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Chapter 7 - A Thing Such As a Sword

A call from the abyss, the awakening of the forbidden… The chasm of darkness grows as he learns to love her, who is cursed by a demon… and the wings of shadow envelop him like a shroud. It is the beckoning of Winged Darknes… [LxZ] R&R! :D

Chapter 7 - A Thing Such As a Sword

Chapter 7 - A Thing Such As a Sword
A Thing Such As a Sword

Link delicately held the sword with both his hands, observing it as if he was an archeologist studying an ancient relic. It caught the morning light in its steel net, and reflected it brilliantly off its blade and onto Link’s face. He slightly moved his hands, causing it to glimmer slightly and cast moving rays of light on Link’s pale skin. Two essences… A sword created from two souls. Of course Link had not even seen such a thing let alone heard of the idea. What was he to do with such a thing? The more Link observed the double edged blade, the more oblivious he found himself to be. He glanced over at his side to find the sheath Zelda had given him, decorated with elaborate designs of wood shavings and engravings onto a rosewood surface. He gently brushed his fingers against it before he had gripped it with one hand and lifted it in front of him. The morning light that came from the blade came to a sudden stop when Link had slipped the sword into the sheath, hearing a smooth shing.

Link stood up, strapping the sheath to his back, accompanying the quiver and bow, then wrapped his cloak around his shoulders. Pulling the gloves down against his wrists, he walked to the door of his room. Opening the door to the hallway, he found that it wasn’t twisted in such a way that it would turn his stomach, seeing the morning light shining from behind him and touching the walls. He stepped out, hearing only the echo of his boots run down the hallways. Silence, peace, and stillness. The walls stood at attention, remaining still and firm and the statues stared at Link as he passed. Walking from the west wing, Link made his way into the main hall.

The hall stood just as it did when Link had first arrived at the castle. Little light coming through the windows and barely obscuring the floor, statues with faces of lonliness but eyes carrying peace… the room had a feeling of solitude engraved in its walls. Link trotted down the steps that he had climbed before and approached the two large doors he had passed through the day before. Placing both his hands on the large ring hanging from the wood, he pulled himself backward. A crack of light emerged as the doors were cast ajar. Link squeezed himself through the small opening and there was Zelda before him on the cobblestone pathway, holding onto the reins of a white mare with Epona next to her as well.

“It took you quite some time to get down here.” Zelda smiled, “Did you loose your way?”

“Hardly.” Link said closing the door and approaching Epona. He was sure to squint away from Zelda, knowing himself that he still had a hard time navigating around the castle without Zelda. It was to be expected, he had spent only one night at the castle.

Zelda wore a dark cloak with a golden engraving on the back, flowing down to the tips hemmed with black seams. Though her hood was down, a violet scarf with golden seams was tied in a way to where it almost obscured her mouth, and covered the pin that held the cloak around her neck and over her shoulders. Streams of her golden hair flowed down over her cloak, going here and there in an unorganized manner at will. She mounted her horse and Linked mimicked her action by mounting Epona. However, he had caught Zelda’s attention in the way he had done so.

“You seem to be a skilled rider.” Zelda said with slight amazement in her voice.

“I was the one in the village that had the duty of training the horses… before I was banished.” Link said and wondered who would take his place now.

Zelda grunted and approached a tree, snapped off a small branch, and threw it at Link— hitting him directly on the side of his head. Dashing from his world of daydreams, he put his hand to where the branch had hit him and he flinched from the sharp pain.

“Ouch!” He exclaimed.

“What did I tell you about being so serious like that?”

Link turned toward her and smiled, realizing his fault, and still rubbing his head, “You’re right, I’m sorry.” He had given up trying to not allowing himself to be tossed around by her. However, since Zelda was a woman, she held his ropes as easily as a child plays with their doll, though it irritated him a bit. Curse chivalry! He thought.

Zelda eyed him once more, then finally turned her horse and proceeded forward. Link quickly caught up and rode by her side. Once again… there was silence. Link failed to remember the last situation similar to this for a while, but was quick to react when he saw a slight twitch in Zelda’s eye.

“So how far is the Forest of Twilight?” Link quickly said, bringing the small talk.

“Forest of Twilight?” Zelda replied, “Well, if we want to go there we have to visit the Rito Tribe first. Only they know the secrets of it… I myself have never set foot in the forest. It may appear on a map, but when passing over it, to the eye of one who doesn’t know its secrets sees a mere plain. As for how long it should take— if I had my wings, it would be a day, but since I’m with a common folk, it should take about a week… maybe longer.”

Just as Zelda had finished, the two rode out of the castle gates and found themselves on the plains with clouds strolling along the surface, as if nothing had happened before. No dark shadows hung overhead, and there was no trace of evil to be seen anywhere in sight. Birds were in the sky, and a deep calmness resided on the winds. The sky reflected in his eyes, Link gazed around himself, his hair shining under the sun, and he smiled. Zelda glanced at him.

“I didn’t know you were capable of smiling.”

