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Chapter 4 - The Queen, Xiera


Chapter 4 - The Queen, Xiera

Chapter 4 - The Queen, Xiera
The four hatchlings walked into a dim room with a few torches. At the far end was a lavender dragon with her back faced to them. Vynt was the first to recognize her as there queen and lowered his head.

The slim female turned around to face them, "welcome youngsters. You are all probably wondering why I have sent for you."

Each one nodded, but Zeinn spoke up, "are we to become warriors now?"

Vynt hissed at him to be quiet, but the queen only smiled, "no, you are to be sent on a journey."

Zeinn looked up at her, a large smile on his face. Rite and Inara gasped in surprise, but Vynt merely growled to himself.

"Does this not please you young Vynt?" The queen's expression danced with amusement and all eyes turned to him.

Vynt squared his shoulders and looked up boldly at the queen, "it suits me fine, but where to my queen?"

The queen smiled, "ah, where to you ask? To a land far beyond these mountains. You must travel to the land of the ice and snow, and you must persuade the dragons there to become our allies."

Vynt stiffened, "but is that not the home of the ice dragons? They lose their temper very easily my queen."

The queen gave him a knowing look, "I know, but it seems they may be the only ones to help us."

Vynt glared at the floor then looked up once more, "why send us?"

The queen smiled, "because I had a dream." With that she dismissed them and turned around to face a pool of water.


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Ouari on February 2, 2007, 7:18:01 AM

Ouari on
Ouarii love it :)

Hellzangel83 on February 2, 2007, 1:52:37 AM

Hellzangel83 on
Hellzangel83I personally love the queens attitude XD