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Chapter 12 - Chapter Twelve

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 12 - Chapter Twelve

Chapter 12 - Chapter Twelve
Chapter Twelve

Korey thought and thought about the trade. Sandy's life for a vial, one go, one month. It wouldn't even last! No, nope not at all. Don't do it, Korey...
But he kept the vial.
For the moment, nothing had happened, but in two weeks, when the moon shone high.... would anyone be safe then?
"Sandy, I need to talk to you." Korey said as soon as he sat down at the table. Immediately Lizzie tuned to his thoughts, but he cut her out a little more forcefully than usual. She blushed deeply. "Alone."
Sandy looked at Lizzie apologetically and followed Korey into the hall.
"What is it, Korey?" She asked, all smiles.
"Erm...I was wondering might want to..." Quick, think of a way you could learn more about her without Lizzie intruding....Oh, no. Oh, crap. Crap. He had to do it..."Go out with me sometime on Friday?"
Sandy blinked at him for a while, like, 'Seriously?', and even though Korey hadn't really meant it, he couldn't help but feel a little rejected. Then she smiled even wider.
"Like a friendly thing, right?" She asked.
"Of course! Yeah." Korey said, cursing himself inwardly for not saying that in the first place.
"Sure, I'll get Lizzie."
"No! I" Korey coughed into his hand, "I mean, she's going to be doing double alchemy classes. She won't be out for, like, ever. Besides, I was thinking we might go to the 'normal' world. Lizzie's parents live in a warded house and everything..."
Sandy thought. If she went with Korey on Friday, she'd have to spend the weekend at home with her family and make up a million excuses for not doing double alchemy with Lizzie. But still, it might give her a chance to get to know Korey better. Maybe even figure out his endowment? Sandy had a natural curiosity that was insatiable once aroused, and what better chance of finding out than doing something with Korey on Friday? The only thing that could be more useful would be for her alcove to turn up somewhere and let her spy on him!
"Sure, Korey, sounds like a lot of fun!" She said finally. Korey let out a sigh of relief.
"Cool. Um, meet me outside the school tomorrow after class. Well...uh...paint the town red!" Korey said. "Maybe a movie, or the volleyball court!'ll kick my butt at volleyball. How about the arcade?"
"A movie...would be nice. Then we can hit the arcade. And if we have time, I can still kick your butt at volleyball." Sandy said with an amused smile, tapping her chin thoughtfully as she spoke.
"Great, it's a date! I mean...not really, but you get the idea." For a minute Korey forgot about why he had asked in the first place, but as Sandy walked away he remembered and that guilty feeling filled his stomach yet again.
Why did it have to be Sandy, the best friend he had made in eight years of Cormerick's?
"Beware tonight
When in the sky
The moon is bright
Someone will die"
Sandy stood before the poetry analysis class. Reading her newest poem. Something she had written last night when she couldn't sleep. She didn't notice Korey go pale beside her.
"Sandy, you write these poems but you can't tell us what they mean." Mr. Rickman observed aloud, ever trying to figure things out.
"When I write, I don't think. I just let my hand take over and then there's a poem."
"Sandy have you ever comtemplated the fact that maybe you are trying to tell yourself something through your poems?"
She had.
"Yeah, I think they may be predictions." She failed to notice Korey go even whiter.
"Intresting. Most of the times though, nothing you mention is specific."
Sandy shrugged, "Uh..."
"But today..." Mr. Rickman pressed.
"I dunno, I really dont know what I write, when I write, I just, uh, write. I guess someones gonna die." Sandy meant it to be a joke, but it didn't turn out that way. Not at all.
Later on the bus back to town, talking to Korey, Sandy realized something. Tonight is full moon! She snapped her attention back to the conversation forcefully.
"Uh, yeah." She gave consent to something she had no clue about.
"Great, me too. Isn't this the stop?" Korey asked, smiling and then jerking his head toward the window.
"For what?" Sandy really wished she had been paying attention to the conversation.
"Uh, your house."
"Why would get off here then?" Sandy asked.
"You said we- Oh never mind." Korey started, then faltered.
Sandy was mildly confused, but she gathered her things and stood up. "Oh know what, my parents are out of town. Well, out of the house at least, with my three sisters. We can go there and grab a bite to eat."
"Sandy, are you doing this on purpose?" Korey asked, giving her a hurt, reproachful look as they stepped off the bus.
"What?" Sandy furrowed her brow and held open the door for him as he muttered another lame excuse.
"Sandy?" A voice came from down the hallway, upstairs from the entryway.
"I though you said everyone was out." Muttered Korey.
"No I said my parents and three sisters were out. I have a brother, you know. HEY CHARLIE!"
"Sandy? It figures you'd come around now, Mom and Dad and Cammy and Lindsey and Effel are gone.... Who's that?" Charlie stopped at the top of the stairs and regarded Korey analytically.
"Uh, Charlie, Korey, Korey, Charlie. Um, Korey is from school and he has a endowment too, only I don't know what it is, and we're out tonight. I am so gonna kick his butt in Vollyball, wanna come? Well first lets eat I'm hungry." Sandy charged ahead and left Korey and Charlie in the entryway, watching what would have been a cloud of dust, were they in a cartoon.
"She's always hungry." Muttered Charlie, "Well come on then, we might as well build up our energy. If it's you and me against Sandy in volleyball...well...we'll still get our butts kicked."


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