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Chapter 1 - Prologue

A call from the abyss, the awakening of the forbidden… The chasm of darkness grows as he learns to love her, who is cursed by a demon… and the wings of shadow envelop him like a shroud. It is the beckoning of Winged Darknes… [LxZ] R&R! :D

Chapter 1 - Prologue

Chapter 1 - Prologue

Foreboding wind howled in the air as it curved around the frigid trees of the tall and dark wood. The leaves gave disturbing whispers as they hung on the branches shaped into crude forms. The wind continued to blow at the top of the trees and it worked its way down to their feet continuously howling. The branches swayed side to side, creaking, as the freezing wind pushed against them. Suddenly, one fell to the ground of dead leaves and was silenced. However, its stillness did not last long when someone laid a foot on top of it, and cracked it under his boot.

A cloaked figure walked in the forest, clutching his robe in the front, closing his chest off, in an attempt to hold the cold at bay. The leaves crunched under his feet, cracking and becoming mangled into odd shapes. His cloak blew backward as a sudden strong gust of wind blew and he looked up to find a small bald spot in the forest. However, on this bald spot was a stone platform surrounded by pillars of marvelous workmanship, but alas, it was withering away from the wind knocking against them. The man drew back his hood and looked to the center of this place. This man had fierce golden eyes that could frighten even the strongest of men and send chills down their spine. His hair was a fiery red while his skin was a shade of a sickly green.

He gave a crooked smile as he spotted an altar in the center of the stone platform. On this was a marvelous glowing stone, shedding a dark light into the forest, giving it an eerie feeling. Slowly he came forward and stopped himself when he was but a little distance away from where the glowing light would touch him. The cloaked man raised his right arm and snapped his fingers- the sudden sound echoing throughout the wood, disturbing the threatening conversation between the trees and the wind. As he did so, a dark light of his own was illuminated around just his right arm, as if to be shielding it. The man continued to step forward, closer and closer toward the stone.

At last he was within reach and he gently set his right hand onto the gem and gently lifted it so it would be lying within his palm. He gingerly curled his fingers around its smooth surface and covered it entirely so only light was coming through the cracks between his fingers. The cloaked figure smiled- it had worked. Savoring his victory, he opened his hand and looked upon the glowing star which lay on his palm. He admired its beauty, and grew anxious to put it to use.

However, the thoughts of his plans were cut short when he had heard flapping in the air. The man looked up and scowled to find flying figures coming toward him. They had discovered his intentions. Just as they were about to swoop down and grasp him, with a wave of his left hand, the man cast a temporary invisable barrier. They were warded off long enough for him to escape with the stone and start heading toward the boundries of the forest. It wasn't long until he heard the continuous flapping of wings behind him, however. The man began to pick up his pace. He was not going to give up this stone... he had been anticipating this moment for far too long...

The forest was now howling and roaring, now sensing the disturbance in its midst. Now everything became uneasy and tense as the chase was dragged on. The man looked ahead to find a barrier just at the boundry of the forest. Blast! He had hoped it would stay open when he had broken in before. He crossed his fingers after he had waved his left hand to open the barrier, hoping it would work as well as his right. To his relief, it had worked and there was an opening for him to go through. He leapt forward and crossed the barrier and into the quiet stillness outside the cursed forest which spoke against the safe havens of the world. The man looked back and smiled- he had lost the stone's flying guardians.

He crawled behind a large rock to rest a bit. The use of all this magic to break even more powerful spells wore him out. The man sat back, leaning his back against the rock and sighed with relief. Once again he opened his palm to find the stone, safely in his hand and still intact. He was delighted at the thoughts of his plans to use this marvelous thing. Just as he was about to stand up, the light around his right arm was overpowered by the darkness of the star and it smothered it, putting it out. Suddenly the man felt a stinging pain in his right arm, dropping the stone to the ground and quickly standing up.

He clutched to his arm, which seemed to shake violently, inflating and deflating in various places. Surges of energy dashed throughout his right arm as he continued to squeeze it with his left. Eventually he fell to his knees a ways away from the stone and leaned forward, putting almost all his weight onto his arm, trying to cease the strange phenomenon. Eventually it had eased after a blue fire had surrounded it temporarily and went out, leaving a cloud of smoke rising from it and an unpleasent sizzling sound. The man cursed under his breath as he lifted his gaze from his arm to the gem which lay on the ground.

It had glowed a bit brighter to the point where it had flashed and beams of dark light shot from it. Suddenly glowing orbs began to fly into the air and disperse from each other off into all directions. Eventually, the last orb had at last dashed off into the distance and the star at last dimmed its glow, but still its eerie presence remained. Now the man slowly stood to his feet, still keeping his eyes on the stone. He would not touch it again, for he did not want to become tainted even further with its dark light. However, it annoyed him that he had come this far only to have the stone slip out of his grasp. He turned his back to the stone and looked back at it one last time before running off into the shadows of the night, the wind blowing and howling, as if mocking the man to have disturbed the power of this one star.


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