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Chapter 2 - ~Part 2~

Akito made a mistake and fell in love. One day, his lover bumped into Hatori and found out about the curse. She couldn't take it and wished she could forget all about it. She got her wish the next day. Akito wondered what to do with the

Chapter 2 - ~Part 2~

Chapter 2 - ~Part 2~

Swallowed Up in the Sound of My Screaming

~Part 2~

When Kei saw Hatori coming out of the door, she started to babble, which was unusual for her. She asked very many questions. "Where are we going Hatori?" she asked.

"We're going to the high school down the street," he answered.

"What's a high school?" she questioned.

"A high school is where people go to learn."

"Is it private?"


"Do Kyo, Yuki, Hatsuharu, Momiji, and Tohru go there?"


"Why do they go there Hatori? They're members of the zodiac. Except for Tohru......"

"They go there to make friends."

"What are friends Hatori?"

This is the question that hurt Hatori most of all. He never thought that a girl wouldn't know what a friend is. That saddened him.

"Kei," he started, "A friend is a person who likes you for the way you are. They just want to have a pleasant time with you."

"I've never had a friend. Except for you Hatori, you're my friend." she said with a smile on her face. "She finally smiled..." Hatori thought.

The two stepped to the entrance of the school. Kei stood awed at how big the school was. "Wow," she mumbled. Hatori walked through the entrance and Kei followed right behind. Hatori stopped at a table under the awning. "Aren't we going in there to get them?" Kei asked.

"No Kei. School's not out yet." Hatori answered.

"They get out at a special time?"


Just then the bell rang and through the people, Kei could see orange hair stick out of the crowd. "That must be Kyo......" Kei muttered. Kyo walked up to them. He was about three inches taller than her. "Hey Hatori," he mumbled, sitting beside him.

"Hello Kyo," he replied, "Have you seen Yuki?"

"That nezumi? No." he anwered.

Just then a chair came flying out of the second floor window. "Hatori....." Kei said, stepping sideways so that the chair wouldn't hit her. The chair hit the pavement and cracked into peices. Hatori looked up to see which window it came out of and started for the classroom. Kei ran ahead of him. When she got to the room, she motioned Hatori to come over. What they saw was Hatsuharu in his black form. In front of him was a guy who had his fists raised, ready to fight. When Haru started to punch, Kei got in front of the guy and took the blow. She landed three feet away from him. She placed her hand to her cheek as a trickle of blood ran from the corner of her lip.


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YaoiPrincess on June 30, 2006, 7:05:04 PM

YaoiPrincess on
YaoiPrincessOMG! I LOVE your main character!KEEP UP!

synclaire232 on February 19, 2006, 4:27:09 PM

synclaire232 on
synclaire232it's better than others.

iluvanime on September 15, 2005, 10:30:31 AM

iluvanime on
iluvanime*gasp* more!!!

PirateSohma on August 18, 2005, 1:50:20 PM

PirateSohma on
PirateSohmaI love this story...! *hugs it*