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Chapter 1 - Prolouge

This is RON and my Warriors fanfic. The prolouge was written by both of us, then we are gonna alternate writing chapters!! =P
Hope you like!! =D

Chapter 1 - Prolouge

Chapter 1 - Prolouge
Starlight illuminated a large clearing ringed by trees and ferns. A little black she-cat with striking blue eyes wound her way through the crowd of starry pelts. A grey and white tom waited for her in the center.
"Stonemask!" purred the black cat as she approached the starry tom. The two cats touched noses and the she-cat buried her nose in her old mentor's fur. “Does StarClan have anything to share with the clans?” As she spoke, the clearing went dark, the stars and moon shone no more and Stonemask got a faraway look in his eyes.
"Icegaze", he said
"Troubled times are coming,
'The four shall unite,
Sun and Moon will travel in dreams,
Ice and Snow will melt together,
And Death will take the lake'"
Stonemask started to fade, along with the rest of the cats.
“Stonemask! Don’t leave me yet! Who are the four? And who, or what, is Death?” Her words were spoken in vain, for the StarClan cats were gone already, leaving Icegaze alone in the dark clearing.
Icegaze sat up abruptly. Her ice-blue eyes snapped open. She looked around, none of the other medicine cats were awake yet. She was sitting at the edge of the Moonpool, a pool where stars were clearly reflected. Around her the others were stirring. Spottedtail of ThunderClan was the next awake. He looked troubled and his paws kneaded the floor impatiently. Soon Riverpelt from RiverClan and Ravenwing of ShadowClan were up as well and the four cats padded down the path back to their clans. Back in WindClan, Icegaze rushed to her leader's den and called out a greeting at the entrance, "Goldenstar! I have received a prophecy from StarClan. For the sake of all the clans we must figure it out!"
"Come in then!" replied Goldenstar. Icegaze padded into the den. Before her sat a ginger she-cat with beautiful hazel eyes. Icegaze wrapped her white-tipped tail around her paws and started telling Goldenstar all about her dream.

A celebration caused a vigil. Two cats sat down watching their Clan mates sleeping. The glossy white tom almost fell asleep but his friend kept waking him up. She was a black she-cat with one green eye and one silver eye. She was too excited to sleep. A moment later, their leader, a grey-blue she-cat, padded out of her den and gave them a signal that it was okay for them to talk now.
“I thought I would never taste air again!” the white tom exclaimed.
“You mouse brain! We were not supposed to talk, not to breathe!” she commented. “At least try to make some sense…”
“You’re one to talk!”
“True,” she agreed. They got up and then walked toward to the fresh-kill pile. She grabbed a large rabbit for them both. They shared it with gulping bites and finished it off quickly.
“Don’t you feel like anything is missing in your life?” the black she-cat asked. The white tom looked at her with concern. “Well? Do you?”
“Kind of. If I knew what you are talking about…” he trailed off, trying to sun himself.
“Did you even listen?” She asked in an irritated tone.
“Yes no, maybe so…”
She was disgusted by her friend’s attitude. He was acting just like if he were still an apprentice! “Whatever, I’m gonna go sleep.” She almost went to the apprentice’s den, then realized that she earned her warrior name and went to the warrior’s den.
“Hey, Mouse-brain,” laughed a brown-red she-cat. “You should’ve never earned your warrior name. You know why?” The black she-cat flinched. During gatherings, the brown-red she-cat always gave away ThunderClan’s secrets. “You’re the one that always faints. I bet a mouse that in right of the middle of a battle, you’ll pass out again and they’ll take your life as we know it, well I won’t miss you though,” As she finished, she got and stalked away to get a piece of fresh-kill.
The black she-cat sighed. She lied down, thinking if she were right to earn her warrior name… She let her dreams take her to a star-filled night. She felt the wind whispering in a soft voice.
“MoonLotus, drink the water…” She jumped, trying to find the voice that spoke to her. She did as she was told. As she drank, a shaft of moonlight shone upon her. She felt something tucked around her throat. MoonLotus awoke finding a collar around her neck. She tried to take it off. It didn’t break. Was she destined to be a kittypet? No, StarClan would be more reasonable than that… All that she knew, was that that the whole clan would be staring at her…


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icestorm on August 23, 2009, 7:02:35 AM

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icestormooh cool chapter!

Hamstar27 on August 23, 2009, 7:06:11 AM

Hamstar27 on
Hamstar27Thanxs! Ron's writing the next one!