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Chapter 10 - Chapter Ten

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 10 - Chapter Ten

Chapter 10 - Chapter Ten
Chapter Ten

Lizzie had altered her weekend schedule to fit Sandy's so they good spend the day together. Sandy had no regrets about keeping from home. It was going to be one fun weekend. Healing, Drama, Arts, Track, Flying.... The classes were taught with the best teachers, or at least Sandy thought so. Also, no one liked to stay around Cormerick's, so the school was deserted. Practically the only ones left were the endowed children, and the more unpleasent people had thier own schedules, so Sandy was surrounded by friends.
She reached into the pocket of her standard issue grey cloak. It was a Corm Cloak, everyone at Cormerick's wore them and thats what they were called. Well, by the students anyways. Wool and grey. Ugly they may have been, but they kept you warm. A good thing with Cormerick's, the school was almost always cold.
Sandy picked out a pencil and a pad of paper. She had been carrying them around with her all the time now, since the Corm Cloaks had gigantic pockets. She stared ahead, not really thinking, but somehow doing just that. It was a state she was often in before writing a poem.
We cannot reach the future
Nor can we change the past
So we must seize the moment
Because today will never last
Lizzie came up behind her. "Gahk! Poems again. You aren't aloud to have two powers."
Sandy shoved the notebook into her pocket. "Come on then, lets head to..." She checked her schedule, "tuning your ability."
"Oh! This the best of all, they have, like, this seminar and.... It's just great!"
There were five people in TYA. Sandy, Lizzie, Korey, Benny, and Sammy. Sammy was endowed with an ability to see the story behind everything. It was an intersting ability, she had only to touch the object in question, and she would know the story behind it. At the moment Benny was unknown in question of his endowment. It was said to happen, but very rarely. Most endowments were developed by people in their teenage years, but Benny would get his endowment later.
"Hello class." A sinister looking woman walked into the room. Sandy sensed the confusion around her. Who was this lady?
She suddenly realized that she was in sync with Lizzie, and shook herself free. The confusion cleared and Sandy was able to focus better.
"You, you look new. why don't you step up and tell us a little about yourself." She pointed at Sandy.
"Uh, I'm Sandy and.... um..... I'm an athlete." Sandy said.
The lady smiled very maliciously. Sandy gulped. Cormerick's was creepier than she had thought.
"An athelete." The woman repeated with a sneer. She made the word sound nasty, and her tongue seemed to suck on her teeth as she said it so as to give it a gross feeling. The woman's sharp nose was pointing straight down at Sandy.
The teacher reminded her of a hawk. Or rather, a vulture.
"But do tell, do you have any useful talents, Sandy?" She made Sandy's name sound awful, too.
"Why no, as a matter of fact, do you?" Sandy said venemously. It was the wrong thing to say, and she immediately regretted it. Regretting what she said was not something she did often.
"I am Illudra, but you will call me 'Madam'. I am a shapeshifter and I excel in illusion-craft. You will show me the proper respect, Sandy..." The woman kept the sneer on her porcelain face, "Your father was great, but you will be nothing without my teachings. Is that clear?"
"Yeah." Sandy said, looking away from Illudra's snakey eyes.
"Yes." Illudra said forcefully.
"Yes." Sandy rolled her eyes.
"Yes Madam."
"Whatever, Illudra." Sandy said.
The woman's eyes narrowed dangerously.
"But Ms. Illudra, you have such a pretty name. It rolls off the tongue as smooth as pebbles. Please let me say it?" Sandy was being as sarcastic as humanly possible, but suddenly Illudra beamed down at her and placed a hand on Sandy's shoulder like a fond Aunt.
"That's the spirit!"
Oh, brother.
Sandy hurried back to her seat. Lizzie stared at her increduously.
"Sandy, that was so BAD!" She whispered.
Korey, who was towering over Lizzie even two seats down, just gave one of his trademark grins. "
Thank you, you know I try." Sandy said with a smirk. She had a feeling this particular class was going to be very interesting.


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