorry.
Huh, Twitch said, Anyway, so what do you guys want to do first?
Im really hungry, Joe said and his stomach growled.
Youre always hungry, Chet teased.
My mom always has food ready and I called her and told her that you two were coming, Twitch said and turned to start walking home.
Sounds good, Joe said and followed after him, Sylas and Chet exchanged a glance and started walking. Chet moved in close to Sylas and he felt power radiating from him, Chet was sending him a warning through energy waves. Sylas did the same in return; it was a silent dominance battle.
Ah, so you can tell. Chet said quietly.
Yes, Sylas nodded.
So, what exactly are you? He asked.
A guardian, Sylas said, And you?
I dont even know; my brother and I have always had weird powers, like he can read minds and see the future, I can control elements and weather. He shrugged like it was perfectly normal, this was first time Sylas had seen abilities like the ones the two brothers had in a long time.
Hmm, thats very rare actually. Sylas said, Ive only seen one other who could control weather and elements.
Wow, really? So me and Joe are a rare find? He looked surprised.
Yes, Sylas nodded and before Chet could ask anymore questions Twitch and Joe called back to them to tell them to hurry up. When they caught up Chet pulled his brother aside to discus what he heard.
What was that about? Twitch asked with a hint of jealousy.
Chet and Joe arent human, Sylas explained, I was getting information from Chet.
Oh, really? They look normal, what are they? Twitch asked and glanced over at the brothers.
Im pretty sure their Fairies. Sylas said.
Fairies? Twitch raised a brow at Sylas like he wasnt buying it.
Yes, Fairies, not like the Fairies you know though. Fairies are actually mostly male and have elemental or mental abilities; such as mind reading and element control.
So what can they do? Twitch asked.
Joe can read minds and see visions of the future and Chet can control weather and elements, Sylas glanced at them, Ive never come across Fairies that can do more then one thing.
Wow, Twitch shook his head, I wouldnt be surprised if most of the people in school werent human, was there anyone who wasnt human?
Im pretty sure I could pick out a Lycan at lunch, Sylas said and smiled.
Are you joking? Twitchs expression was half smirk and half wonder.
No, There really was one somewhere in the room.
Okay, Joe and Chet said in unison when they returned.
Its like everyones supernatural but me, Twitch said and rolled his eyes.
Ah, so you are informed. Chet said and smiled, Good, no secrets then.


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