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Chapter 8 - Chapter Eight

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 8 - Chapter Eight

Chapter 8 - Chapter Eight
Chapter Eight

Sandy was beginning to get a hang of her endowment. She could bend practically any weather to her will. And Sandy learned that elementals had very powerful endowments. Sandy could actually understand her life a bit better now because of this weird...thing...she could do. And where her temper had come from.... and gone now.....
Sandy, who had once been a very, shall we say, energetic person, was now happy and bubbly and really jumpy, but there was a part of her missing. The angry frustrated part was showing up less and less frequently. Sandy actually didn't notice it until her first trip home, which was the first weekend. She didn't stay with Lizzie, who was okay with it, but went home to her family. After all, there were to be plenty more weekends when she would stay. Particularly because detentions were on the weekends.
Upon reaching her family, Sandy felt the old frustrated part return to her. She hadn't noticed its absence until then. Did it have to do with her element? Or what? Sandy was confused, but she bit back on the angry bit of her as best she could and tried to enjoy her family's company. Still, after only a little bit of time she realized that the trip home had been a big mistake. Charlie was still icey with her, even though he was speaking. Her family was family, acting the same, except to her because she had this wierd, freaky endowment.
All in all, it was one of the rather more unpleasant times of her life.
Before Sandy had left she had made a remark to her parents that there were extra classes on the weekends, and asked if maybe she could stay? And her parents said yes, she could. Not even a 'come home please sandy?' or a 'We miss you!'
Not from Lizzie, not from Cammy, and not even from Effel, her own twin! And Charlie...well, there had only been one conversation between them worth mentioning. Late at night in the study, the day before Sandy went back.
"Hey." Sandy had muttered as Charlie walked into the room. Sandy had been desperately wishing that she were back at Cormerick's, however unpleasant... it couldn't be worst than this...
"Hi." And it seemed that there would be no more but there was, "Sandy?"
Sandy turned around, "You're vocabulary to me has grown. One word."
Charlie ignored her comment, Sandy was always giving cynical comments like this. "It sucks here at home with you gone. Believe it or not you were the balance beam. You and Me against the rest."
"But..." Sandy was amazed, Charlie was talking to her again, so suddenly, and complementing her! "But it dosen't even out 2 against 4."
"Yeah, but it worked somehow. I think it may have something to do with..." He trailed off.
Suddenly Sandy was blazing again. "Go ahead Charlie, say it! I'm not deformed. I just have a wierd ability! And dad has it, too! Say it! You all treat me like I'm some sort of freak since I have this wierd gift, and it's really been the same all my life. I was wierd because I had a twin and we never talked. Because I rocked at sports better that most boys. Because, when I had Effel, I chose you over her. Say it Charlie!"
A breeze swept through the room. Sandy had ruined it again, and she knew it immediately. Charlie stood up and went into his room, and from the hole of rock > posters and dirty clothes she heard his voice.
"Your talent Sandy, your talent."
And dully Sandy thought, I can't wait to get back to school.
The drive back on Monday was no better than the previous one, even though Effel came with Sandy this time. Effel had decided to do Sandy's hair, and it was making them both late, so Effel just came along.
Sandy winced as Effel brushed her mane of thick hair back as though hacking down some weeds. All the while her twin kept her distance, as though Sandy had some chicken pox or poison ivy.
As if Sandy didn't feel bad enough at this point, she realised that her friends Carly and Izzy hadn't even E-mailed her the whole week. That bubbling anger was rising up in her again, and it was worsened when it started to rain and her mother gave her a glare like it was all her fault. Even though it was, it wasn't exactly. Sandy didn't TRY to make it rain, it just did!
With a moody expression, her mother pursed her perfectly glossed lips and flicked on the windshield wipers. At this point, Sandy almost laughed at the ridiculousness of it all, I mean, how many mothers blamed their kids for making it rain? and then Effel yanked back on her hair and all she felt was pain.
Effel finished as they pulled into Cormerick's driveway. Sandy stared up at the cool gray building. It seemed less menacing than it had. Despite the guys who sat behind her in poetry analysis, who Anne Marie had hired to make Sandy's life suck because her poem had been a hit, Cormerick's wasn't that bad. In fact, Sandy was glad to be out of the car and in front of the large wooden door again. Oh yes, detention or not she was going to be staying this weekend.
Or would she? Charlie had said it sucked without her...maybe she should go home...
Then the car door slammed behind her without so much as a goodbye from her mother or twin, and Sandy's mind was made up.


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