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Chapter 15 - Chapter Fifteen

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 15 - Chapter Fifteen

Chapter 15 - Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Fifteen

Korey ran back to his house. He was surprised he even knew where it was, he hadn't been there in so long. But it was the only place he could think of.
The door opened onto his father, who regarded the bleeding, tattered werewolf with a cold glare.
"Korey. Are we to have the honor of being your refuge, home away from home tonight?" He asked thinly. This wasn't the first time this had happened.
Korey's mother was white-faced with worry, as she always was on the full moon, but she managed to go even paler when he walked through the living room. Her fingers twitched and it was clear she wanted to run to her son, but Korey's dad's glare stayed unwaveringly on Korey's back, and his mother restrained herself. Korey gave her what he hoped was a reassuring smile, though it was hard to get his mouth to turn that way after all that had happened.
Then he escaped into his room. It looked like it had two years ago. Exactly. Korey was surprised they hadn't touched it, but his parents were full of surprises.
He threw himself onto his still un-made bed and began to pray for the weekend to be over.
Time is really wierd thing. It speeds up exactly when you dont want it to and slows down likewise. Only time isn't really a thing. Its a metaphor for moments of life and so you are only under the illusion of speeding up and slowing down. Time....
Sandy hated time. She had been in her room all weekend and was dead sick of time, or whatever it was. At the moment she was brainstorming about time, however much she hated it. It was actully a sort of school project, she was trying to get accepted into the time-travel elective at Cormerick's.
Sandy wasn't the say-in-your-room kind of person. She was the jock out side kind of person. Only she was really tired for some reason. She kept falling into wierd, dizzy spells, which was abnormal, because she was the one in the house that didn't sleep.
What was wrong with her? Why didnt Sandy have any energy? Why?
Sandy sighed as she rose from her bed. The sleep had done absolutely nothing.
She leaned against her dresser and stared into her mirror, the image blurry and unfocused. She rubbed her eyes and ran a brush half-heartedly through her impossible hair. Her eyes met with her mirror image again and it made her frown. She looked different.
Her eyes were different, more tired looking. Her hair was lighter, thanks to the hours spent levitating high on sunny days in flight class. Her skin was lighter too, but that was more of the lack of sunlight coming in through her Corm cloak. Sandy had changed alot in the past month.
"So you decided to join the living, huh?" Cammy. She hadn't bothered to knock.
Cammy was cute, Sandy admitted... When she was a baby. Suddenly Sandy had an evil thought. Something that would scare Cammy more than a rubber spider on her pillow or a bad hair day.
"You know, Cammy," Sandy said in a sugary-sweet voice, which immediately put Cammy on the defensive, "I used to come up with witty things like that all the time. You're just like me when I was your age!"
It wasn't true, of course, but Cammy didn't know that. A look of pure horror came to her face.
"You don't mean I'll be like...?" She gasped. And just like that, Sandy's teasing manner was gone and she was furious.
"Be like what? ME, with my horrible deformity!?!? Heaven forbid, Cammy, not you, you sweet little angel!" Sandy spat.
Cammy gasped, realising what she had said had been rude. It wasn't that she cared about being mean to Sandy, but it wouldn't look good if her parents knew she'd offended the defective child.
"I didn't mean it that way, Sandy. I'm sorry!" Cammy said.
"I know." Sandy said coldly, and shut the door. She locked it and leaned back against it and just started sobbing.
She never, ever cried over Cammy. Cammy deserved most of the teasing.
But there isn't anything wrong with me! Sandy told herself, I haven't changed any! I was always like this, why does everyone act like I've been mutated or something?!
Self-consiously, she glanced over at the mirror again. She had been partly wrong. No, she didn't have some deformity or mutation or anything, and she still acted more or less the same, but she had changed. Looking in the mirror at this distance, Sandy could see almost all of her, and even this far away she could see the rings underneath her eyes, the tearstains on her cheeks, and the tired, almost emotionless look. She looked positively hardened. She felt that way, too.
A month ago, she would never have given anything up. She was a competitive spirit, determined and skilled enough to win anything. Now she just wanted to let it all go and not have to care about anything anymore.
"I'm growing up too fast." She said quietly, and even her voice was not her own.


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