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Chapter 42 - Werewolves! Oh my!

This stroy is by Hanna.

This is based of a dream I had a while back, I plan on finishing it!

All character belong to me except the obvious (Greek gods and so on...)

Chapter 42 - Werewolves! Oh my!

Chapter 42 - Werewolves! Oh my!
A werewolf did this to you? Aurora was only slightly shocked, in the past few days reality had been yanked out from under her and replaced with nightmares. A few days ago her biggest concern was about boys and what shoes to wear; now it was between a demonic lord that might have knocked her up and pissed off werewolves.
Yes, Lucifers eyes had glazed over, a dazed effect from the pain he was in. Damon had examined him and found that under the bruised and gashed skin were broken ribs, a fractured shoulder, sprained knee and shattered hand. He was using an ability to heal Lucifers wounds but werewolf venom was making it difficult.
How did it get close enough to bite you, its an eight foot tall muscled beast, surely you heard it coming? Damon said; his eyes still locked on the wounds he worked on.
I was distracted, Lucifer explained, I was keeping an eye on Sylas when it jumped me from behind.
Did it give you a reason for its attack? Damon moved to a different wound.
No, but it was mature so it wasnt just childish game. Lucifer closed his eyes.
Are werewolves a problem? Aurora asked.
Yes, they live in packs but dont accept other creatures as allies; especially vampires. Damon explained.
So the legends about vampires and werewolves being enemies are true? She asked.
Very true, most vampires have been killed off by the werewolves. Infact, I need to warn Sylas. Is he still in the vampire form? Damon asked Lucifer.
Yes, hes surrounded by humans though. The werewolves dont want to harm the humans. He said without opening his eyes, Damon nodded and a knot that had formed in Auroras chest eased. The thought of a werewolf attacking Sylas was terrifying. Suddenly the phone in Damons pocket went off and the three of them jumped.
What? Damon demanded when he answered, his anger faded slightly and his eyes flashed to Aurora for a split second. After a few heartbeats he hung up without a word.
Was that the doctor? Aurora asked; her hands tightly clenched at her sides and her lungs empty. He nodded and she tried to swallow, but that was like trying to swallow a brick. What did he say?
The test came back, He said, But it was unreadable, like the test was saying maybe.
I didnt think that was possible. Auroras hands went to her stomach.
I didnt either. Damon said.
Uh, sorry but, Lucifer broke in, Whats going on? Damon looked at him with an emotionless face. His eyes slid to her.
Do you want him to know? He asked her, Aurora shrugged. She saw no harm in it. Lucifers eyebrows were raised; he knew it was something big.
As long as he can keep it a secret, She said.
Alright, Damon nodded and looked to Lucifer who was sitting up and waiting anxiously, Aurora may be expecting.
Expecting, as in... Oh! Lucifers eyes were wide, But sir, shes mortal! Its against our ways!
I dont care, Damon said, Im changing the old ways.
The elders would kill you both if they could, Lucifer said.
Yes, but they cant, now can they? Damon said and grabbed Auroras hand, Unfortunately love, its time for me to bring you to Sylas.
I thought that was tomorrow, She raised a brow.
Yes, but I have to warn him about the Lycan as soon as possible. And tomorrow I will have my hands full hunting the beast down. He kissed her cheek before teleporting them to the tree they were in before.
Now what? She whispered.
We wait, Damon said and sat down on the branch.


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