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Chapter 41 - Video Games

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 41 - Video Games

Chapter 41 - Video Games
Karen was standing outside on the steps waiting when the boys arrived; she smiled when she saw Joe and Chet and hugged Twitch. Sylas was the last one in and when he got to the door Karen pulled him aside and into the kitchen. She sat down at the table and motioned for him to sit as well.
How was your first day, She asked anxiously.
It was, Sylas paused, Different then what I remember.
Oh, you went to school before? She topped off her cup of coffee and sipped it.
Yes, when you live forever it gets boring. I decided to give school a try, a few times. Although, I mostly had a tutor, I only went to an actual classroom a few times. He shrugged.
Have you only gone to high school?
No, Ive been to college more than high school, actually. A smile twitched at his lips from a memory.
Really, have you graduated? Gotten a degree? She was leaned forward slightly in her chair.
Yes, He nodded.
What degrees do you have? She arched an eyebrow.
Um, Sylas bit his lip, Its a long list.
Sylas, She smiled wide; before she had a chance to continue Twitch raced in, his brown curls bouncing.
Dude, come on! He said and tugged Sylas into the living room, Joe and Chet were sitting on the couch playing a videogame. Sylas looked at the TV and saw a racing game; the screen was split horizontally in two player mode, it looked like Joe was winning.
Welcome back, They said; only looking away from the game briefly. Sylas sat on the floor next to Chets legs; Twitch took the floor by Joes.
Thanks, whatre you playing? Sylas asked.
Need for speed most wanted, Chet said, You want to play winner?
Ive never played before, He said as he watched them play, I havent played videogames since Nintendo 64 came out.
Ha, yeah, Mario was the shoot then. Chet said and side swiped his brother, Joes car swirled around in a 180 turn and screeched to a stop.
Oh, cheater, you dog! Joe elbowed Chet in the side and tried to catch up. He pressed a button on the controller and his screen blurred at the edges, his cars speedometer climbed up quickly. It stopped at 182 and spiraled down when he took a sharp turn and smashed into the wall, Sylas decided watching Chet was a better idea.


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