“Oh, it’s just…” Link started observing the fascinating sights he normally wouldn’t see at his home, “After last night, I’ve come to appreciate this more. A peaceful world is far more pleasing…”

“Don’t grow too fond of it.” Zelda began, “For if we don’t do anything about that stone in your chest… Winged Darkness will have its way, and consume everything for the sake of existence.”


The two traveled for hours and hours with only a short stop for some bread and cheese for lunch, but immediately afterward, they continued. Link started conversation after conversation with Zelda, partly wanting not to have her explode on him again, and partly wanting to know her. She was like a wall of cement blocking his way, no way to break it or make an impression on it. She barely said a word, however— the only thing Link learned was that she enjoyed the sounds of creeks.

Link had known this because along the road of their journey, sometime in the late mid-afternoon, they had come upon a forest with a creek running between its rocks and slipping around the ground’s lips. She gave a slight twitch of the muscle. Slight… but it was a smile for sure. Eventually they came to a little spot between two trees by the flowing waters. Zelda pulled in front of Link, stopped her horse beside one of the trunks, and dismounted. Link followed as she began to unstrap the blanket from her horse’s back.

“We’re setting up camp?” Link inquired, “But it’s not even evening!”

“You are beginning to enter a world that is far different than your own, and believe me it is best if we travel only by day… only day. It is not very appeasing to one to travel even in the evening, because twilight is the beginning of the smothering of light. So it’s best to set up camp now.”

Link paused for a moment, “What in the world is she talking about?” Link asked himself, “Are there giant wolves roaming these woods?”

However, Link brought his blanket down as well and laid it next to Epona. Zelda laid hers by the creek— somewhat of a distance away from Link’s. She stood up, brushing her cloak behind her shoulders and revealing her strange attire, and began to walk off.

“I’ll gather some firewood.”

“No, let me.” Link said pulling himself in front of her, “I don’t think you should be doing such a task.”

Zelda eyed him strangely, shrugged her shoulders and walked back toward the tree closest to her blanket and sat down, her back leaning against it, “Do as you wish.”

Link turned around… Curse chivalry! He quickly paced away and plunged himself into the forest. Link was half-relieved to be alone and not having to worry about brining up small talk with Princess Zelda. She wasn’t like any other girl in the village he met, that was for sure; and whenever he heard stories about the Glistening Princess, he thought of a woman of grace, flowing beauty, and a princess fit with manners. I wonder what her face looks like? Now he knew. And though she had graceful movements and was indeed beautiful— her personality was anything but princess-like. Though unlike when Link spoke with the other girls in his home village, he did not feel as uptight and strained as when he talked with Zelda. It began that morning actually. His stomach began to shake a little and his chest grew a little heavy. It wasn’t because of her being a princess either… he couldn’t place his finger on it… Was it because of her curse? Ever since that night, Link’s vision became unclouded to reality. Link dove out of his thoughts when he almost tripped over a piece of wood lying on the ground.

“Ah! This’ll do! Now if only there were more like this…” Link took the piece of wood in his arms and began to scan the ground for more like it.

It had been an hour before Link had returned to the camp made in the late afternoon, and in his arms he carried firewood that almost went passed his head. Zelda raised her head and watched Link’s every move like a hawk, and watched him stumble. However, no matter how much Link stumbled, she would not rise to her feet and help him. Somehow she thought it amusing, and she dared not impede on her entertainment. Rude, yes… but she didn’t realize it. Link plopped the wood in the center of their camp and huffed a couple of breaths, looked up at Zelda, and smiled.

“Thank you.” She said calmly, but not returning his smile, “That should last us the whole night.”

Link sighed and began to gather rocks and place them in a circle. When he was satisfied with the placement of the stones, he positioned the firewood in a way to where there was plenty of space at the bottom then he placed the extra wood to the side.

“I won’t light the fire now.” Link said, “After all… the sun is still up!”

“Ha!” Zelda replied jokingly, “Well, pardon me! You didn’t have to gather firewood and set it up right away!”


“Don’t!” Zelda simply said pointing and with that Link was quiet.


Link seated himself on his blanket then glanced at the sheathed sword at his side. To entertain himself, he drew it from its sheath and watched it glisten in the sunlight. He let the blade fall and slide through the air. Woosh! He let it fall again. Woosh! Link began to swing the sword back and forth, almost hitting trees and slashing the tops of bushes. Zelda watched him for a little bit, but began to grow uneasy and irritated at his lack of technique and style. She then rose to her feet and approached Link, who continued to swing his sword obliviously.

The man was so fascinated and caught up with his sword that he was not aware of Zelda’s approaching. When he turned and swung his sword. Zelda seemed to bring out a sword from nowhere and proceeded to block it. Link was a bit startled from the sudden clang! Zelda chuckled.

“Have you even handled a sword before?” She asked.

“No, I’m afraid not.” Link began, “I’m rather skilled with a bow, though.”

“Well, just being skilled at the bow is not good enough.” She began, circling him, “You will eventually have to engage in hand-to-hand combat.” Zelda distanced herself from him and from the camp, twirling her rapier with a slight motion of her wrist, “Come at me.” She said.

