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Just a light hearted dragon poem I wrote.

Poetry (C) Zonadow
Dragon, mountain, village, Story
Mystikal's a homeless crossbreed who finds life hard because of his appearance. He steals to survive but is soon haunted by a shadowy figure.

Everything (c) me (Amy)
I'm not very good at writing poems. But, I thought this was the best one I wrote. Enjoy.
this story is one in a million!
This all includes his story of downfall and how he will be reborn!
Nightmare was one of the original monsters in the beginning...he is a god of darkness...But in the end he was sealed away for the safety of everyone else. He has only one true form..
A work in progress, the more dragons adopted, the more info i get.
srry for the lame name. but here it is. my best works yet. I need 2 more dragon oc so if ya wanna be in it just ask!
OK... i been reading eragon and i want to write a dragon story... its kinda random i know but who cares????
I made this from the book "Fire star"
hope you like it ^^ kupo kupo!!!
this is one of the books in the series, it might take longer to finish because i just write when thing pop into my head.


Inspired by "Dragonrider" and the D'lacey dragon books.
My book! YAY=P orginally this was going to be just another story about a dragon and her family, but then i got into the Warriors series by Erin Hunter and it turned into the Dragon version of Warriors and i've only got a prologue, and 1 and a half
I just started this ^_^ Its a story of a lone ice dragon who has blocked out the outside world and killed many idiotic dragon nights that tried to tame him. I actually thought of writing this after i read a short story called 'The Ice Dragon'
Will embarks on a dangerous quest to find out about his father who he thought dead. He also plans to find out the history of Garin, the forsaken rider who was stolen from everything he loved and now lives, ageless, under the power of the strongest rider.
I am starting a series. The first book, Saffire, is what I'm writing now. Enjoy.
A fictional fantasy of Celia and a childhood promise she made to a 'dragon', which she forgets. Just a cute short story.
This poem is a result of how bored I can get on a Tuesday afternoon
This is a new one for you fantasy/magic/dragon/stuff fans! READ IT NOW!!!
ok this is a story me and my friend Taylor worked on together read the Prologue to find out what this story is about
right the heading is the answer for this 'riddle'...its my favourite creature there ever was, so, figure it out and enjoy