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Chapter 9 - Chapter Nine

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 9 - Chapter Nine

Chapter 9 - Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine

Sandy was back in Poetry Analysis. She somehow rocked at this class. Every kid has their dream of what they want to be when they grew up. Sandy had wanted to be Mia Hamm's best friend, but she had later been informed that a best friend was not an occupation. Charlie had wanted to be a rockstar, though he sucked at playing guitar. And Effel had wanted to be a lawyer. Perfect little Effel in her perfect little world. But actually before that Effel had wanted to be a writer. Unfortunately, Sandy had no qualms about telling her that she sucked. So she did. And Effel hadn't spoken to her for a week. But Effel really had sucked at writing, her stories were all shallow plot and really pretty stupid.
Sandy had never really tried that hard at writing because she thought school was pretty stupid, and she spent all her time playing sports. But now she was actully trying and, well...she was really good!
The day has dawned
The morning is here
The world is awakened
You're destiny's clear
Sandy shook her head, wierd things were happening in there. As if on cue, Lizzie voice appeared.
"How on earht are you so good at that?"
"I dunno, its wierd, I just think of things and a poem will come along. Uh, Lizzie, I was just wondering.. I thought you read minds, not the whole telepathic communication thing..."
"Well, I'm not very good at it, I've sort of picked it up over the years. But it's really hard, the shallower the mind, the harder to communicate. It's easy with you though. Reading your head is harder because its so complex, however. You sure had one heck of a childhood, that's for sure."
Somehow, Sandy felt complimented.
Meanwhile Korey, the very tall person was a different story completely. He was in the year ahead of Sandy, but he was endowed. When Sandy had asked him with what, he hadn't really replied. Sandy was getting kind of personal about her endowment, too. She wasn't telling anybody, because her own twin was shunning her. It was evident, though, Sandy's gift. There was always a breeze where ever Sandy was. And you could normally tell her mood by the weather outside.
Despite its strangeness, life at Cormerick's was getting more normal, or as normal as it could be. All in all Sandy figured it wasn't that bad. She hadn't gone home for a month, and didn't feel too bad about it. Actually, she figured that the family was getting on alot better without her. Sandy had selfishly hoped that home was going to be a wreck with her gone, but facing facts it probably wasn't, and Charlie, well...too bad, so sad. She wasn't that upset about it.
This time it wasn't in her head. She turned around.
"What Korey?"
"Um, outside...." He trailed off.
Sandy realized that she had let her mind drift to far. It was hailing outside, hail the size of basket balls!
"Ooops." Said Sandy.Well...maybe she cared, a little.
The hail stopped and Korey gave her one of his wolfish smirks. Sandy noticed that his teeth were pointed slightly.
"Braces snag?" She asked. Korey gave her a confused look, and then recovered.
"Carly had that happen, luckily the tooth she chipped wasn't a permanent one."
"...Sure." Korey mumbled an excuse into his shirt and turned away. Sandy was used to him doing that and she returned to her poems without any second thoughts.
The path is not beaten,
It has only its voice.
Only those who can listen,
Are given a choice.
Sandy liked this one second best, so she stuck it in her notebook too. All her poems that snapped to her like that were all about pathways and destinies. The poetry teacher seemed to like it, so she had kept it up.
She took a deep breath. Since it was getting closer to Halloween, the kitchens had began giving off a delightful, spicey aroma that she could smell even in the classroom. Sandy looked around at her fellow unfortunately bestowed classmates and grinned inwardly. The costumes were going to be out of this world at Cormerick's, that was for sure.
Her wandering thoughts were broken as the bell rang. Off to science! She and Lizzie went their seperate ways and Sandy pulled her Saturday schedule from her pocket. It was only Tuesday, but it wouldn't hurt. She was trying everything she could have signed up for, and though her schedule was crossed out and redone a hundred times, and in her own handwriting instead of a teacher's, she could make it out:
1. Healing (*Endowed children only)
2. Arts
3. Track (*Endowed children only, we will be dealing with untamed creatures.)
4. Drama
5. Alchemy
6. Flying (*Endowed children only)
7. Tuning to your power (*Endowed children only)
Sandy shoved it back into her trusty pocket. She couldn't wait for Saturday!
But, back to the present, they were testing each other's hair today in science, and Sandy was assigned to do Anne Marie's. A special bottle of puke-green hair dye was calling that snobby witch's name.


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