Link hesitated for a bit, trying to register her intentions. Shortly after she had nodded at him, he proceeded forward in a small run, his sword raised over his head. Zelda waited for the strike, and when Link swung downward, she lifted the rapier and blocked it with ease. Then hearing the large clang, she moved to the side, slipping Link’s blade off hers and struck the flat part of her rapier onto Link’s side. Link quickly placed a hand where she had struck him and backed away from her.

“See? You don’t have technique or style.” Zelda sighed and smiled, “So I guess I’ll teach you some basics then…”

Zelda grabbed Link’s arm and helped him stand straight up on both his feet. She stepped back as Link wiped the bits of pine needles and grass on his clothes. Zelda placed the tip of her rapier in the ground and faced Link, both hands resting on the hilt of her sword.

“You’re leaving yourself wide open.” She began, “You must know who is on the defensive or offensive at all times. Be aware of your actions… think ahead.

“When you charged at me, I easily evaded, but you didn’t realize the fact that you had gone to the defense… and since you didn’t realize that, you were left wide open. Never leave your back open to the enemy.” She swung her sword upright and backed away from Link, “So what you need to do is block more, so you don’t leave yourself wide open. When doing so, your blade is usually perpendicular to your opponent’s. Now…” Zelda moved her body into a stance, “Come at me!”

Link mimicked his previous move and charged toward the ever so still Zelda. He swung downward, and she quickly dashed to the side, this time not clashing her blade with his. Link found his chance and began to swirl around for another strike, but Zelda had slapped the flat side of her sword on his stomach.

“That time you were too slow.” She stated then commanded, “Again…”

Link came after her, repeating his same execution. He found himself doing this many times. Over and over again… like an hourglass being flipped over only to find its reflection below it, repeating its actions. Link panted and panted after a while and he found himself kneeling after every attempt, to gain some lost energy. Zelda would then urge him to stand, and he would charge after her again. Hours had crawled by and Link found himself collapsed on a bunch of pine needles— exhausted— as if every fiber of his energy was rung dry.

“Is that all your capable of?”

Link twitched on the ground and tried to lift himself. He began to think that learning this was all pointless. Why was Zelda so hard on him? He had his bow… Why would he need these skills when Zelda had her rapier? He had stopped attempting to lift himself, and crashed on the ground, a few pine needles flying in the air as he did.

“Do you wish to fail again?” Zelda’s voice began to evolve from the carefree, soft tone to a stern one, “Do you want to relive that day you keep raging on about? That one day that makes you so serious all the time?”

Link lifted his head— the memories were rushing back to them.

“Think about it,” Zelda began, “what if the ones you love or will eventually love suddenly fall into danger’s grip, and they turn to you? Will you abandon them? A mere bow cannot save what you wish to keep safe. If you have true courage, you will face your enemy eye-to-eye and guard those you wish to protect. If you don’t, then you will relive that day you were banished.”

Link had risen to his feet and used his sword to balance himself. Slowing his breathing, he looked to Zelda, clinging on the hilt of his sword, burying the blade in the ground. This time Zelda had charged toward Link, though she was much more controlled and graceful, however when she had met him, he had blocked her attack and swung his sword around to counter. Zelda had ducked from the flying blade and went in for another strike, but to her surprise, she found that Link had blocked that attack as well and while she lay in awe, he swirled around and threw his blade through the air. Then he had stopped at the point where he would have struck her.

“That’s the idea.” Zelda smiled.

“When you put it that way…” Link began, “I can’t afford to fail again.”

Zelda looked to the sky and saw it painted with a swirling color of orange and red, making it seem that the tips of the trees were on fire. She sheathed her sword, separated herself from Link, and brought her cloak over her chest again.

“The sun dies. You can build that fire now” Zelda stated as she began to walk away, “I need to take care of a few things… I’m not sure when I’ll return, but wait for me until then. And make sure the fire stays lit the whole night.”

So there stood Link, alone and watching Zelda disappear between the shadows of the trees. When she had gone into the midst of them and to the point where he could see her no more, he turned toward the dried wood and began to scratch two rocks together, causing sparks to fly into the air.

As the hours died into each other and eventually fell into the night, Link found himself staring into a blaze with his cloak wrapped around him for warmth and Zelda still had not returned. Epona lay next to him, with her muzzle resting on his shoulder. The crackling flames accompanied the sounds of the distant crickets, the howling wind, and the birds of the night. The orange light brushed Link’s face and danced around in his eyes. It moved as if it were a hand twiddling its fingers and waving to the sky. Link sighed.

“We’re so far from home, Epona… this is the farthest away I’ve ever been.” He exclaimed, “And yet, the sounds of the night here resemble those from home.”

Epona snorted and wiggled her head.

“Perhaps that’s the wind’s gift to us… It’s carrying the village’s voice.” Link looked up to the sky, “We’ll hear it, no matter how far we travel on this journey.” Link’s eyes slowly grew heavy and he fell into a black stream of unconsciousness.


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