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Chapter 3 - The Elements


Chapter 3 - The Elements

Chapter 3 - The Elements
Zienn walked boldly through the tunnel to Xiera's cave. It was a great honor to be invited to her home and very few ever did, and he felt proud of himself. His fur was a fiery red with black markings representing crescent moons, and small unique markings. No one dragon's pelt was the same.[p]

Zienn walked ahead of the other three, he was a show off an attention hog. Many would say he was dull headed for a dragon and he relied mainly on brute strength which also made him a sore loser. His eyes glowed with unhidden excitement and each step had a little bounce to it.[p]

As soon as he had recieved the news, he had leaped into the air and spread his feathered wings to preform somersaults and fancy twists.[p]


Vynt was behind him, his brown pelt shone with golden markings. His wild green eyes danced in the darkness, but he contained his excitement, pushing back into his mind. Deep inside, his heart was pounding so loud he was sure the others could hear it, but he pressed on full of determination.[p]

He would think about things before he acted and preferred to stay out of the spotlight, but this matter would not be ignored. His furrey tail swayed in annoyance as he tried to ignore the small voice telling him to turn back.[p]


Inara, an emerald female, was walking beside a crystally female know as Rite. They were chatting excitedly about what might happen.[p]

Inara preferred to rely on her speed for she was the fastest out of all the hatchlings. Her emerald pelt also had black markings and she wore a large smile. Her feathered wings folded and then spread as she walked towards their queen.[p]

Rite was a beautiful crystal blue dragon who loved to swim around in the rivers. She was a slight flirt and always tried to get Vynt to go somewhere with her alone, but always failed. She was covered in black markings and thought of Vynt as unique. She preferred not to get into a fight but if forced she would rely on her powers over rain and water.[p]

Together these dragons made their way into Xiera's cave and waited for their future.


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