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Chapter 17 - Chapter Seventeen

Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.

Chapter 17 - Chapter Seventeen

Chapter 17 - Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Seventeen

Sandy's Father came charging upstairs into Sandy's room. Charlie wondered furiously what on earth he was to do and finally decided on disappearing.
Not literally, like Sandy. But so much that he would not be noticed.
He slipped into the bathroom and crept into the study and on the computer where he was casually checking his e-mail when his more than mad father came in looking for Sandy. Charlie was planning on paying attention to his father, but when he logged on a popup filled his screen. He moved for the "x" in the corner without paying any attention. But then something caught his eye.
It was his name. Charlie Rockwell. And Sandy's. But those were the only Rockwells on the list. Charlie looked again. It WAS a list but of what... He had no clue.
Suddenly his father was there behind him. Charlie quickly hit the minimize button.
"Well Charlie?"
"Well what?" Asked Charlie as if he had no clue what his dad was talking about.
"WHERE IS SANDY?" His father roared.
"I dunno." Charlie meant for it to sound nonchalant, but the end of his comment turned out sounding worried. Anyways it was the truth.
"Charlie Jay Rockwell you tell me where your sister is right now!"
"Er..... I dunno. Seriously Dad. She left about an hour ago."
His Dad was buying it, he could tell. "Did she say anything before she left?"
"No. Well, I...I didn't catch it."
Satisfied, his father left.
Sandy sat on the floor of Korey's room.
"Korey, Don't. Just shut up for a minute. At the moment I don't CARE what and where the beginning is! I want to know how I got here. And later you tell me why you tried to kill me."
Korey flinched.
"Uhh. I don't know..." He stopped. "How you got here...."
"Neither do I." Answered Sandy. "Neither do I."
"I didn't try to kill you, Sandy. Not me, it was that thing!" Korey blurted after an awkward moment of silence.
"Korey..." Sandy said slowly, "That thing WAS you."
Korey bit his lip and sat beside her.
"Sandy, you're my best friend." He said, reaching for her hand. She pulled away and a furious burst of wind pushed at his back from the window. He recoiled and gave her a pained look.
"Best friend." She repeated, glaring at him. "Best friend!?"
"Yeah." He said calmly, trying to duck under the sudden flurry of leaves as he rushed to close his window. He flicked the lock.
Suddenly, there was a loud bang on his door and his father was yelling at him to open up, swearing profoundly.
"I've gotta hide!" Sandy hissed, forgetting her anger for a moment.
"No time!" Korey yelped, and tackled her as the door opened...
...Onto what seemed to Korey's father like mindless teenage making out.
Luckily, Korey only went so far as to hug Sandy, as he valued his life, but that wasn't what his dad saw.
"Korey!" His father said in shock, his face going red. Korey turned away from Sandy, who looked like she was going to kill him and probably was, and snarled at his dad. An inhuman snarl.
"Get out." He said, in a voice that actually made Sandy flinch and back away.
"OUT!" Korey roared in a tone that would have put Sandy's dad to shame, and the man scampered out of the room.
Sandy stared at Korey in complete shock, and he actually managed a weak grin and a sort-of shrug. Sandy, who now knew what made his smiles so wolflike, could only take a step backwards. Her throat wouldn't let her say anything, and she was shaking uncontrollabley. Korey frowned.
"Sandy, I didn't mean to..." She took another step back and Korey followed her. "I'm sorry, Sandy, I didn't mean to scare you, it's just my dad, he-"
"Stay away!" Sandy tried to scream, but it came out as a hoarse whisper.
"Sandy..." Korey's hand touched her elbow and she violently ripped away from him and darted for the door.
"Stay away from me, you monster!" She yelled, and this time it came out as she had intended, and it probably didn't do anything to reassure Korey's father, who could hear it even in the living room.
Korey grabbed her from behind and pulled her back, covering her mouth yet again and lowering his head so he could whisper into her ear.
"You think I'm the monster?" He asked, allowing himself a small chuckle, "If you go out there, you'll have to deal with the man that MADE me the horrible beast that I am."
Sandy's eyes widened, and she wouldn't have been able to say anything, even if Korey's hand wasn't covering her lips.
"Yeah, that's right. Daddy dearest is the one who bit me. He nearly killed me, you know. Almost 'tore my heart out, my blood was so good', at least that's how he put it." Korey seemed to be taking some sick pleasure in telling the story that was scaring Sandy out of her wits, "And you know what's funny? Absolutey freakin' hilarious!? He doesn't know!"
At this he laughed and for a minute Sandy was really worried about him. Then she was worried for herself.
"He doesn't even know...only on full moons or when he's really ticked does he remember, and he loves it when he does." Korey released her, finally, but she couldn't move. Her knees were too weak.
"So go on, run out my door...Out of the frying pan and into the fire."


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