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Chapter 1 - Chapter One

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 1 - Chapter One

Chapter 1 - Chapter One

Chapter One

"Huh?" Sandy jumped guiltily from the mirror, "Uh, what?"
"Um, do you want the last pizza piece?" Her sister asked.
"Er, no you can have it."
"Thanks," her sister trotted back upstairs. Sandy turned back to the mirror and made one more face. What she had been doing was practicing. Practicing what you may ask? Practicing the expressions essential for Junior High; sarcasm, skepticism, and plain out huh!? Yup, she was ready for school all right.
Sandy stared intensely at the mirror and wiggled her eyebrows slightly. 'Sandy' was the appropriate name for her shock of dirty blonde hair. It was, of course, thick and unmanagable, but a simple ponytail could rid her of that laborious job. She rested her hand on her chin and rapped two of her fingers across her lips. She narrowed her sea-green eyes. The perfect 'I'm listening, but I'm not a total loser creep like my sister, so I actually don't care much.' look.
She didn't exactly know what she was preparing for. She would be going to school with the exact same friends as last year, after all. What would they care what she looked like? Her friends weren't superficial at all.
Speaking of her friends, she couldn't wait to see Carly again! Carly, with her frizzy red hair and thick, horn-rimmed glasses that slid down her nose constantly. Carly and the way she scrunched up her face when Sandy wasn't paying attention in class. Carly and her quotes that she got from famous poets and authors. Carly and her ever-present pile of books at least as tall as she was. Sandy missed her alot.
And her other friend, Randy Isaacs. He hated his first name, so they just called him 'Izzy'. He was a dork, all in all. A total dork convinced he knew everything. He looked like a total dork, too, so he had nothing going for him. But he was funny, so Carly and Sandy liked him. Sandy laughed as she remembered how they all met. It was in the first grade, and Sandy was going to a different school than all her kindergarten friends, so she was really worried about meeting someone. She had sat down next to Carly at lunch because Sandy had liked, and still did like, her vibrant hair. Carly, even at that young age, was whirling away on a PDA of some sort.
"Hi, I'm Sandy." Sandy had said, giving a smile.
Carly looked up and smiled a braced smile back. Sandy had instantly fallen in love with the shiney metal braces, and wished with all her might that she might get smacked in the mouth with a softball or something so she would need them, too.
"I'm Carly."
At that moment, a little boy in a red jumper ran up to them, holding out his lunch tray. Izzy had wild, jet black hair now, but back then it was really light. Without a word, he sat down next to them. Truthfully, he thought Carly was cute and wanted to impress her. And the best way to impress a girl, said his six-year-old mind, was to stick corn up his nose. It made Sandy throw up, but Carly couldn't stop laughing and once Sandy finished burying her face into a paper bag, they were friends ever since.
The doorbell ring snapped Sandy out of her daydream. She looked at the clock. Nine thirty. They had started dinner late! ...but more importantly...who would come ringing someone's doorbell this late at night?


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