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Chapter 11 - Chapter Eleven

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 11 - Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11 - Chapter Eleven
Chapter Eleven

"How about you girl?" Illudra motioned to Lizzie. Lizzie gave Sandy a confused face and once again tried to attach her emotions to Sandy, which Sandy forcefully tried to shake free. Sandy figured she had suceeded because she wasn't thinking about being nice anymore.
"Uh, hi, I'm Elizibeth Brightman and um I have been at this school for 7 years."
7 years! Poor Lizzie, her parents got rid of her when she was 6.
"Hello Elizabeth, do you have an endowment?" Illudra asked as though she had asked the same question a hundred times before. She probably had.
"Uh... yeah."
Illudra made a clucking noise with her teeth, "Go on..."
Lizzie stared at her blankly as if she had no idea what Illudra wanted her to do. "Um.... So I came to Cormerick's when I was 6 years old and so I have spent all my life here practically, my hobbies include singing, dancing, and drama. My favorite food is-"
"Enough!" Roared Illudra. "Return to your seat, please."
Lizzie tried to look bewildered. Sandy grinned at her and she broke out in smile. The last bit about hobbies had been Sandy's. Lizzie had stolen it from her telepathically.
"You?" Illudra pointed at Korey.
"I'd rather not say, you know. I really should have signed up for baton twirling, but I figured what the heck? Why not? When I singed up no one said anything about public speaking."
Illudra stared pointedly at Korey.
"Fine, fine, no need to get touchy." Korey raised his hands in a gesture of peace, "I'm Korey and I wish I'd taken baton twirling."
There was a explosion of muffled laughter as Korey sat back down. Illudra pretended not to notice. The rest of the class passed this way and in an hour they were free to go to dinner.
"Come in." Came the voice of Matron at the knock of her door. The hinges creaked as the tall, pale archamandrite of the west tower stepped in.
"Ah, hello Illudra, how was class today?" The Matron asked as though truely interested.
Illudra stared at her and then began, "You said it would be easy, Matron. Teach them how to use their powers and in the process weaken them! Instead I have a class of smart mouths!"
"There is more time, we shall have use of the stray strands of magic once we weaken them. Keep at it Illudra." The Matron said with flashing eyes.
"Yes, milady." Illudra bowed humbly and swept away into the shadows.
And so the secret meeting in the Matron's keep ended.

Sandy's fork clinked as it hit her plate. She wrapped her arms around her stomach. Korey looked up from his pork chops and potatoes with concern.
"I just don't feel too hungry." Sandy lied. Korey knew she was lying, but unlike Lizzie, he knew when to leave Sandy alone. Nothing against Lizzie, but she was an open book and everyone else was just as easy to read. At least to her.
Sandy smirked and handed Korey a napkin. She didn't feel too good, but that didn't change the fact that Korey's table manners were atrocious.
Korey sighed as he and Sandy parted ways after lunch. Sandy was off to bed. Korey...well...Korey was just gone. Walking. An escape walk. The moon was almost half full tonight, he could feel it in his blood. A magical night. And a dangerous one, too.
The shadows grew in the towering castle, signaling that he should get to bed, but he paid them no mind. This was his home forever. He hadn't been to his house in almost a year, and he knew Cormerick's better than anyone. And still no one knew him. Not even his 'endowment'.
Pah. Endowment. More like a curse.
His sneakers squeaked quietly as he stopped near the staircase leading to the boy's dorm and he looked up quickly. Someone was there, in the shadows.
"Shouldn't you be in bed about now, young man?" The voice was Illudra's, somehow booming even in a whisper.
"Shouldn't you be lying down in your coffin about now, old hag?" Korey asked, his voice soft and clipped. If Illudra was anymore snakelike, she would have hissed at him.
"Mind your buisiness, dog." In her cruel way, Illudra accentuated the word 'dog'. She stepped from the shadows, purple nails enclosed around a small green vial. "As promised, Korey. If you hold up your end of the bargain."
"Will it really...?" He left it hanging, but his cool manner gave way to excitement and he reached out for the vial. Illudra snapped it back with a cruel, teasing smirk.
"Not so fast. Only when the job is done." She said wickedly.
"I...This doesn't feel right." Korey said helplessly, already knowing he had lost.
"You're a dog! You don't know left from right, blue from red! Just take the deal, or the Matron will deal with you!"
"Fine...Sandy good as yours."


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