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Chapter 16 - Chapter Sixteen

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 16 - Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16 - Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Sixteen

Sandy wondered what it would be like if she ran away. Many people, children mostly, wonder what it would be like if they ran away. Only a few actually consider it, and even less actually do it. The few that do run away usually return home within a week. The itty bitty percent that doesn't suffers and wishes they had. But one in a million thrive on, not being known. One in a million aren't missed at home or where they were. One in a million make it when they leave.
Sandy wondered if she would be one of those people. She had gone through the regular things people go through when they think about running away. Would she be missed?
By who? Sandy asked her self. Who would miss an awful deformed child?
Not Cammy.
Then, what would she do? She could become an athlete in a league or something. And if that didn't work out, she was old enough for a job a McDonalds. Or would be next year. Finally, would she be recognised?
Nope. Sandy looked so different from how she had been only three weeks ago, no one could possibley know her.
But to take precaution she was going to dye her hair.
Sandy dwelled for a moment on the color. She had always wished for black hair, but lately she wanted dark brown. Really dark, almost black, but not.
Tomorrow she was supposed to return to Cormerick's. What if she dodged her mother? She could her mom she would take the bus. Her mother wouldn't protest for too long, then Sandy could disappear. Forever.
But is that what I want? She asked, is it really?
Sandy sighed she went over to her closet too take out her duffel bag. Suddenly the door opened. Sandy jumped guiltily.
It was Charlie. Suddenly all the energy went out of Sandy. She couldn't run away, how on earth would she survive? A subtle thought crept into the back of Sandy's mind but she pushed it away.
"Sandy?" Asked Charlie anxiously. "Are you okay?"
"I'm not on drugs if that's what you mean." Said Sandy, trying to sound joking and unconcerned. It came out as a tired, meek sound.
"Sandy, I have to tell you something." Charlie said quickly, ignoring the new brown color of his sister's hair.
"What?" Sanndy sensed the importance in the statement.
"SANDY ROCKWELL! COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" Sandy heard the anger in her Dad's voice.
She felt so tired. She didnt want to face her dad at all. She closed her eyes. So tired. What had she taken a nap for?
She felt herself sinking. She had one concious thought. I must be fainting, I've never fainted before. Wait, that one time at the soccer game....
Then she was gone.
Only later would Sandy wake up. Miles away from where she had fallen asleep. Only later would she learn about Charlie's talent. Later, because now she was asleep and couldn't notice a thing.
Charlie stared in horror at Sandy's now empty room.
What happened!? He thought, looking around wildly for some sign of his sister. The only new thing he could find was a bottle of hair dye in the sink.
Sandy had dissapeared. Had she used her powers!? Charlie whistled. He had no idea that she could do that!
He looked over at her mirror and frowned when he realized she had broken it. From the blood spot on the dresser, she'd probably used her fist. Something had really gotten her angry.
"SANDY CATERINA ROCKWELL, GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!" Bellowed Charlie's dad. A gust of wind made Charlie squint. Dad was mad, too.
Charlie sighed. He would have to look for Sandy later. For now, he had to make sure she wouldn't be killed when she came back.
Sandy moaned as conciousness rushed back to her. The blood hurried to her face and she had a moment of total dissorientation before she was able to open her eyes.
Where am I? was what she had been hoping for, but she only got out one word before her mouth was covered.
"Korey!?" Her voice was muffled, but the killer look in her eyes was enough to get the message across to the werewolf.
"Look, Sandy, before you do anything..."
Too late. She wrenched his hand away from her mouth and sat up. The blood rushed to her head again, but she didn't pay any mind.
"What? It isn't enough that you almost ate me, you have to kidnap me, too!?" She yelled.
"Shh!" Korey snapped, closing his hand over her mouth again. "Sandy, beleive me, the last thing I wanted was for you to pop into my room magically, but you did. I had nothing to do with it!"
Sandy glared at him, but didn't say anything when he cautiously removed his hand. The wind stopped thrashing his curtains around and settled into a wispy breeze.
"You have some explaining to do, Korey." She said.
"I know." Korey said, avoiding her gaze. "Let's start at the beginning."


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