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Chapter 6 - Chapter Six

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 6 - Chapter Six

Chapter 6 - Chapter Six
Chapter Six

Sandy hated everybody. She hated everybody except Mr. Momo, her cat. Because Mr. Momo didn't try to make her feel better or worse. He just meowed and purred and was cat-like. And at times when you hate everybody, a cat-like object (hopefully the cat-like object is a cat...) is very comforting.
Every so often, over the loud blare of music, someone would come to the door. First it was Lindsy, being awfully sympathetic. Then Cammy, with a message from Mom. Then mom herself, trying to comfort Sandy through a closed door. Then Dad and Effel trying to be kind and nice.
But Charlie never came. Sandy didn't mind too much. She was busy packing for school tomorrow and turning up the volume on her stereo. Rock music, thought Sandy, is a wonderful invention. Indeed it was, and if it was turned up loud enough, no one could hear her scream...
Sandy woke up early the next morning. Her bag was packed and everything ready, but still at four in the morning she couldn't get back to sleep. She decided to remove her screen and play soccer at the field half a mile away. No one would know, and if they figured it out... well Sandy didn't really care at the moment. So she put on cleats and got everything together and snuck out through her window.
She returned, two hours later, happy and dirty, and smelling of grass. When she collapsed on the couch in the study, she heard someone come in. Sandy froze, it was clearly evident she had been playing soccer! But it was only Charlie. Sandy only partially relaxed. She knew Charlie would not tattle, but he now had this knowledge as blackmail. Sandy knew that they weren't on speaking terms...
"Good-morning Charlie! How are you? I'm excitedly happy since I'm heading off to freak school this morning!" Sandy never really paid attention to rules.
Charlie did not answer, he turned around and trudged back into his room.
Evil, thought Sandy, and then she headed toward the bathroom to take a shower.
An hour later Sandy was sitting at breakfast with the dreadful feeling of complete and utter tension.
"Good morning family!" Said her dad brightly. There was dad trying to be cheerful.
Sandy thought about her comment, she thought about what a bad idea it was and how much trouble she would get into for saying it. She said it anyways.
"Hello Dad! Or really this is good-bye because I won't see you for a week? I'm actually not going to miss you, I really don't have any sympathy because you're sending me off to freak school because of a talent you've never told me about. So yeah, whats so good about this morning?" Sandy finished her speech, and awful as it was she saw a flicker of a smile across the table. Charlie.
But the moment was gone and blank shocked faces were what Sandy saw. No one said anything and the rest of the breakfast was eaten in silence.
Sandy climbed into the car with her mom. She started the car, and like breakfast, the ride was driven in silence. In half an hour the large grey building was seen.
"That's Comerick's." Said her mother nervously.
"School for Unfortunate Talents." Sandy finished, "Key word being unfortunate."
My big mouth, thought Sandy, but she didn't really regret it as they drove up to the twisting black gate.
"Er, Hello!" Said her mother brightly, "We're here to enroll Sandy Rockwell at Cormerick's."
The gatemaster looked at Sandy sadly, and then, as if readying someone for execution, he opened the gate.


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