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Chapter 2 - Chapter Two

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 2 - Chapter Two

Chapter 2 - Chapter Two
Chapter Two

Sandy sat brooding in her room. If only she could keep her mouth shut! Her mom and dad were lovely people, but even the lovliest have fights. And the stranger at the door had sparked a fight that had been coming for a LONG time. GOSH! Her mind exploded, why why why on earth did you have to open your mouth????????
Sandy was not a person that could keep things to herself, she lacked alot in self restraint, especially when it came to opinions. It had been cute when Sandy was 2 or 3 when she said, "I think that looks like puke." But then she got older and it was no longer cute, only irksome. And tonight it hadn't been irksome, it had been a spark to one of the worst family fights ever.
She thought it wouldn't matter if she said, 'who the heck would be calling at this late hour?' But it had to Dad, everything mattered to him, and Lindsey, Charlie, and Cammy had stayed out of it. They always did, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SMART ONES!!!!!!!!!! Thought Sandy. Cammy was the youngest, a small skinny blonde in 4th grade, then Sandy and Effel, identical twins, came in, tall and gangly with unmanageable sandy brown hair in 8th grade, then Lindsey, a short tan brunette in 9th grade. And finally Charlie, who was tall and gangly like Sandy and Effel with the same unmanable sandy brown hair that adorned Sandy's head. But it looked oh so much better on him, thought Sandy.
Cammy, Lindsey, and Charlie were peaceful people, for that matter Effel was too, but being the loyal twin that she was she had backed up Sandy.
"Hey." Effel came into the room. Just her presence made Sandy feel a bit better.
"Oh Ef I have such a big mouth! Why can't I keep anything to myself????"
"It's okay Sands, everyone will be over it by tomorrow."
"I know, but theres still tonight."
Effel smiled sympathetically. Sandy and Effel looked so much alike that their mom and dad sometimes got them confused.
But not tonight, thought Sandy bitterly. They know who had the war spirt and who had the peaceful manner.
"When does vollyball start?" Sandy asked her sister wearily. She was suddenly so very tired.
"Next week sometimes, I'm not sure." That was thing with Effel and sports, she was never sure about them. Sandy was the athletic one. Probably the reason Sandy had been so feisty tonight was she hadn't had practice of anything.
She played every sport that allowed girls and alot that didn't. She had wicked athletic skills. But Effel, being someone peaceful was content to the half hour of P.E. they had everyday.
"Ugh." Said Sandy, tired and weary. Her sister stood up to leave.
"I'll tell Charlie todo that thing that he does. The smoothing things over thing thats exactly the opposite of what you do."
Sandy smiled and rolled over on the bed. "Thanks." She said.
And Effel left.
Sandy pressed her head into the pillows and stared at her ceiling. Those little plastic, glow-in-the-dark stars were littered across it. Most of them had faded, but a few were glowing dimly. Sandy had wanted to be an astronaut when she was younger, but now she wasn't so sure. She was athletic, and she would love to get a scholarship, but she was also uncertain about which sport was her favorite. She had spread herself so thin already, with all the activities.
She popped her knuckle boredly. Her frustration was just starting to retreat and give way to the utter boredom of being confined to one's room when Charlie appeared in her doorway.
"Hey." He said in his cool-as-a-cat way.
"Hey." Sandy said. Her voice was still alittle thick.
Charlie sat beside her and smoothed her hair back from her brow. She wondered why he bothered, as it fell back into place almost immediately, but it made her feel better all the same.
"You okay?"
"Doesn't sound like it."
"Just wondering about that guy who came to the door." Sandy said.
"We're having dinner with him, but alas, you've been banished." Banished was what he called it when she was sent to her room for the night.
"Mom's sending Cammy up with some food later."
"Sure." Sandy said, then put up a high-pitched, girly voice, "We'll give her time to cool down!"
Charlie saw that coming, "Translation: I don't want to be associated with that smart-alec peice of hair with the girl attached."
It was a game she and her brother played. She would mock someone saying something that got on her nerves, and he would do the translation. Charlie smoothed her hair back one more time, again in vain, then patted her back and left. Then his head popped back through the doorway, "Thursday, the second week of school. Three forty to five o'clock, Volleyball tryouts. Come and join the fun!"
Then he was gone. Sandy laughed. Charlie had a photographic memory, and loved to flaunt it in admittedly conciderate ways. But now she was bored again. She rose silently and, with her conscience nagging her, made her way down the stairs and into the alcove near the dining room. 'Eavesdropping is wrong!' Carly and Effel would say in perfect unison.
...Carly and Effel weren't here.


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