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Chapter 13 - Chapter Thirteen

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 13 - Chapter Thirteen

Chapter 13 - Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Thirteen

Korey stared across the table at Charlie, who stared back. They had been doing this for about ten minutes now, and neither had touched their sandwiches. Sandy was on her second already.
And then, without warning, Charlie smiled and leaned back in his chair. Korey sighed in releif and did the same. Charlie was clearly like the father figure to Sandy, and if he accepted Korey, then Korey could be in the inner circle and then...
...then what?
Oh, yeah. That's what. Korey's smile faded as he looked at his tall glass of lemonade. It was perfect, just the right amount of sugar and water, and little bit of pulp to say that it was in fact fresh. But for all that, it might as well have been blood to Korey.
"So... What's been going on at home?" Sandy asked, taking a stab at conversation and realizing only to late that she had asked the wrong question.
"Uh, great." Charlie didn't want to say too much with Korey around. He shot Sandy a meaningful look, as if to say, 'later I shall tell you the horrors bestowed upon me'.
"Well then, what shall we do? I'm almost stuffed." Sandy said, changing the subject as subtley as possible.
"Um" Korey looked up, "I dunno... We could...."
"Volleyball if you wanna, Sandy. We can can play 'till dark, or after, and then we can go watch a movie or something." Charlie suggested.
Korey went pale at the mention of dark.
"Yeah, thats cool." Sandy shrugged in indesicion.
Eyes turned to Korey. "Uhm...Sure."
"Um, 53 to 0, wanna call it a night? It's getting dark." Sandy asked.
Korey did want to call it a night, but Charlie didn't.
"No, there's still some light, another half hour." He said.
"What ever." Sandy shrugged, spiking the ball right over her brother's head and earning another point.
And there was another half hour, and another after that. And the moon came out halfway through the second.
Korey retreated beyond the light, in private. Where he could transform. Charlie was off at the bathroom so it was Sandy who was still running around.
He hunched to the ground as the familiar ache came to him, shooting up his sides like it always had. The fangs jutted down over his lips, his mouth cracked slightly as it formed into a large muzzle. The familiar tingling in his ears came and his hearing was magnified so that, even here, he could hear the squeak of the bathroom stall door. An inhuman snarl escaped his chest, and finally his wicked claws sprang forth from his dark brown paws.
And then Korey was gone and in his place was a wolf on a mission, who clearly knew his prey.
He hadn't thought about whether it would be hard to get to Sandy, more, rather, of the fact that he was doing this horrible thing at all. But he should have realized that biting an powerful elemental with a prophecy power on the side would not be easy.
Korey's claws clinked on the floor of the volleyball court as he approached. Sandy didn't notice him, she was smacking the ball onto the wall, catching it, and then repeating the process. Korey's ears flicked backwards and he allowed himself a low growl. The part of his mind that didn't want to do this had been shoved aside long ago. He made his leap for the girl, his teeth bared. Before he was even close, he was thrown to the side roughly. He yelped and hit the ground. Hard.
It had been Charlie who had hit him, then. Korey tried to stand, but it hurt too much. He whimpered desperately. He had to get away! After he had been hurt, the logical side of his mind began to come back. He had to get far away from Sandy and Charlie, not only so he couldn't hurt them, but also so they couldn't see him change back. They could not know what he was! Sandy was staring at him in shock, the volleyball still in her hands. Charlie glaring at him darkly, ready to defend his sister, and he was panting unevenly. He had just sprinted across the court in a rage, after all! Korey yelped loudly as the pain in his side stung him, but he stood and ran for it. Straight for the woods.
He wondered why he bothered... Illudra was going to kill him for this...


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